Another Eden Tier List: Best Characters Ranked (May 2022)

Another Eden is a free-to-play game that is praised for focusing instead on JRPG elements.

The developers created a convincing storey to go hand in hand with a strong gameplay system. This combination of history and struggle paves the way for the third component of the game: its colourful cast of characters.

While each unit in Another Eden is unique, your team may want to optimise its content to gain the best experience possible.

Another Eden is a Japanese RPG, which recently caught players’ attention. The game’s unique approach to gacha and its overall gameplay is best known. It is also known for its large list of heroes to play. The Another Eden tier list is full of unique heroes you can use to help you. Based on the rareness of the level lists, we compiled a list of the other Eden heroes. The list below is the current roster for the world edition of the game.

You might notice that there are certain characters appearing in both rareties, as each character in the game is different. When you unlock the feature in the game, you can also upgrade your four stars to five stars. This is our ‘Another Eden Tier List’ presentation. You have definitely heard of the rare gem called Another Eden when you love Gacha games. If you haven’t been playing it until now, it is a unique experience compared to all other games of the same genre. We suggest to get right inside. With its own play style and skills each of its 177 characters in the game feels different.

Each character has a few exceptions in this game. This game is very complicated for a beginner, due to different types, equipment and era. That’s why we decided to create the Another Eden Tier List, which ranks the leading personalities in the game. Now you can easily decide what characters you want to choose and how to combine them to play the whole game (which requires a lot of time investment to do it)

Check out our list for advice on gambling We’ve created a level list to support you, which ranks heroes between the strongest and the weakest!

We’ll look at the Another Eden Tier List and other important information on how to construct your dream team in this article.

What Is Another Eden?

Another Eden is a Japanese playground game that focuses on Aldo. He is on the mission of saving the King’s sister and preventing the extinction of mankind. Sister of Aldo, Feinne has dormant abilities that the Beast King wants to use to remove the existence of man from the world so the beast’s family can rule. While Aldo embarks on a journey, everything turns worse when the protagonist enters the future with a distortion of space-time.

Players meet different character types and some may only join your team for the trip.

Another Eden has a large list of characters which you could be fortunate enough to meet and even get. Some characters can be obtained by completing searches, while others can be achieved by playing the gacha game.

What To Expect From The Tier List

With PvE content in mind, this rank is mainly a story-led experience considering Another Eden.

You’ll also notice that there will be multiple AS-labeled “Another Style” heroes, meaning that this is a different version of the hero, with some slightly twisted statistics and abilities.

Finally, this list only included 4 and 5-star units. This is because we want heroes to be ranked as high as possible. After all, you, the player, must prepare for the final game.

Let’s go right into the list with this out of the way.

For the benefit of The Best Heroes Tier List of Another Eden. It’s meant for the endgame like most other playlists. We have placed the heroes between the best and the worst, as most cannot be split into levels. Because the difference is not so prominent, and we could do them wrong and wouldn’t like it. You can also see that some of the heroes have + (AS) markers, so we’ll equalise this with another version, making both equally viable. You may expect that we are reacting to each major changes and change the heroes’ positions accordingly. This list will be updated as the game is updated. Hope you enjoy it! Hope you enjoy it!


Another Eden characters

On this level, we have selected characters that always benefit from their opponents. Whether they can certainly bring you through the contents of the game thanks to their great statistics or perhaps even because of their unique abilities. Every Another Eden player dreams of a team full of S-Tier characters.

Nikeh (AS) Kikyo Radias
TiramisuMighty (AS)CynthiaHardy
MyunfaYuna (AS)BiakaRenri (AS)
DeirdreHismenaAzami (AS)Gariyu
Elga (AS)Shanie (AS)MarielAkane (AS)
MyrusYunaShannon (AS)Ewan
Lokido (AS)Anabel (AS)Claude
Myrus (AS)MelinaFelmina (AS)
RadiasLaclair (AS)
Renri (AS)
Akane (AS)
Nagi (AS)


Another Eden

Although they aren’t on the top of the list, they are still excellent choices for your team. Most of them are rather rare and difficult to acquire, but if you do, you should expect excellent results. They should feel like S-Tier characters especially for new players. You can only see the difference when you sense the power of S-Tier characters.

Premaya        ZeviroVeina (AS)Renri
LokidoShanieSuzette (AS)Tsukiha
NagiMelina (AS)SuzetteGuildna
TsubameSophiaYiphaShion (AS)
 MightyClaude (AS) Bivette
ShigureShannonCetie (AS)
Mariel (AS)Gariyu
Amy (AS)Rosetta


Another Eden Tier List

I believe we all know how the tier lists work. The more down you get, the greater the strength you lose. So, of course, the listed characters are at a disadvantage compared to higher ones. In this case, the game with these characters is nothing wrong, particularly if it fits your playstyle. Some of these (Serivo, Renri and others), thanks to their skill, have the possibility of doing great damage if they are equipped properly.

Toova (AS)Saki (AS)Isuka (AS)Radica
Elga (AS)PhiloIluluJoker
CielCyrusRuina (AS)Hozuki


Another Eden

We reached the lower half of our list with this level. You should note that this level has fewer characters than the levels above in this list. This is a testament to the balanced nature of the game. The characters are mostly very strong. We have those on the C-Tier which are not favoured. If the meta changes, many of these features may be higher in this list because their statistics are quite strong.

Chiyo  Saki NopaewMiyu
Helena  Feinne


Another Eden ranks

In the D-Tier we find characters which start losing certain raw figures and which are not in favour of the meta. For the higher ones in this list, you must have only these characters. In particular, you should not even consider having a good synergy between your characters in your team.

Earth WaterWindFire
Cerrine           NikehAmyParisa 


Another Eden Weak Characters

Last but not least, we have the characters who appear to suffer heavily in matters of the game. You ought to skip these characters either your passive is not good, your MP management, your basic attacks or them together. Confide in us!

Earth WaterWindFire
Yio DennyDarunis Samora
 Zilva ForanCyucaJade
KomachiGood Macky

Who’s Another Eden’s most powerful character?

You may not be surprised to discover that we choose Cerrine for the most powerful character (AS). Her big statistical information, together with her ability to cause considerable damage, placed her on top in both an AoE and a single target. Thanks to its damage of three different sorts, it could have a tier of its own, making defence against her practically impossible.

Another Eden’s 4-Stars Characters

Another Eden’s four-star characters are the ones you normally encounter and get through searches and other rewards. Some of them can however be obtained via the gacha system.

The four-star heroes are below.

  • Galliard
  • Erina 
  • Soira   
  • Clarte 
  • Mariel 
  • Prai     
  • Shanie
  • Anabel
  • Cetie
  • Claude
  • Gariyu
  • Krervo
  • Nopaew          
  • Pom   
  • Toova 
  • Bertrand         
  • Chiyo  
  • Feinne
  • Melina
  • Saki    
  • Yuna   
  • Ladair 
  • Sheila 
  • Tsukiha          
  • Mighty
  • Nonold Lele
  • Parisa 
  • Bivette
  • Cerrine           
  • Elga    
  • Helena
  • Raven
  • Renri  
  • Riica   
  • Sevyn
  • Shannon         
  • Shion  
  • Breeno           
  • Cyrus 
  • Isuka  
  • Ruina  
  • Suzette           
  • Akane 
  • Amy
  • Ewan  
  • Lokido
  • Miranda          
  • Komachi         
  • Nikeh  
  • Azami 
  • Nero   
  • Deirdre           
  • Azami
  • Nomar
  • Otoha 
  • Aldo    
  • Good Macky  
  • Denny
  • Felmina      
  • Radica
  • Zilva   
  • Lovinia
  • Ilulu     
  • Lingi    
  • Nagi    
  • Rovella           
  • Yio      
  • Rufus
  • May    
  • Samora          
  • Foran  
  • Darunis          
  • Jade   
  • Yazuki Myron 
  • Benedict

Another Eden’s 5-Stars Characters

Most of Another Eden’s 5-stars are obtainable only through the gacha. They are seldom accessible to the main storey. However, once you have sufficient material for this, and once you have reached the required rank and level for that, you can convert or upgrade your 4-star characters into 5-stars.

  • Thillelille          
  • Melissa           
  • Victor  
  • Yukino
  • Mirusha          
  • Felmina          
  • Myunfa           
  • Deirdre           
  • Mistrare
  • Ywera 
  • Melody           
  • Jade   
  • Tiramius         
  • Radias
  • Heena
  • Suzette           
  • Dunarith         
  • Cynthia
  • Hardy 
  • Violet  
  • Skull   
  • Cress  
  • Velvet  Hismena         
  • Kikyo  
  • Yuri     
  • Cerrine
  • Mana  
  • Premaya        
  • Sophia
  • Azami 
  • Ewan  
  • Shanie
  • Claude
  • Milla    
  • Mariel
  • Yuna   
  • Melina
  • Myrus 
  • Bertrand         
  • Tsukiha          
  • Biaka  
  • Anabel
  • Gariyu
  • Tsubame
  • Rosetta           
  • Zeviro 
  • Laclair
  • Nagi    
  • Veina  
  • Lovely Shion  
  • Cetie   
  • Mighty
  • Guildna           
  • Shigure           
  • Bivette Amy   
  • Isuka  
  • Morgana         
  • Toova 
  • Hozuki Joker
  • Levia  
  • Alten   
  • Aldo    
  • Radica
  • Strawboy        
  • Ciel     
  • Cyrus 
  • Ilulu     
  • Miyu
  • Briya   
  • Riica   
  • Helena

Eden’s Other Tier List:

Apart from the official tier list, certain heroes are often considered popular with Another Eden players as crowd favourites. The following are:

Favorites (First Row): Suzette, Azami, Yuna, Mariel, Deirdre, Cetie  
Best (Second Row): Raven, Riica, Myrus, Ewan, Lokido, Mighty
For Beginners (Third Row): Aldo, Good Macky, Jade, Cyrus, Amy, Feinne
For Seasoned Players (Fourth Row): Gariyu, Thillelille, Rosetta, Mariel, Lokido

The Best Another Eden Heroes to Have

All heroes of the Another Eden tier list in general are great and can transport you without a hitch throughout the game. However, only a few characters are considered the best by many players. These characters are either great for clarifying quests or good for fighting. You will have to strategy and use tactics to efficiently and effectively use the characters, like any other game.

That said, in Another Eden there are some of the best heroes you could have on your team:


Suzette can make great use of her AoE damage skills, while she is not a top-tier damage dealer. It can damage all enemies, control gangs and damage opposing teams effectively with twice the damage. It can also increase the power and intelligence of the team by using the skills of its Valor Chant.

Suzette may not be great for boss fights, but she is great for typical fighting and clearing searches.


Azami is most famous as one of Another Eden’s best wind users. She not only has a lot of helpful skills, she can also deal with many attacks that are great if you have big mobs or bosses. Her ability to choose Valor Chant helps some enemies, as it reduces their intelligence to allow your team to win.

While Azami has no AoE capabilities and is a character with love-defense stats, she’s great to have if you plan on fighting against bosses with high-damage attacks.


Perhaps you want to use him if you have Lokido on your team. He can also debuff against enemies, not only deal damage. His attack, Ground Shaker, is your best bet against enemies as it accelerates and damages a lot. He is also comfortable if you go through a bunch of people and you do not have a healer, because the passive skill of Lokido allows him to survive minimally with HP. You can keep your ground long enough to heal and continue to repress your other heroes.

But if you plan to use Lokido for a long time, don’t worry, it will take you a while to get power up again.


Ewan is a high level damage dealer who is strengthened by ongoing attacks. Even though the abilities of Ewan are capable of targeting only one enemy at a time, they have a wonderful effect to paralyse people. In addition, it can also reduce the fire resistance of the enemy for three spins, which is very convenient if you have another Fire Hero in your team.


Mariel is one of the most popular and good reason characters in the game too! She’s a player’s supporting character because she has the greatest number of healing skills and buffs in the game. Mariel can restore and regenerate HP and increase your other heroes’ speed while eliminating negative status effects. You can carry your team through long battles effectively as long as its abilities are usable and powerful.

In addition, for two terms Mariel can also increase the resilience of the team by 50 percent. Mariel can work without any extra buffs, so as you move through struggles and quests you will be safe with her.

Things To Remember In Another Eden

These are some points that you should remember in the Another Eden game. Especially when you’re creating your team.

Building Your Dream Team

In building a “dream team” in Another Eden, there is not much science. Indeed, the possibilities for the best team can continue with the extensive Another Eden tier list. However, if you want to build a strong team, there are a few tips and tricks that you could consider.

Balance your team out first

The game only has two kinds of Attack and Support. You must figure out how your team will depend on what will be your enemies. In most cases you need more than one support character, which doubles as a healer, to support three attack characters. It is best to determine team dynamics in advance so that you don’t stuck.

Secondly, remove the variable Rarity

Given that some 5-star heroes are better than others, rarity shouldn’t matter because 4-star characters can still be used. It is great to have 5-star characters, but they shouldn’t be a factor to build your dream team, because 4-star characters are sometimes better.

Think not about the Gacha, finally.

Concentrate on the personages you already have, because if you think about the gacha, progress is harder. By the searches you complete you will be able to receive free and capable characters. Do not be intimidated by the gacha element, as Another Eden is not gacha.

For the most part, another Eden is a free play. A free play. However, you can also buy Chronos Stones with real currency for characters. Payment is entirely optional and is the player’s responsibility. Paying does not, however, mean you’re better playing than other players.

That being said, here is what you need to know about the free or paid route.


There is very little difference between a paid player and a free player. In Another Eden, microtransactions are almost non-existent, and you won’t need them if you want to add Another Eden characters in your list.

As mentioned above, as you advance through the game, you can obtain free characters and free equipment. You don’t have to worry about an inconclusive team as long as you progress through the game, it will give you whatever you need.

The only thing you can spend on is the stones. Naturally you can choose to grind and save Chronos Stones. But the best way to get it is to buy it, if you are looking for an easy way.

Chronos Stones is the main currency of the game. You use them to roll up characters and revive your battle team, and that is all you can do with them. You don’t want to buy them, but you can pull more if you buy more stones if you are going to get a limited character in the Paid Banner.

Does it affect the experience of gaming?

No, payroll or free-to-play elements do not influence the gaming experience overall. Throughout the game players will still mainly experience the same gameplay. The only difference is that paid players will be more likely to have a limited character because they choose to buy Chronos Stones.

However, the game is moving the same way and the game experience has no difference.

The Another Eden tier list is huge, and most players will find it difficult to decide their favourite character. The best thing about the game is that if they don’t want, they don’t require their players to play gacha elements. Despite not shelling the money, players are still guaranteed to be great characters. Another Eden is unique among other gacha games because it’s not a gacha game, it’s a gacha game that everyone likes.

It is best to remember at the end of the day that the players are making their heroes. This means your heroes will not be as good as you, even if your character is 5 stars, if you do not upgrade or level them up, they will not be better than 4 stars.

Our Best Champion Recommendations

These are some of the best Another Eden Characters that we recommend to our readers.


Dunarith is currently the best healer and one of the best supporters in the game. The best healer and one of the best supports in the game right now, Dunarith is without a doubt. Breath Soul restores every ally’s health and gives a 100% critical rate. So your whole party is boosting while healing with an enormous rate.

They are also able to buff characters from the Wind and improve their damage while medium-rare cures the party. Wind buff doesn’t overlap with buffs contributing to the power of the wind attack, so it could be further enhanced. Another of its great buffs is Magic Cloak. It lasts for 5 cycles, and when they are targeted by magic, teammates heal while they increase their elementary resistance.

Most importantly, the health recovery is activated and much more effective after the decrease. For enemy teams with many magical wavers, it’s an excellent counter. Dunarith’s song reduces the intelligence of the enemies while your allies are recovering. He is a versatile hero who is suitable for the majority of teams, while the Allies are the clearest choice for Wind.


In the past, Dunarith had played the best support in the game. The second best choice is still Mariel, and not far away. In the past, Dunarith had played the best support in the game. Mariel’s not far behind still the second-best choice. Mariel is the healer and supporter of dungeons with elementary bosses who have an excellent choice. Mariel can use the Aurora Force to build up a 50% resistance in two turns – the best defence buff and one of great help against the bosses mentioned above. This reduces the damage caused by a huge amount.

She can also make use of the chant, even if you are low on MP, for even greater resilience. Because of high intelligence Mariel can disclose certain damage and help opponents with a high physical resistance to attack. It doesn’t work extremely well, but it can help. When you combine it all with its huge healing potential, you understand why it is so high on the list. You only have to watch out for this, because you won’t get out of the mana in fighting that will take a longer time. Make sure that you look for the best possible openings and when to use your abilities, and Mariel does all right.


What about girls and obsession with tentacles? Nvm, Nagi’s a nightmare…

What about girls and obsession with tentacles? Nvm, Nagi’s a girl of nonsense. She’s a very powerful earth damage dealer. They can reduce the target Earth’s resistance by up to four times via Naidalia Edge (yes, stackable). In the earth party, that’s fantastic. Effects are reduced by up to 50 percent, because each time after the second, they are halved. Nevertheless, a damage of 50% is all but insignificant for every land attack.

The expertise also lets you ignore the resistance to the target, so that you can slash hard, even if you have a very durable opponent. Not all of this, Naidalia Edge buffers your power and lowers your MP use. The reduced use of MP is very important because you want to make the best use of the earth debuff that you inflict. And to continue to apply it. Since the Nagi (AS) has a poor maximum MP, you must develop certain devious tactics, most of them by armour. All of these debuffs take some time to apply so you need a few turns to get them all done and unlock the full potential of Nagi.


Felmina is an unnamed murderer who has been a teacher of martial arts…

Felmina is a child murderer and a martial arts teacher with a guild without name (whose PhD Arya Stark?). She excels in attacking an opponent and destroying him seriously by Tri-Cataclysm. It is a stubborn wind attack that in the event of poison or pain causes even worse damage. She has the resources to impose the poison herself, so that someone else cannot be trusted, but if someone else can, it is helpful and safe. Further skills reduce steep strength and increase the strength of Felmina while causing poison and pain.


Akane is a samurai girl who doesn’t realise her skill and strength, and sometimes this makes her trouble.

Akane’s a samurai girl who doesn’t understand her abilities and power, and sometimes this puts her in trouble. She is very courageous, and increases her power and speed by a solid quantity for three turns. And through Anatman it can boost itself even more, but only fire attacks. She can slash and slash, damage a single goal or the entire team. Flat Attack allows her to stun one enemy, but that’s all less important.

She’s here mainly because of the speed of the devil. This is further enhanced by Divine Circle Slash, an enemy fire that stacks Akane with the heart of Yaksha and increases its speed even more. Depending upon the number of Yaksha’s Hearts the Akane stacks is increasing, the Divine Circle Slash is receiving up to 3 attacks. On the third stack, she consumes all of it and destroys literally anything, even adding AoE damage. Make sure before that you get buffered and that attack can turn the tide of most struggles.


You know when you were a boy, arnold schwarzenegger who pretends he was a James Bond and makes the weapon out of hand and goes pew, pew, pew? That’s how Dewey functions basically.

You know when you were a boy, arnold schwarzenegger who pretends he was a James Bond and makes the weapon out of hand and goes pew, pew, pew? That’s how Dewey functions basically. He also has these children singing “We can’t lose! It’s not as long as I’m here!” However, it’s a pretty strong voice, which reduces the intelligence and resistance of the enemies.

Some other skills can also be enhanced by effectively reducing the intelligence of your enemies even further. He can also put his enemies to sleep and increase all party members’ power and water attack for three turns. This is extremely useful for most teams, but it is best used in a team using the same type of element.

You can reduce the MP usage by equipping him with items such as Toto’s Luckypuncher, making him more suitable for longer struggles. Mist Blast will damage a single target in a blunt way, but it will increase the attack by almost half on your characters with fists. The Vapor Canon is more expensive than the Mind Blast and the damage is the same, but it is an opening that reduces the intelligence and speed of the opponent.


Ah, we’re talking now, a genuine inquisitor… Rosetta is a Shadow Priest who is really beautiful in this sentence: “Nobody in the world exists without hiding anything”

Ah, we’re talking now, a genuine inquisitor… Rosetta is a Shadow Priest who really loves the phrase, “Nobody in this world can exist without hiding anything.” True, true. True, true. Rosetta is an excellent healer and support for even firebased enemies. She has a courageous singing that is valuable in every fire-based team because its attacks increase by 40 percent! It also works for her, because two of her abilities are fire magic.

You will be able to re-establish your allies’ health by the doctrine, the fair trial and Codex, but Codex is more effective since it heals a little more and protects your teammates with status immunity. It costs MP 3 times more than Doctrina, on the other hand. Tree of Life is a buff that will increase your party members’ intelligence for a few turns and heal them all. Even Rosetta’s attacks become truly formal, not to mention all your fire-based allies if you combine her chant with Scales of Thermis. Thermis scales are also nice as a fire foes’ defensive buff. Biblia is a powerful cure for Rosetta, somewhat like a slightly buffed version.


A Shinobi who doesn’t have the personality of Cat Lover.

A Shinobi, who has a cat, but who has no personality as a Cat Lover. This is how she’s got so high on this list. It is a buffer/debuffer and the dealer is heavy blunt and earth damage. Tsubames’ courageous song increases the speed of all members of the party while debuffing the power of the enemy teams. This combination is excellent. Let’s speak of her abilities now. You should ensure that the Battle Meridian buff is fired on Tsubame so quickly as its speed and power increases significantly over 5 rounds.

She will attack each enemy with Enma Shuriken and decrease their resistance to earth. Twin Snakes is a powerful ability which causes great damage while at the same time amazing the objective. For three rounds Hama Shuriken slashes all enemies and reduces their earth resistance.

Raging Cat Dance brings blunt damage to the Earth’s single objective, so ensure that the earth’s weakness first is applied. Chaos Shuriken is the most powerful offensive tool in the box of Tsubame because it inflicts extreme damage on all enemies while reducing the resistance to Earth even more. This is one of the most effective offensive skills in the game, but it is also quite expensive. Combine her, of course, with other heroes on earth if possible.


Thanks to this guy I learned what an insufficiency means. He’s a beast of my spirit. The most popular topic is lunch, Mighty is a student.

Thanks to this guy I learned what an insufficiency means. He’s a beast of my spirit. Mighty is a student with a lunch topic. His courageous singing is excellent against the magical songs, as its intelligence reduces. Mighty is basically a hypnotizer of the magic of water, who, like most politicians, can protect his team and captivate the simplistic. He has only zwei straightforward skills and is aimed at enemies.

Aqua Spread attacks all the enemies and the Hypnoblizzard, but it is a lot more powerful.. Aqua Wall is great for fire teams and bosses as its fire resistance and a bit of physical resistance increase significantly during three turns. Freeze does what he says exactly, freezes the single enemy and reduces their speed and amazes them. Meditation is a buff that stacks the user with three hypnoses and causes sleep. When the target wakes up his HP, MP and intelligence are restored. Whenever a magical attack is used, the user loses one hypnosis and he receives a critical hit guaranteed. Mighty may not be the best choice, but he’s great with some enemies and teammates.


Yuna serves a spirit that changes the weather. She has the power to make it rain, but she also has a small problem to check.

Yuna serves a spirit that changes the weather. She has the power to make the rain rain, but she also has a tiny problem. She is a healer who can make the enemy’s team debuff. The courageous song of Yuna works well in most cases, because it reduces all resistance of the enemies, and restores your status as a party. In the event that your opponents are inflicting nasty conditions, it will be applicable as an offence against each team.

One of the main advantages for this girl is her managerial management because the majority of her skills are not mana hogs. Begin with her powers of healing. Maiden’s Flutter is the most fundamental ability to cure enemies with a small AOE damage or those who have heavy dots for 3 rounds, but the amount is small. It also restores conditions. The observance of Maiden is somewhat more powerful, but nothing good, and the Iridescent.

Blessing is the best choice but also the most expensive. She has two abilities to attack and they both do all enemy’s magical damage, but this is worth mentioning nothing. Now, God’s utterance is a truly worthy buff. It increases the power and intelligence of the whole team by a quarter for 3 rounds!

Another Eden is a game that’s all about. Memorable characters, a convincing storey and the design of the game to support them all. There is therefore no better start than this list if you think of how to begin to conquer this vast world. You ought to have now understood which characters do not work. You will surely make an unforgettable journey if you add your own experiences, tests and errors together with that list.

This list was helpful to you, we hope! If so, bookmark our website for additional updates.

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