Amber Genshin Impact – Best Build (2022)

Genish Impact’s Amber’s reputation is so weak as a playable character. But if you don’t have any other powerful character, then this guide can help you keep going with Amber at some stage. We’ve covered a complete guide on Amber Genshin’s impact in this article. We’ll discuss everything about Amber, its character overview, combat details, talent and skills required, etc.

This character is best for exploring new things and how you can get powerful characters later. If you’ve just recently started this game, then at the beginning, you’ll get four free characters, and Amber is one of the characters. She is successfully used as the main DPS. This article helps you to know everything about Amber with a complete guide.

Without wasting a second, Let’s Begin!

Amber Character Overview

Amber is the first free and non-edible character you’ll get at the beginning of the Tivat. As we’ve discussed, you’ll get four free characters; Amber is the only character happy to do work and fills notices on hunter’s signboards. She is always looking for suspicious individuals around the land. You can use this character with a wide variety. She is very supportive, DPS and sub-DPS. If you’re using amber, you should know her weapons, base attack, secondary stat, and passive ability. 

Let’s see! 

amber genshin impact

Weapons, Attacks & Stat

  1. Amo’s Bow – 46 – Attack +10.8%
  2. Elegy for the End – 46 – Energy Recharge +12%
  3. Blackcliff Warbow – 44 – Critical Rate +8%
  4. The Stringless – 42 – Elemental Master +36 Points

Passive Ability

#1 Most normal and charge attacks come between 12% to 24% increase in damage, and the arrow will come between 8% to 16% more damage. For each second the arrow spends time in the air, go up to a multiple of five.

#2 When you plan to use Amber’s skills or burst, her elemental master will increase between 60 to 120 points. When she attacks her enemy, she’ll get the seal of remembrance, and the complete party gets a buff ti elemental mastery between 100 to 200 points. After this, her attacks increase between 20% to 40%, and it will last 12 seconds in total. 

#3 When Amber kills enemies, she will receive an attack boost between 12% to 24% just for 30 seconds. And this attack, you can use upto three times, and it’s a very powerful attack and does critical damage to her opponent.

#4 Her burst and skill damage increased by 24% to 48%. For Amber, Stringless is the most accessible weapon to get and use it.

How to Get Amber?

If you want an Amber player in your game, then it’s so easy because at the beginning, you’ll get four free characters, and one of them is Amber. So you can start with amber and use her skills, and you can roll on the standard banner. 

Combat Details

Amber is known for her weakness, and when we talk about battle, she is a great player to attack the weak spots of her enemies by using her bow. It’s a really powerful attack on the weak spot of her enemies with distant explosive barrels.

Her lacklustre damage is noticeable because she’s the first character in your team who gets sidelined too. There are so many possibilities to extend the usefulness of your team.

genshin impact amber

Amber Bio

  • Star Rank – 4⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Alternative Names – None
  • Title – Outrider
  • Organisation/ Circle – Knights of Favonius
  • Origin – Mondstadt
  • Constellation – Lepus
  • Vision – Pyro/ Fire
  • Weapon – Bow

Amber’s Talents and Skill Priorities

Her main talent is to focus on dealing damage from afar. Amber vision is pyro, and her attacks inflict the status of pyro, and it has some possibilities for nasty elemental reactions. 

There are six Types of Amber’s attacks.

#1 Normal attack (Sharpshooter)

When we talk about Amber’s normal attack, she performs upto five consecutive shots using her bow. And charge attacks perform more aimed shots and increase the damage ratio. Amber flames accumulated on the arrowhead while aiming, and it’s a fully charged flaming arrow ready to damage her opponent with the Pyro DMG. Plunging Attack shows in mid-air, and before striking to the ground, it’s dealing AoE DMG.

#2 Elemental Skill (Explosive Puppet)

Baron bunny that can

  • Continuously taunts the enemy and draws fire.
  • Baron Bunny’s HP scales with Amber’s HP.
  • Baron Bunny explodes, dealing AoE Pyro DMG when amber is destroyed or its time expires.

Adjust the throwing direction of the baron bunny because the longer you hold the button, the better the throw.

#3 Elemental Burst (Fiery Rain)

It’s a shower of fire arrows while dealing with AoE Pyro DMG.

#4 First Ascension Passive (Every Arrow Find its Target)

This attack increased the CRIT rate of fierce rain by 10% and widened AoE by 30%.

#5 Forth Ascension Passive (Precise Shot)

This type of attack aims shots on weak enemies that increase base ATK by 15%, but it’s longer for 10s.

Best Amber Character Builds

As we’ve previously discussed, Amber is not a great player at the initial stage unless you’ll work on her skills, combat, and get massive buffs. But she is not going to the Tier List. Still, you’re dedicated to building Amber; then, some useful weapons and artifacts are available below.

Best Weapons for Amber

If you’re looking for Amber’s best weapons, then Skyward Harp and The Stringless Lie are the best weapons for her. Both of the weapons are fantastic and suitable for Amber. If you’re looking for a physical side, you can choose Skyward Harp, but if you’re focusing on sub DPS, the Stringless is a great pick for amber.

  • Skyward Hard – This weapon can increase CRIT DMG upto 20%. This weapon has a 60% chance to inflict small AoE attacks and deal with physical ATK DMT by 125%. But it only occurs once in 4 Seconds.
  • The Stringless – This weapon increases elemental skills and burst DMG by 24% 

These are the two best weapons of Amber

Genshin Impact Amber Profile

As we’ve discussed, Amber is an outsider, and she is very cheerful, friendly and helps citizens. She is a weak player, but she can talk with strangers easily. If we talk about her looks, i.e., Amber has long, dark brown hair, gold eyes and fair skin that make her attractive. And her outfit is a 5-star outrider uniform for mobility. She has a large red bow that’s similar to a bunny.

amber build genshin impact

Amber Genshin Impact Constellation

She works as Pyro Sub-DPS or Support/Elemental Resonance, and she gains buffing skills at C6.

One Arrow to Rule them All – Her main aim is to shoot fire with an extra Arrow and deals with 20% for the first Arrow.

Bunny Triggered: You also have options to detonate baron bunny manually with Aimed shot. And its explosion deals 200% additional DMG.

It Burns – It’s increased the level of Fierce rain by 3. If we talk about its maximum upgrade level is 5. 

It’s not just any Doll – Decrease explosive puppets CD by 20%. Because it effectively doubles its damage potential.

It’s Baron Bunny – Its level of explosives l is increasing by 3. And its maximum upgrade level is 15.

Wildfire: If we talk about Fiery Rain, it increases all members’ movement spd by 15% and ATK by 15% but for 10 seconds.

Amber Genshin Impact Gameplay & Best Build

If we talk about builds, Amber comes with two builds, i.e., Weakpoint DPS build and Pyro Sub/DOS + support build.

Amber Weakpoint DPS build is – 

  • If you want the best weapon for Amber DPS, then it is “Amos’ Bow”. Because it’s normal/ charged attack damage by 12% outright and 8% for each 0.1seconds in air, also you can use Thundering Pulse, Skyward Harp and Viridescent Hunt as alternative options.
  • Also, Wanderer’s Troupe x4 is the best artefact for amber because it increases charge attack damage by 35%.

Amber Sub-DPS/ Support Build

  • If we discuss the weakest point, then Favonis Warbow is the weakest because its membership increased 20% in only twelve seconds for each fire. 
  • The best artefact set for the build is Noblesse oblige 4-Piece Set that gives teammates 20% ATK for 12 seconds after each Burst.

Amber Best Team

We have a clear idea that Amber is a low-tier player and only use this player if you like her personality and Design. But if you made some right investment, then surely Genshin Impact will shine. We’ve listed the best teams that are built around amber core DPS.

  • Amber’s player main focus is to charge up and do combos by triggering melt that causes big damage.
  • Rosaria is a really good cyro support for amber. When Amber builds up her burst, she fields DPS.
  • Mona’s Burst damages enemies that support amber. If we talk about her skills, it also groups enemies and vaporises.
  • Bennett comes with the main support that offers amber healing, damage, and battery boost.

F2P Team – Amber + Xiangling + Barbara

  • Its build work is similar to previous that amber serves Burst DPS for melt
  • Xiangling is the main DPS and synergizes amber with pyro resistance and elemental resonance.
  • You can also combo kaya’s cryo with Xiangling/Amber to melt. You need to lead up to Amber’s burst.
  • Barbara comes with healing and vaporises with xiangling.

Uses of Amber’s Elemental Skill

If you want to use Amber’s Elemental skill, then let me help you – 

You can use Amber’s Elemental skill for

  • Distract Enemies / Get their Attention

Using this skill, the baron bunny takes enemies’ aggro and distracts them from attacking, so they can’t attack. You have two ways, i.e., use these skills for defensive and move away from enemies or be offensive by gathering all enemies in one place to attack and hit extreme damage.

  • Use to Gather Energy for Burst

When you’re playing with Amber, you need to use Baron Bunny at the Starting point because it only provides energy to explode. When you place this attack at the first stage, you’ll get early energy for your burst that helps to damage high.

amber genshin impact age

Set off High damage Pyro Reactions

As we’ve discussed, Amber’s burst has the highest damage amplifier for a skill. You can use this attack because it’s best for multiple or solo enemies for high damage.

# Strength of Amber’s

Now we’re discussing the strength of Amber.

  • Works in one spot comps

She is very powerful and can damage her enemies in one shot. She damages her enemies with a 4-star character and works pretty well.

  • Can work as Sub-DPS in Pyro Focused Teams

It’s in good condition for the Pyro-focused team. Because this Pyro resonance comes with her crowd control ability, it will be beneficial to the team.

# Weakness of Amber

Let’s discuss the Weakness of Amber.

  • Baron Bunny Doesn’t Explode Quickly.

Well, it’s a successful way to distract enemies, but it takes more energy to distract them from attacking. Its energy only explodes once, and it takes a while to do.

  • Burst Is Multi-Hit and Can easily Miss.

The Amber’s Burst has high damage potential, but the multi-hit attack plagues it. So it’s easy to get away from enemies to get out of range before they hit attacks and damage.

How to hit a Weak spot from a Distance?

If you’re playing this game with an Amber player, you need to know – how to use her and control her skills to kill enemies. Because she has a bow, your main aim is to hit and kill enemies by hitting weak spots from a distance. Amber is a perfect match when you want to hit from a distance on a weak spot.

Many enemies can be easily killed from a distance like Ruin Guard, Ruin Grader, Ruin Hunters, and when you hit their weak spot from a distance, they’re stunned. Hitting a weak point of enemies comes with a high damage level. With Amber, you can play this game for hitting enemies and damage from a distance.

genshin impact amber build

Useful For Starting Fires

When you’re exploring Tevya, Amber can be a great character because if you can use her skills, she can surely take you a long way to your journey. Amber uses a bow to Pyro element on objects around the map, and it comes with many effects to solve puzzles. By using Amber’s skill, you can quickly clear obstacles like vines, and you can light up torches and braziers. And that’s made her a great player at the initial stage while exploring Tivat.

Great for exploring Elevated Areas

If you’re new at this game, you’ll surely get four free characters, and amber is one of the players. She is a very great choice for exploring Elevated areas. She has a passive skill, “Gliding Champion”, that reduces stamina and consumes all party members by 20%. And it allows for easy travel and mountain areas.

Amber: Strength & Weakness


  • Amber can focus on hitting enemies from a distance by using her bow
  • She can Directly hit the weak point of her enemies, and it’s a high damage 
  • Amber elemental skill can distract her enemies to stop the attack
  • You can also use her Pyro and easily solve Environmental puzzles


  • Amber come with low-base HP and damage 
  • You can’t wait for her to cool down
  • It requires tonnes of Resources and efforts so that she will become a decent player with some phrases that help

Best Build For Amber in Genshin Impact

You can pair amber with Skyward Harp weapon and use Noblesse oblige as a pyro support character. Her Crit damage also increases its effect on Elemental Burst damage when you do this setup. It allows her pyro to control enemies using amber skills, and amber’s burst is really powerful and effective in taking down Shields.

Genshin Impact Amber Ascension Costs

Phase 1

It goes from Lv.20 to Lv.40

It costs – 20,000

Small Lamp Grass × 3

Agnus Agate silver × 1

Firm Arrowhead × 3

Phase 2

Your level goes from Lv.40 to Lv.50

Small Lamp Grass × 10

Agnitus Agate Fragment × 3

Firm Arrowhead × 15

Everflame Seed × 2

Phase 3

Lv.50 to Lv.60

Mora Cost – 60,000

Small Lamp Grass × 20

Agnitus Agate Fragment × 6

Sharp Arrowhead × 12

Everflame Seed × 4

Phase 4

Lv.60 to Lv.70

Mora cost – 80,000

Small Lamp Grass ×20

Agnus Agate Chunk × 3

Sharp Arrowhead ×18

Everflame Seed × 8

Phase 5

Lv.80 to Lv.90

Mora cost – 100,000

Small Lamp Grass × 45

Agnus Agate Gemstone × 6

Weathered Arrowhead ×12

Everflame Seed × 12

Phase 6 (Max)

Lv.80 to Lv.90 

Mora cost – 120,000

Small Lamp Grass × 60

Agnus Agate Gemstone ×6

Weathered Arrowhead ×24

Everflame Seed × 20

Genshin Impact is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Mobile Devices and PC. And you can download this game from the official website miHoYo’s game launcher. 


Amber is the first player who joins at the beginning of the game. She’s a very popular character, and if you put in some extra effort and resources, you can use her for exploring the map. In this article, we’ve covered everything about Amber Genshin’s impact in, complete guide. We hope after reading this article – you’ll know the complete guide of Amber Genshin’s impact. Drop your comment and let me know the comments?

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