How To Get the Best Out of Final Fantasy 14 in 2022

We start with the basics. The MMORP game, Final Fantasy 14— often abbreviated as FF14— remains a popular online game widely played by numerous game lovers, plus huge support from its developers and an engaging community.

No doubt, the game has gained the heart of both veterans and new gamers, regarded as one of the best games of the decade. But the questions in the mind of players are: is FF14 worth playing in 2022? How can I master the nitty-gritty of playing FF14? 

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Worry less, as well will be crushing those burning questions in this article by leading you through the ways you can get the best experience from Final Fantasy 14. Be rest assured that you’re in for a treat. So buckle your seat belts as we explore the world of Final Fantasy 14. 

Since the release of FF14, the game has experienced huge feats and successes in the gaming industry, and there is little doubt that this success will go beyond subsequent years to come.

As a player new to FF14, it could take a while before you get grounded in the game, but with access to the right knowledge, scaling through would be as easy as munching a mouthful of pizza. First, here are a few basics you should get yourself acquainted with to experience the best out of Final Fantasy XIV in 2022. 

1. Subscribing for FF14

Like most top MMO games, Final Fantasy 14 is a game that makes use of a subscription model. So you’ll need to purchase playing time for the game before you get started. For the free trial, you’ll be given enough time to conclude the content allowed.

However, you will be required to subscribe to the paid version of the game. There are several platforms where you can subscribe for FF14 and as well purchase FF14 Gil. Once you’ve subscribed successfully, then you’re ready to play the game. 

2. Creating characters 

Immediately after you purchase and subscribe to the game, the first thing you’ll have to do before any level unfolds is for you to build your character. You will have access to options from 6 different races where you can select from Elezen, Lalafell, Hyur, Miqo’te, Au Ra, and Roegadyn.

As an added advantage, this feature has been added to the free trial mode. However, if you buy the Shadowbringers expansion, you’ll be given two extra races to choose from: female Viera and

the male Hrothgar. After choosing a warrior, then you must purchase equipment for battle. 

3. Selecting a job 

After your character has been created, the next thing is to pick a job, also called class, from the character creator section. This can be a stressful task, as there are numerous options to select from.

However, picking a job for your character doesn’t mean you will have to stick to it till you exhaust the game. You still have the chance to change it at will. You only have to pick a class that would be an easy start-off for you. Your choice of class will evolve when you advance into level 30 and after completing the quest at hand. 

4. Questing on FF14

While playing the game, your major goal is to follow through with the main scenario quests (MSQ), and this requires that you advance to expansion areas. While following the MCQs, you must always look out for the gold meteor icon to know the next place you’re to go. 

Your job/class quest is your second top priority. Completing each class quest as you advance through the levels will earn you more abilities and as well grant you access to your Artifact gear.  The next phase of your job will unfold once you hit level 30, then you’ll get your Job Stone, which you must have to access your related abilities.

5. Leveling up 

While you advance in your Final Fantasy journey, the initial stages will be easy for you to level up, although you will get to a point where you can only progress to the next main scenario quests if you’ve reached a certain level.

Your daily duties, called Duty Roulette, will help you get that extra XP to advance. Once you’ve done the daily reset, you’ll become eligible to partake in Duty Roulette and claim your FF14 Gil and XP bonus reward. 

6. The dungeons, raids, and trials

Just as in other MMORPGs, in the FF14 game story, you get to unlock new raids and dungeons as you scale through various levels of the game. For you to continue to the next main scenario quest, each quest must be completed successfully.

There are raids, dungeons, and extreme trials which you can unlock using NPCs located in Eorzea. However, you would require great skills and competence to scale through each MSQ. The quests get tougher as you advance further. 

There are two duties I will always recommend that you unlock after you’ve completed each the ARR story:

The Binding Coil of Bahamut (level 50 raid series), and Labyrinth of the Ancients (level 50 raid series, Crystal Tower). 

A few tips for excelling in your Final Fantasy 14 journey 

  • Master the basics

You can’t get the best out of any game if you don’t know the game’s basics like the back of your hand. FF14 has provided ways in which beginners can get used to the game’s mechanics, and one of them is the Hall of Novice.

This is a practice ground that is located in all the cities. The NPC will guide you all through the challenges to familiarize you with the types of monsters you will come across en route to the game. 

  • Use the areas of effect to your advantage 

As a crucial technique for survival in FFI4, you are expected to stay clear of the area of effect. While combating an enemy, quickly dodge the red circle once it appears. When at a high level, just one hit can be fatal to your character. 

  • Teleporting

Despite being expensive, teleporting remains the easiest way to navigate your way in the world of Eorzea. It is advised that you register in Aetheryte crystals once you step into a major city in Eorzea, to ease the stress of traveling around. 

  • Register a Chocobo while you can

Since teleporting can be expensive to some players, a Chocobo can serve as a good alternative. You can grab one of these yellow birds available on level 22. Ensure that you select the Grand Company so that you can own the yellow bird for life. 

  • Ensure you use every opportunity you get

It can be frustrating to most players when another player shows up from nowhere and smites all the enemies even before you could even strike a blow.

This is often referred to as mob stealing. However, FF14 has considered its players. You get some XP bonus when you assist in a mob kill. So make sure you procure at least 30% damage to the enemies. 


The MMORP game, despite being in existence since 2010 has proven that in 2022 and even till the next decade, it will still be a valuable stock in the gaming world. Although several gamers often criticize it for being expensive, its worth remains relevant in the heart of lovers of the game.

And if you have tried your hands on FF14 for the first time, this is a go-ahead article for you to enjoy the taste of a premium gaming experience. 

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