AC Valhalla Armor Sets and Locations: Wiki Guide

The hidden armor set does indeed have a few advantages which would enhance your stealthy approach, but Assassins Creed Valhalla is the sort of game that forces you to face unpleasant situations, and because of this, combat is unavoidable. 

Hidden One’s Armor Set is built with the most difficult sets of armor to hunt down because elements are sprayed all over, across provinces with various levels of power. The Galloglach Armor Set is, hands down, one of the best sets of armor a player can come across in Assassins Creed Valhalla. 

In this Assassins Creed Valhallaarticle, we are going to list every single armor set that we found across the entire game — including expansions as well as armor sets added via free content updates — topped with screenshots of every completed set, along with the details of the location. 

We are going to show you where to find all the new armor sets, including where to find every individual piece. With five total new armor sets to choose from and plenty of different ways to pick up and use components, there is bound to be more than one set to grab your attention. 

Magisters Armor Set

AC Valhalla Magisters Armor Set

The Magisters armor set is a Raven-aligned mixed-weapons set with ranged enhancements, which is found when exploring the Early Areas in England, including Eastern Anglia and Oxenefordscire. 

You’ll get all the location of all armor sets in Assassins Creed Valhalla, set-by-set, as well as their appearances in-game, their different perks bonuses, and if they are geared towards the Wolf, Raven, or Bear playstyles. 

These are all the Assassins Creed Dawn of Ragnarok armor sets, so pick up yours and take on the battle against the super and mighty Muspel. 

Magister Cloak

Location: The player can discover it on Serpent’s Landing in East Anglia

Magister Mask

Location: The player can discover it on King’s Bury in East Anglia

Magister Vambraces

Location: The player can discover it on Buckingham in Oxenefordscire

Magister Robes

Location: The player can discover it on Leah Villa Garrison in Oxenefordscire

Magister’s Trousers

Location:  You can find it on Oxenfeforda in Oxenefordscire 

Hidden Ones’ Armor Set

AC Valhalla Hidden Ones' Armor Set

Hidden Ones’ Armor Set is the most reasonable element in AC. The armor set is a lot like what you would expect from the Ancient Norse warriors with a focus on stealth combat, speed, and agility. 

It consists of body armor with zipped-up sleeves and a matching black cloak with white fur trimming that covers the shoulders as well as boots with steel-reinforced soles that allow players to climb walls.

Hidden One’s Gloves

The location-The player can discover in Ratae Bureau in Ledecestrescire 

Hidden Ones’ Mask

Location- It is located inLondinium Bureau in Lunden

Hidden Ones’ Hood

Location: It is located in Camulodunum Bureau in Essexe 

Hidden Ones’ Robes

Location: It is located in Eboracum Bureau in Jorvik 

Hidden Ones’ Leggings

Location: It is located in Eboracum Bureau in Jorvik

Huntsman Armor Set

AC Valhalla Huntsman Armor Set

The Huntsman Armor Set is dawn and adaptable armor. It can be found in the game in a few different locations, including Helheim and Vigrid. The Huntsman Armor Set is a light armor set that offers no defensive properties. 

Its primary purpose is to allow players to move quickly, which makes it perfect for hunting animals in the game. The huntress can wear this armor while they are playing as a hunter, or while they are playing as a huntress.

Huntsman Cloak

Location: You can find it on Templebrough Fort in Ledecestrescire

Huntsman Helm

Location: Player can discover it on Tonnastadir in Ledecestrescire 

Huntsman Vambraces

Location: Player can discover near Besuncen Tor in Grantebridgescire

Huntsman Breeches

Location: You can find it on Soham Hideout in Grantebridgescire 

Huntsman Armor

Location: You can find it on Ravensburg in Grantebridgescire

Brigandine Armor Set

AC Valhalla Brigandine Armor Set

The Brigandine Armor Set is a set of armor that has been designed to offer you high defense and mobility. 

The armor offers you decent protection from arrows and melee attacks, but it does not have much agility or speed. 

The armor can be found in the North of the map where it offers players who like to take on enemies with ranged weapons more options to fight their opponents.

Brigandine Cloak

Location: You can find it on Quatford in Sciropescire

Brigandine Helm

Location: You can find it on Wenlocan Outpost in Sciropescire

Brigandine Gauntlets

Location: You can find it on Beamasfield in Cent 

Brigandine Trousers

Location: You can find it on Dover Fortress in Cent

Brigandine Armor

Location: Players can discover it at Canterbury Cathedral in Cent 

Galloglach Armor Set

AC Valhalla Galloglach Armor Set

In Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, players can unlock Galloglach Armor Set by defeating a boss. This armor set is the most powerful one in the game, with its defense and attack stats being significantly higher than other armors. 

The armor set also comes with a unique ability that makes brawling at close range more effective.

Galloglach Armor

Location: You can find it on Spalding Bandit Lair in Lincolnscire 

Galloglach Bracers

Location: You can find it on Lincoln in Lincolnscire

Galloglach Trousers

Location:Players can discover it on Bolingbroc Castle in Lincolnscire 

Galloglach Cape

Location: You can find it on Brentwood Outpost in Essexe

Galloglach Helm

Location: You can find it on Halstead Outpost in Essexe

Mentor’s Armor Set

Mentor's Armor Set

The Mentor’s Armor Set is constructed for velocity and aggression. It makes it easy for players to move around quickly, attack enemies and run away from danger. The set also has a protective ability that can protect the player from any damage they take. 

In the game, the player has to wear different armor sets. Each armor set has a set of skills that can be used in combat. The player has to choose an armor set based on their playstyles and level.

Mentor’s Vambrace

Location: You can find it on Anderitum Hideout in Susthexe

Mentor’s Mask

Location: You can find it on Sherwood Hideout in Snotinghamscire

Mentor Cloak

Location: Players can discover it on Loch Clunbre Hideout in Snotinghamscire

Mentor’s Trousers

Location: You can find it on Wincestre Garrison in Wincestre

Thegn’s Armor Set

Thegn's Armor Set

Thegn’s Armor Set: This set is a soft armor set that delivers the player better mobility. This set also has more health than other armor sets. 

Thegn’s armor provides good defense and offense but has less health than other armors. This is a good choice for players who like to have more mobility and don’t mind sacrificing some defense for it.

Thegn’s Bracers

Location: You can find it at Stenwege Camp in Eurvicscire

Thegn’s Heavy Tunic

Location: Players can discover it at Temple of Brigantia in Eurvicscire

Thegn’s Breeches

Location: Players can discover it on Aelfwood in Glowecestrescire 

Thegn’s Great Helm

Location: Players can discover it on The Old Minster in Wincestre

Thegn’s Cloak

Location: Players can discover it at Bishop’s Residence in Wincestre 

Thor’s Armor Set

Thor's Armor Set

The Thor’s Armor Set is a remarkable armor set that is constructed for the attack. It has a set of armor pieces that are designed to be used by players who want to fight with their enemies when attacking. The Thor’s Armor Set has been featured in the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla game.

Thor Gauntles

Location: Players can discover The witch’s lair South of Britannia’s Watch

Thor Breeches

Location: Players can discover it on The witch’s lair North of Isle of Ely Monastery in Grantebridgescire

Thor Battle Plate

Location: Players can discover The witch’s lair West of the Forward Camp in East Anglia

Thor’s Helmet

Location: Tomb South of the Yare River along the East of King’s Bury in East Anglia

Thor’s Cape

Location: Players can discover on Thor’s Cape is given to you as a quest reward 

Arenhare ko wa Armor Set

AC Valhalla Armor Sets

The Arenhare’ko: we Armor Set is a considerable assertive piece of armor within the video game. It has 2 fetching exemplary perks, the health renewal is impressive. The player can acquire it by finishing an exploration from UlfricStormcloak. 

The armor set has been named after a Nordic god and can be found in many locations throughout Skyrim. The armor set’s health regeneration perk allows it to regenerate your health automatically. The other perk is that you will gain more perks as you level up with this armour on.

Location: The Players can discover this armor set in Vinland 

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to AC Valhalla Armor Sets and Locations with complete information.

Which armor set in AC Valhalla is the best?

These are some of the best AC Valhalla Armor Sets.

What armor in AC Valhalla looks the coolest?

Berserker Armor set is one of the coolest armor sets in the assassin’s creed Valhalla.

What is AC Valhalla’s most effective armor?

Magister Armor, Hidden One’s Armor, Brigandine Armor, Huntsman Armour Set are most strongest armor sets in the entire game.

Is there any kind of hidden armor in AC Valhalla?

A Hidden Ones armor suit is meant to be worn in a stealthy manner. It’s one of the most hard armor kits to locate, as the parts are dispersed throughout multiple power ranges and regions. While crouching and undiscovered for 10 seconds, boost Assassination Effectiveness.

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