Can Ponyta be Shiny in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Shiny Ponyta

Ponyta has two gorgeous shiny forms in Pokemon GO. In the mobile game, both Galarian Ponyta and the original Pocket Monster have a sparkly form. Both shiny variants of Ponyta are highly desired by Pokemon GO trainers, therefore gamers of the game are eager to learn how to acquire them. Here are the best methods … Read more

Fortnite: All Campfire Locations Walkthrough

Fortnite Campfire Locations

Campfires have been present in Fortnite since Chapter 3. However, because the map changes so much between seasons, it might be difficult to orient yourself and find one when you’re in the thick of a match and need a pick-me-up. This is why we’re here to help you find them all. When utilized properly, campfires … Read more

How to Pet Wolf in Fortnite?

how to pet wolves in fortnite

Epic Games Fortnite introduces the ability to tame animals in Chapter 2 Season 6, commonly known as Primal. Wildlife of various kinds behaves, functions, and serves varied purposes. Most types of Wildlife may be tamed to serve as an ally in battle or as a trusted steed. Epic Games has accomplished a great deal with … Read more

What is the Next Genshin Impact banner?

next genshin banner

The Genshin Impact banners cycle in the game on a regular basis, giving players the opportunity to gain new and returning fighters, and the current banners include some intriguing 5-stars to obtain. Everything you need to know about the banners in Genshin Impact is right here. Genshin Impact Current Banner Travelers may recruit the game’s … Read more