Attractions and Benefits of Canada’s Popular Online Bingo Sites

Recent years have seen a boom in popularity in Canada for online bingo. Thousands of sites have popped up across the web, all offering their unique array of glitzy attractions designed to draw in customers.

It can be hard to sift through the masses to find the best bingo sites available, so we’ve done the honors of breaking down what benefits Canada’s most popular online bingo sites bring to you.


The most important trait of the most popular bingo sites is that they’re kosher and licensed, so you don’t have to worry about falling into the grey area around the current legislation.

Look for one of the big regulatory board’s logos on the sitethe Malta Gaming Authority is a trusty oneto see if your chosen bingo site is above board. Sites registered with these gambling commissions have also had their number-generating systems audited and this trustworthiness is what makes these sites the most popular.

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Highest Payouts

Not all bingo sites have the same rate of payout. Any given bingo game has a return to player (RTP) rating for how much is paid out for every $100 wagered. 90-ball bingo tends to sit around an 80% RTP whereas 75-ball bingo runs at an average of 85%, although this is very dependent on the number of tickets you buy and the jackpot structure.

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It’s no surprise that the best online bingo sites for players who prioritize a high payout are the ones with the highest RTP. Players that enjoy a high-risk high-reward game can also lean towards bingo games with a lucrative jackpot, even if the RTP averages lower.


Bonuses are the star attraction when it comes to popular bingo sites and is the key to separating the average sites from the great. It’s important to dive down into the terms and conditions, but you’ll find no-deposit bonuses simply for signing up to a site, as well as a regular matched welcome bonus.

The best bingo sites will offer loyalty rewards and promotions for long-term players to reward them for coming back. You might also see bingo-specific promotions, such as community jackpots, where you’ll get a shot at the big bucks.


Game variety is a big attraction that adds to the popularity of a bingo site. Players will find all the classic 90-ball, 80-ball, 75-ball, and 30-ball bingo games, but within these categories, great bingo sites will offer a vast array of variations.

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Games will differ by jackpot sizes, entry fees, win patterns, and many more themed options so that any player will find a bingo game tailored to their experience.


The big word behind the online casino industry since its inception has been convenience, and online bingo follows the same path.

The most popular sites have flashy graphics and a sleek interface to make it as easy as possible for players to navigate the sites. Another top feature is whether the site offers to play on multiple platformsfrom desktop to phone to tabletso players can jump into an online bingo game at any moment.

Payment Options

Another big benefit offered by the most popular bingo sites is the wide array of available payment methods to make deposits and withdrawals.

Most Canadian customers favor debit cards for paymentsimply linking a card to your account and using it instantaneously for repeat transactions.

Leading bingo sites will also support various e-wallets, such as PayPal and Skrill, as well as mobile paymentsApple Pay, and Google Pay. Cryptocurrencies are also growing in popularity amongst players.

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Some bingo sites will have transaction fees or high withdrawal/deposit limits, and while a minimum deposit is common, most sites worth their salt won’t put undue pressure on your payment methods.

Social Interaction

Bingo has always been a social game, looking back to its origins in British bingo halls where people would meet and chat while playing games.

Bingo operators didn’t drop the ball when they went online either. Any big-name bingo site will have loads of options for social interaction with other playersa feature that’s important in any kind of online gaming, from casinos to video games.

Live chats allow you to chat in real time with players across the globe. Some sites will have community forums to echo the same sense of community that live bingo had previously. Social media presence is also a great way for operators to boost their popularity while also presenting another platform for their audience to chat and interact.