Borderlands 3 Skill Trees: Amma, Moze, FL4K

This is the best Borderlands 3 Skill Trees currently available on the web. We hope you find this skill tree helpful to know all the Skills of Borderlands 3 Characters.

The characters Borderlands 3 are almost everything that Borderlands players would have requested. They are colourful, diverse and, with their complex skills and action skills, they are more than life-giving gun-toting finishers with ease of customization possibilities. From the very start, you will be able to decide who to pick and how to play them with Amara the Sirens, FL4K the Beastmaster, Moze the Gunner and Zane the Operative.

Our 3-figure guide will guide you through the skills, statistics, strengths, weaknesses, backstories and more of each Vault Hunter. With these personalities, there are no incorrect choices, but during your time with whomever you choose, we ensure that you have the best experience.

Steam and the Epic Store are now outside Borderlands 3, and now everyone on their PC has the opportunity to cooperate and shoot together. A completely new band of lessons with distinct skills has been organized for the newest Borderlands game. Skill trees are divided into three types, each of which must specialize in one of the game’s four classes. However, upgrades are somewhat limited, so you have to choose the construction that you desire carefully. Take a look at our list of the best Borderlands 3 builds.

Let’s go over exactly how abilities work in Borderlands 3 before we get stuck in the various Borderlands 3 characters and skill-trees on offer. This is because, although you are a veteran of the series, there are one and two different ways in which Borderlands 3 can shake the formula of previous games. Each of the four characters in Borderlands 3 has three different actions, but only a unique action slot to employ one at a time (except Zane, who can have two skills active).

These abilities can be offensive or defensive – a mix of the two most typically – and each action’s skill is tied to a detailed tree of skills that you may gradually explore by allocating skills that you gain when you level up. Borderlands 3 trees are rather complex; they do, however, provide magnificent scope for adapting your character and playstyle as you please. They will probably be expected if you have played previous Bordlands games.

Now I know that you’re dying to stay in the characters and skills-trees, so I’m going to have a few useful words you ought to know about. The majority of every tree comprises passive skills. These passives offer your character predictable passive benefits, like enhanced weaponry power and quicker equipment exchange times, and numerous passive skills can be trained to improve their impact.

We have gathered tonnes of explanations and suggestions in a single cheat sheet for all the weapons in Borderlands 3-have a look!

In lacrosse tree’s Capstone, you will have to invest about 25 points in a tree. However, that’s typically worthwhile since some of the capstones can have quite significant effects.

Basic specifications, like the usual passive skills that occupy every ability forest, are activated after you invest a particular number of skill points into the tree. But augments vary in that they deliver a strong bonus to the action skill itself, rather than just a feature of your character. In his under-cover tree, for example, Zane has an increase that converts his Barrière into a dome, protecting him and his comrades from all sides. An increasing part of all 3 skill trees and building the character of the Borderlands is very crucial.

Okay, now let’s discuss the 3 characters of the Borderlands themselves.

Borderlands 3 Amara Skill Tree: Builds and Strategies

Let’s get things started with Amara the Siren.

If you play the previous matches, then the women with fantastic magical powers, differentiated by the tattoos running halfway along with their bodies, will know everything about the Sirens. Six Sirens can live at all times and Amara is fully capable of sustaining the scary reputation of the six with her unbelievable first-time-work-question attitude.

Amara Tree:

Let’s start with Amara’s three skills and then move on to the skill trees you can use to raise her:

Phaseslam (Brawl skill tree) – Amara springs into the air, slams the ground, damages and slams all close foes (35s cooldown).

Phasecast (Mystical Assault skill tree) – Amara sends a projection of itself astrally to damage everything in its way. (28s cooldown).

Phasegrasp – Amara calls a giant fist that bursts off the ground and seals a few seconds on the targeted enemy. Enemies who are immune from being taken take immediate damage (16s cooldown).

Amara, no matter what she performs, is a powerhouse, but it thrives in chaotic close-up fights, if, in particular, you gravitate better to the talent of Phaseslam than others (and it’s not a lot wonderful, I wouldn’t blame you). The only disadvantage, if any, is that, with their abilities, you must have a decent target. You have to wait a long time to use it again if you miss her Phaseslam or Phasecast. Amara is Siren from Borderlands 3, following Lilith and Maya’s footsteps. But she has a distinct playstyle.

Amara’s skill tree contains three branches: Brawl, Mystical Assault, and Fist of the Element. Every branch starts with an actionability and can equip one action capability simultaneously. Amara will gain the passive ability, increased action abilities, and new action abilities to equip as she progresses through these three trees.

Brawl / Phaseslam

 Amara builds

Phaseslam: Amara leaps into the air and smacks the ground, delivering damage to all adjacent enemies and knocking them up.

One With NatureAmara acquires more noteworthy Max’s wellbeing and protection from rudimentary harm to her expertise in real life.
Help handsAmara’s arms stay dynamic and give her harm decrease two or three seconds subsequent to actuating her Action Skill.
Blight TigerTransformation of Amara’s destructive harm limit.
Arms DealSprinkle Damage is supported by Amara arrangements and Splash Damage is brought down.
FractureAmara requires a modest bunch of clenched hands from the beginning, the foes before Amara. (Ability in real life) Amara acquires a heap of consideration when she takes harm.
Find Your CenterAmara gets further developed Melee Damage
RevelationAmara’s activity capacities presently make a Nova in the event that it harms enemies and harms all adversaries nearby.
MindfulnessAmara has expanded the deferral between safeguard recovery and development for each pile of care. A few seconds, the stacks blur.
SamsaraAt whatever point Amara with her activity abilities makes harm the foe, she adds a Samsara stack. Amara acquires Gun Damage and Health Regeneration for a couple of moments in each pile of Samsara. Following a couple of moments, the stacks will scatter.
DownfallAmara springs into the air and momentarily shoots an Elemental shaft under her and a Slam.
VigourThe killing of a foe utilizing Amara’s activity gives Movement Speed to all partners for a couple of moments. The impact is compounded.
Guardian AngelAt the point when Amara enters Fight For Your Life, she gets an unexpected burst of energy quickly, recuperates her wellbeing and makes an Action Skill Elemental Novel, thumping on adversaries close by. This capacity chills off for a protracted time frame.
FlashAbrogate Melee. Press (RS) to make Amara screw for Elemental Melee Damage and do an exceptional strike. At the point when an assault on a Blitz Melee murders a foe, the cooldown on Blitz is reset right away.
Do to othersAt whatever point an adversary wounds Amara, she dispatches an energy circle back at it, managing natural harm to noteworthiness. This capacity is momentarily revived
GlamourAmara’s foes harmed by activity become puzzled and attack their partners for a brief time. Yet, the cooldown is upgraded with activity abilities. At the point when Amara assaults a Phasegrasp foe, rivals close by becoming puzzled also.
Jab CrossAmara builds activity ability harm and waves for a few seconds at whatever point it makes skirmish injury a foe

Mystical Assault / Phasecast

borderlands 3 Amara skill tree

Amara sends forth an Astral Self Projection, damaging everything on its path.

Do HarmThe death of an enemy gives Amara a surge stack. To empower her acting abilities, all Rush Stacks are devoured. Amara’s Action Damage is quickly improved for each pile of Rush devoured. Amara’s speed of stacking, the speed of trade exchanging and the speed of mode switch are improving.
TranscendFollowing a couple of moments of actuation, Amara acquires more noteworthy precision and a basic hit reward. Amara has a higher cooldown rate for acting abilities.
ReverberationAmara sends forward an Astral Self-Projection that harms all on its course. For every enemy that it hits, astral projecting causes more prominent harm.
Mind silenceAmara’s equipped adversaries are bound to the stage until the span closes. In any case, the cooldown is upgraded with activity abilities. On the off chance that Amara is focused at a Phasegrasp foe, rivals near the objective are bolted stage by stage.
From the restAmara’s Elemental Damage has been increased over time. Further rise in shock damage.
Violent tapestryNatural impact application concedes a heap of a hurry to Amara. To empower her acting abilities, all Rush Stacks are burned-through. Amara’s Elementary Effect Opportunity is momentarily expanded with each heap of surge devoured. Reload Speed for each Rush stack is raised by Amara gains. This reward is expanded for a couple of moments in the wake of ingesting Rush stacks.
DeliveranceAmara sends an Astral Self Projection, making harm every one of the ways. Each time the Amara astral projection arrives at an enemy, it dispatches homing Elemental shots that trigger its Elemental Effect of Action on rivals.
AwakeningThe rush stacks of Amara are becoming more potent.
AscendingFire Rate and Challenge Time enhanced for Amara.
Soul SapAmara’s Action Skill returns a part of the damage as health to her or an ally in the vicinity.
RelaxAmara makes a homing shot to search for another objective managing their Action Skill Elementary Damage on the off chance that they murder a rival with the firearm or activity ability. Any harm brought about by congestion is added to the rocket’s harm.
AvatarThe activity abilities of Amara can be initiated while it invigorates. Just once per finished cooldown can the ability be used. Amara’s Max Rush Stacks are likewise accessible.
TandavaAstral Projection of itself is forwarded by Amara. It explodes, harming all close foes when it strikes a target

Fist of the Element / Phasegrasp

amara build

Amara calls a huge fist which bursts from the ground for many seconds to lock the targeted enemy in place. Some foes are immune from grasping and are immediately damaged.

Steady handIncreased Amara Weapon Handling and Precision improvements.
Illuminated FistScuffle Damage increments to Amara and her Melee Damage converts to a component for activity.
SoulfireChange to fire harm of Amara’s significance. Amara calls a goliath who rises up out of the ground for a couple of moments to surround the objective foe.
The Eternal FistWhen an adversary Grasped is killed, it can seek and grasp up to three additional targets.
InfusionTurn a part of the harm incurred on its Action Skill Element by Amara’s weapons.
DreadThe harm to Amara’s weapon several seconds after a got a handle on foe. At whatever point a player executes a rival, his present weapon is topped off promptly.
IndiscriminateProjectiles Amara, what harm enemies can possibly ricochet and mischief different foes close by? Ricochet Action Opportunity and harm are upgraded if Phasegrasp or Silence of Mind presently influences the objective.
Fist Over MatterAfter the focus on a foe is gotten a handle on, enormous fingers show up and the locale continually disintegrates, harming adjoining adversaries.
CatharsisAny place Amara triggers a natural impact on an adversary when that foe bites the dust, its tuned component is harmed, alongside some other component as of now dispensed on the foe. Amara considers an enormous clenched hand that parts from the beginning secure the adversary for certain seconds.
AnimalThe Elementary Effects of Amara cause more damage and increase in length over time. Its Elemental Effect Action Skill provides more damage.
SustainmentWhen Amara deals with Elemental Damage using her weapons, Amara gets Life Steal.
ConfluxWhenever an Elemental Effect is applied to an adversary, the adversary is given a chance to Electrocute, Bure, or Melt the enemy at random.
WildfireIf Amara applies an Elemental Effect to an adversary, it has an opportunity to spread to an enemy nearby.
Deep WellMagazine size with elementary weapons increases with Amara.
AllureAmara’s Action Skill provides unique characteristics that draw foes.

Borderlands 3 Zane Skill Tree: Builds and Strategies

Zane has three different branches as well, but his unique ability to offer a second Action Skill to the grenade is sacrificed. Hitman, Doubled Agent and Under Cover is his talent trees. The Hitman tree concentrates on the sentinel, the double-agent is constructed around the clone and Under Cover is constructed as a barrier to the defence.

Hitman / SNTNL

Zane Build

SNTNL or Hitman is send an automated SNTL drone to battle which constantly travels through and attacks enemies with its guns. When SNTNL is enabled, pressing LB or RB (controller) makes the adversary attack beneath Zane’s crosshairs if possible.

Cold BoreZane’s winnings boost the speed of the Waffe Swap. The next fire was launched on Bonus Cryo Damage after exchanging weapons
Cool HandZane obtains Reload Speed enhanced. Zane’s Reload Speed rose for a few seconds after killing an enemy.
Playing DirtyZane’s next five shots have the opportunity to shoot additional projectiles after killing an enemy.
BoomsdaySNTNL adds a rocket pod to its primary arms, enabling the rocket and machine guns to be shot.
Good mishapkilling an enemy increases the duration of Zane’s acting skills. The returns of this skill are decreasing
Static fieldSNTNL sends a static champ to the nearby enemy by sending a shock beam, draining their shields, and replenishing Zane’s.
Almighty OrdnanceHold LB or RB as SNTNL is used to paint an area of targets. SNTNL fires the missile dam and the duration of Almighty Ordnance is reset if an enemy is killed. The enemy is killed. Only once can this be used by action competence.
Violent SpeedZane increases movement speed for several seconds after killing an enemy.
Drone WinterConverts primary Cryo Damage SNTNL weapons to ice.
Violent momentumDamage to Zane’s gun increases during movements. The faster he moves, the higher the bonus for Gun Damage
Close DeathAll killing abilities in Zane are increasingly effective and long-lasting
Violent ViolenceZane gains the fire rate a couple of seconds after killing an enemy

Doubled Agent / Digi-Clone

Borderlands 3 Zane Skill Tree

Zane’s Digi-Clone: create a copy of Zane’s Digi-Clone.The clone remains, distracting attackers and firing. When the Clone is active, pressing LB or RB (controller) forces Zane to swap spaces.

PraemunitusSize of the magazine raised to Zane and its Dig-clone.
DonnybrookWhenever Zane kills the enemy, he’s got increased damage and a healthy health boost for a couple of seconds using his Digi-clone
Borrowed TimeZane obtains an enhanced duration of action skills for all active action
SynchronicityWhenever one or more skills are active, Zane’s gun damage is increased for each active skill
Binary SystemWhenever Zane switches with his clone, Zane and his clone are triggered by a cryo-nova
Duct Tape ModThe first discharge from the gun of Zane has an opportunity to shoot a grenade also. The greater the grenades, the greater the chance.
DoppelgangerHold LB or RB to stop the action at an early stage. Doppelganger: After Zane’s ability to act is complete, the clone explodes, causing all adjacent foes to fire damage. The longer the action, the higher the harm
Fractal fragmentsWhen it is first activated, the Digi-Clone throws a copy of the current Zane grenade mod. When the Digi-clone is murdered, the grenade descends. The killing of an enemy during the active Digi-clone allows the clone to throw a grenade.
Quick BreatherWhenever Zane changes his clone, its shield begins to recharge immediately.
Full Pocket of GrenadesZane will regenerate Granada for a few seconds after killing an enemy.
SchadenfreudeWhenever the Clone gets damaged, a fraction of that damage restores Zane’s shield
Supersonic ManWhen one or more of Zane’s action capabilities are active, the movement speed for each active action capability boosted.
Digital DistributionIf Zane receives damage to health when the clone is active, his clone will share a portion of that damage instead.
Same as GhostZane and his Digi-Clone get an opportunity to disregard gunshots as a ghost. After activating an action skill, this chance is enhanced for a few seconds. That effect is stacked.
ImprovingZane consumes up to 3 grenades whenever he calls his Digi-Clone. The Digi-Clone gets Gun Damage, Max Health, Fire Rating and Reload Speed with every pomegranate swallowed.
Which is realEnemies are more likely to target the clone after and after it has been summoned
Light trickZane deals with Bonus Shock Damage to foes who do not target him
Old-UPress LB or RB (controller) in the middle of the Fight for Your Life Digi-Clone is active in destroying the clone and gains full health immediately from Second Wind.
Double barWhen triggered, the clone is furnished with a copy of Zane’s Continuous Weapon. Swapping places with the clone causes Zane and its clone to deal more gun damage.

Under Cover / Barrier

Zane Borderlands 3

Drop a deployable block to block incoming shots. Zane and his partners can shoot at Gun Damage through the barrier. When the barrier is active, it takes up and holds the barrier, but size and bonuses are reduced. Press LB or RB (controller).

Hearty StockZane’s maximum shield gains have been enhanced
Continued for actionZane is getting a better refilling rate of the shield and refill delay
Stiff Upper LipWhen damaged, Zane will resist that damage type
AdrenalineAction Skill Cooldown Rate is increased to compensate for Zane’s gains. The amount of shields depends on the bonus. The fuller the higher the bonus.
Charged RelayIf Zane or an ally touches the Barrier, the speed and fire rate are boosted for a few seconds.
Brainfreeze: Whenever Zane hits an enemy critically, they are slowed down
Nanites or Some ShiteZane and his allies have been healthy and reloading, with a much better shield reloading period in the vicinity of his barrier. The less your health, the better your health.
Confident skillZane has enhanced gun damage and accuracy when the shields are active. This bonus is based on the number of screens he possesses. The fuller the higher the bonus.
Take advantage of the opportunityZane’s health is improving. The lower your shield, the larger your bonus. While the shields of Zane are full, he is without regeneration of health.
Costly JacketElemental damage to Zane over time has decreased duration.
Overall RounderZane’s Barrier becomes a cupola, which covers both sides.
Best Served coldWhenever Zane kills an adversary, they emit a cry nova that damages all foes in the vicinity. This skill has a brief retrofit.
Futility BeltZane gains non-elemental damage resistance. Killing ability: all Zane elementary harm is transformed into non-elemental damage.
RevertZane and friends gain Gun Damage boosted by a few seconds following the damage to the Barrier.
Calm, cool, gatheredEvery time the enemy freezes, his shield starts to recharge immediately. If he’s already full of shields for a few seconds, he’s regenerating health. If Zane is already healthy, the cooldowns and durations of his acting skills will be reset immediately
Deterrence FieldEnemies touching the barrier are shocked and stunted.
RefreshmentEvery time Zane damages his frozen enemy, he gets some health damage.
Distributed DenialThe effects of its current equipped Shield Mod gain from Zane’s barrier. Additionally, all teammates near the barrier receive shielding effects. Zane’s bonuses have decreased.
Steel NervesThe accuracy and handling of Zane increase. The more complete his shield, the bigger the bonus

What can be said of Zane the Operative, who did not say to himself already? Zane is probably the most flexible and versatile of Borderland’s three characters with the ability to use two action skills at once (but if you do so, you must sacrifice your grandads for it). A retired, but not real Hitman with a snappy one-liner inclination (as well as an equally funny long, walking several lines).

Zane Tree of Skills and Action

Zane’s acting skills are very varied and you have many opportunities to mix them. Let’s look at every turn of skill:

Barrier – Drop the barrier that blocks input shots. (UnderCover Skill Tree) Barrier. Zane and his teammates can shoot at the Barrier to cause more damage to guns. Press “F” or “G” (default) while the Barrier is active, it picks up and holds the Barrier (24s cooldown).

(Doubled skill agent tree) Digi-clone Spawn Zane’s Digi-Clone. This clone remains, but distracts adversaries and fires them. When pressing “F” or “G,” the clone is active, Zane and the clone switch places (28s cooldown).

SNTNL — Send an automated SNTNL drone into battle, which flies through the environment continually and attacks foes with its Machine guns. SNTNL When SNTNL is active pressing “F” or “G” (default), it will attack the adversary under Zane’s head, if there is one (60s cooldown).

Playstyles Zane – Strengths and Weaknesses

Zane has an unpredictable capability for a hitman, especially if you focus on his Under the cover tree, to maybe become Vault Hunter’s tackiest out there. He offers also the greatest flexibility in terms of construction by far and opens up truly fresh opportunities in every encounter if you can employ two action abilities simultaneously rather than one.

The one major negative to Zane is the standard counterweight to any especially versatile character in a game: Zane rarely matches the potential of the other person when it comes to builds that are heavily focused on one specific element (e.g. gun damage). Like the others, he can still feel completely OP; he is probably just not the best in one area.

Each character in borderlands 3 is extremely flexible in its construction, but Zane makes all of them shameful with his “two skills simultaneously.” Consider our guide for three of the strongest buildings in our borderlands 3 Zane to maximise the significant operational possibilities.

You will surely want to spend time with the official Borderlands 3 Zane construction planner when you want to make your own zany Zane.

Borderlands 3 FL4K Skill Tree: Builds and Strategies

FL4K is the Beastmaster who looks like the four Borderlands three characters’ most popular choice is ending. They are not only a crack shot, but also have an unshakable loyalty of their 3 pets, of whom one can be fought at a time to lend much-needed support and aggression.

Same as other Borderlands 3 characters. FL4K also has 3 skills tree known as the Master, Hunter, and Stalker. Moreover, the FL4K skills are focused around his beast pets offers explosive blasts to kill.


Borderlands 3 FL4K Skill Tree
Spiderant CenturionFL4K is a member of loyal Spiderant companion which allows him to regain his health. You need to hold F to release the attack. The command allows him to charge towards to opponent.
Interplanetary StalkerIn the battle whenever FL4K takes down an opponent it obtains the stack of Interplanetary Stalker. For each stalker, it gets additional damage.
Leave No Trace Whenever FL4K gets the Critical Hit the extra ammo will be added into the magazine.
Second IntentionIn the middle of the combat whenever FL4K kills an opponent, they obtain increased Reload Speed of the weapon and this bonus will boost whenever FL4K gets a Critical Hit in the combat.
Rakk Open A Cold OneThis skill can convert the FL4K’s Rakk to Cryo damage in no time.
Hunter’s Eye FL4K obtains an additional bonus when he fights with new opponents
Head CountWhen FL4K gets and Critical Hit there are high chances for Action Skill Cooldown to be reduced.
Ambush PredatorIf there is no opponent nearby the FL4K then his  Weapon Handling and Critical Hit Damage will boosts.
Falconer’s FeastIn the close combat FL4K’s Rakk damage an opponent the percentage of FL4K health will be regained.
Two F4ngThe FL4K has an additional chance to shot more projectile per shot in the fight.
Spiderant ScorcherBasically, the FL4K’s Spiderant transforms into the Scorcher. The damage percentage also increases to all the nearby opponents. With Scorcher the FL4K continuously regains health and obtains Elemental Resistance.
Flock ‘N LoadIn this, the FL4K transmit the extra Rakk to the teammates in the middle of the battle
Big GameWith these skills, the FL4K hunting skills become more advanced and long-lasting.
The Most Dangerous GameWhenever during the fight the FL4K takes down the stronger opponent. It gets Critical Hit Damage, Gun Damage, and Handling for the long time period
Spiderant CountessIn this, the FL4K Spiderant transforms into the Countess. That allows FL4K to continuously regain the Health and Damage Reduction. It also attacked the power and speed of FL4K pets.
Rakkcelerate This will boost CoolRate and gives additional Charge to the Rakk
Galactic ShadowThe FL4K deals boost the Critical Hits and opponents are find to hard the FL4K.
Grim HarvestThe Gun Damage and Action Skill Damage will be increased
MegavoreThe chances increase to get the Critical Hit with weapons opposite to the opponents.


Borderlands 3 FL4K Skill Tree
Fade AwayFL4k can able cloaks and turn invisible with this it can release three shots and each shot is a perfect Critical Hit. It also increases the Movement Speed and Health Regeneration.
Jabber SidekickFL4K is come up with a loyal Jabber companion with armour and pistol. As the Jabber, the Movement Speed is boosted. It can able to throw the Radiation Barrel towards the opponents by Pressing the F button.
Self-Repairing SystemThis will increase the Health Bar of FL4K to the full and allows him to obtain the full health bar continuously in the game or the battle.
Furious AttackAfter taking down the opponent the FL4K gets a stack of Furious Attack and each stack increases the  Handling and Gun Damage in the fight.
Guerillas In The MistThe Fade Aways reduction will be reduced at the price of Critical Hit Damage.
Eager To ImpressWhen FL4K takes down an opponent the Action Skill Cooldown Time is decreased along with when an FL4k pet kills an opponent it has the same benefits.
All My BFF’sIn this, the teammates share an FL4K heath regain the ability and the pets use it two times
Overclocked FL4K gets more Fire Rate and it gets to the next level for reloading.
Not My CircusWhen the Fade Away ends The FL4K pets will start Taunt and this will draw the attention of opponents towards the FL4K for fewer seconds. However when Taunting ends FL4K pets get advanced Damage Reduction as a bonus.
Lick The WoundsWhen the FL4K is middle of the fight and gets high-end damage his pets will attempt to revive FL4k from the battle.
Turn Tail And RunWhile moving from one location to another the FL4K regains the health and damage reduction but still, it gets Gun Damage and Fire Rate.
Until You Are DeadThe Fade Away Movement speed and Health Regaining abilities will persist for the lesser time period when the skill ends.
Beefcake JabberIn this FL4K, jabber transform into the Beefcake hides his pistol and uses the shotgun. The beefcake also boosts the Movement Speed and Full Health Bar. In a fight whenever the FL4K releases the attack command the Beefcake summons a melee weapon to launch the high-end damage attack.
Gunslinger JabberFL4K updates his Jabber with new gears equips an SMG gun with it FL4K gets faster movements and critical hit damage.
The Fast And The FurryousWhen the FL4K health bar is above 50 percent the movement speed and gun damage will boost.
Unblinking EyeThe same target hitting chances increases along with Critical Hit damage per unit and the Unblinking will refresh after three hits in the battle.
Power InsideFL4k and his pet’s damage increases whenever FL4K enables the Action Skills and if the FLK4 at the full health bar in this case the damage will increase to the twitch.
Rage And RecoverIn the battle whenever FL4K takes down the opponents the Health Bar starts regenerating in fewer seconds.


Skills Explanation
Guard SkagFL4K is a member loyal Skag companion that boosted the damage output. Press and Hold F to give attack command and the Skag will  Skag to vomit acid onto opponents.
Persistence HunterThis skill will give a boost to the Gum Damage and Action Skill Damage output in the battle.
Atomic AromaWhenever the Gamma Burst is enabled the FL4K pet is protected with Radiation Aura and gives damage to all the nearby opponents.
Ferocity This skill basically used to increase the damage out of FL4K Pet.
Go For The Eyes!In the middle of the combat whenever the FL4K pet attacks the opponent, the first strike of mele attack is an automatic attack of Critical Hit which relevantly boosts the damage output.
Who Rescued Who?In the battle whenever FL4K deals the damage output to the opponents the FL4K Pet will restore for the portion of the damage output.
FrenzyWhen FL4K and their pet deals output damage to the opponents. They both get a stack of Frenzy and this Frenzy is used to increase the damage output in the middle of a fight.
Psycho Head On A Stick When FL4K takes down the opponent the FL4K pet gets boosts in movement speed along with damage output for fewer seconds.
He Bites! When an opponent strikes an FL4K pet they get damage and return some of the damage to the opponent.
Empathetic Rage In the time period of Gamma Burst, the FL4K damage dealt is boosted.
Great Horned SkagFL4K Skag will transform into the larger and the  Great Horned Skag boosts the damage output of Gun and FL4K attacks. Whenever the  Great Horned Skag is used it will take down the opponent in the middle of the air.
Barbaric YawpIt will boost the power of the Pet Bonus given to the FL4K.
Hive MindIn the middle of the battle when FL4K takes the damage it will be shared all the Pet instead of FL4K alone.
EnduranceWhenever the FL4K Pet or itself FL4K takes down the opponent. When the Gamma Burst is enabled. It increases the duration of Gamma Burst along with FL4K Pet damage output.
Eridian SkagIn this, the FL4K Skag transforms into the Eridian Skag that boosts the Damage output and Fire Rate.
Mutated DefensesWhenever the FL4K Pet at the lower health bar they get Damage Reduction and health regain
Pack Tactics In all the damage dealt given by FL4K and its Pet is increased along with the Health of both.
DominanceThe FL4K can enable dominance over the opponent taking the opponent as an ally for a lesser time period.
Burst AidWhen the Gamma Burst ends the Rift remains enabled for the time period of the skill. Whenever the FL4K and the Pet nearby the Rift they both can regenerate their Health Bar

FL4K Pet Skills:

Jabber Sidekick (Stalker skill tree) – FL4K is joined by a faithful Jabber friend, armed with a Pistol. While accompanied by the Jabber, FL4Movement K’s Speed is enhanced. By issuing an assault command the Jabber will throw a barrel of radiation on the enemy.

Spiderant Centurion – A devoted Spiderant compañero, who will make FL4K regenerate health all the time – is joined by the FL4K. If an attack command is issued, the opponents are loaded on the spider guard

Skag – The FL4K is accompanied by a devoted Skag buddy, which increases the damage to FL4K. If an attack command is issued, the Skag will vomit acid into the enemy. Gamma burst while the animal’s FL4 animal K’s is down or dead relieves the animal’s health at the chosen spot, but doubles the time of action (30s cooldown).

Plays FL4K – Forces & Weavings

With their three loyal and terrifying companions, FL4K is the evident pick for single games, but can also slot well into any team. FL4K focuses heavily on large, large gun damage – not to mention critical hits if you upgrade them correctly. FL4K can produce any weaponry – in particular Jakobs weapons – in their hands with utter death and destruction.
The animals can grow a bit clumsy and upsetting on all counts to balance this tremendous harm potential and in some fighting are ineffective so that 100 per cent of the time you can’t bank on their aid.

You want to start to create FL4K for crazy loss, snipping potential, pet and action damage in the best way possible: your best bet is our Borderlands 3 FL4K Build Take, which will guide you through 3 top-tier components, one for each pet and action competency.

But if you now have the time of planning your route through FL4bestial K’s arbours, just look for the official Borderlands 3 FL4K Build Planer, wherever you feel fit to make full use of FL4 arms K’s you can spend time assigning skills (not to mention their bestiary).

Borderlands 3 (Moze): Skill Tree, Builds, and Strategies

Moze the Gunner is always able to make a great gateway to the Iron Bear mech coated in 15 tonnes. Moze can always be counted on as a soldier through and through to bring forth more power in a fire than the remaining three characters. Let us look at Moze and her Iron Bear mech’s three Action Skills Demolition WomanShield of Retribution, and Bottomless Mags,

Minigun – the Minigun is capable of supporting rapid fire. (Bottomless mags skill tree) Shooting for lengthy periods overheats the Minigun, which makes it useless for a few seconds.

Railgun — Railgun fires high-speed electrified bullets to deal with shock damage.

V-35 Launcher Grenade – The V-35 is a sub grenade launcher. The app is a destruction tree. The grenades of Moze’s fitted grenade mod are not affected.

Moze has trees that revolve around her tanky Ironside named Demolitions Woman, Shields of Retribution and Untie Mags. The V-35 is a semiautomatic grenade lancer. Woman V-35 is a launch vehicle. The grenades of Moze’s fitted grenade mod will not be affected. Skag Den fire: Whenever Moze handles Splash damage she handles Fire Damage boost.

Demolitions Woman

moze build
DeadlinesIron Bear Weapons Fire drains fewer combustible. The killing of an adversary is increasing, while Iron Bear is operating. This ability has reduced returns
Fire in the Skag DenIn the middle of the battle whenever Moze deals with the damage output she adds up fire damage to his attacks.
GrizzledThe killing of an adversary reduces the rest of Moze’s cooldown time for action. This ability has reduced returns
Means of DestructionWhenever Moze dealt with Splash Damage output, she can add ammunition to her magazine, which is now equipped with a lesser probability to return a grenade.
Shaped ChargeShe uses this for direct hit using the V-35 to boost the damage output in the middle of the battle.
Torgue Cross-PromotionAll the splash damage output that Moze deals with will be double in size because of the Torgue Cross Promotion skill.
Vanquisher Rocket PodIt is a rocket launcher used to rapidly firing the volleys of unguided explosive rockets.
Stainless Steel BearIron Bear receives extra armour and boosts the Maximum Fuel
Musical ChairsSometimes the V-35 shoots a Grenade that pulls the nearest adversaries before they explode.
Auto BearIt will continue to be deployed for a short period after Moze leaves Iron Bear. As Auto Bear stays active, it targets nearby foes and attacks them until their duration expires, then charges an adversary and destroy itself
Active TrackingThe Vanquisher Rocket Pod now fires rockets and has boosted the reload speed. Keep the fire button down and target enemies to set a target of up to six. A volley of the homing rocket is launched at the chosen destinations
Pull the Holy PinMoze’s grenades have an opportunity to achieve a critical hit, which causes much higher damage.
VampyrWhenever Moze hits an enemy with a grenade, she repairs part of her lack of health for every enemy hit.
Lock and SpeedloadThe reload speed of the V-35 is significantly higher and shoots a 5-round burst.
Target SofteningThe Vanquisher Rocket Pod offers significantly reduced damages by rocket, but fires in a spread of 6 rockets. In addition, enemies hit by the rockets of Vanquisher Rocket Pot are causing increasing damage.
Explosive PunctuationMoze’s action skill cooldown rate is briefly raised when dealing with splash damage.
To the LastIn the end, in the battle for life, Moze is given the chance to throw grenades. A grenade is reimbursed if it threw a grenade before it was the second wind.
Short FuseWhenever Moze dealing with gun damage, a secondary, target-focused explosion changes.
Hammerdown ProtocolThe vanquisher rocket can launch a single nuclear warhead rocket, instead of a volley of conventional rockets, which will cause major radiation damage. Hammerdown Protocol.

Shield of Retribution

borderlands 3 moze skill tree
Selfless VengeanceIn the battle, whenever the Moze reloads his health reduces a lesser amount of health. In exchange, she gets extra Fire Damage to her and for all the allies for fewer seconds.
Armored InfantryWhen the Moze Shield is enabled, she gets Damage Reduction along with a boost in Gun Damage output.
RailgunThe Railgun can shot multiple shots of electrified high-velocity projectiles which are best for the shock damage.
Security BearThe Iron Bear obtains the bubble shield the decrease the taken damage output. However, the shield will be disabled if the damage is too much for fewer seconds.
Thin Red LineIn it, the part of the Moze health will be removed but Moze Shield will be at the Maximum by a similar percentage.
Hell on RailsThe Railgun can release multiple superheated rounds to deal high-end damage using Fire Damage. It will also boost the Fuel Drain per shot in close combat.
Vladof IngenuityIn this the Moze Maimum Shield is boosted along with the Shock Damage output.
Capacitive ArmatureWhenever the Railgun gets the opponents it chains the opponent and deals decrease the Shock Damage to more nearby targets.
Experimental MunitionsIn the middle of the combat the Moze gets the Critical Hit she also get additional bonus of Fire Damage
Bear FistIts is an pneumatic-driven fist that deals high-end damage to the target.
Wild SwingWhen Moze deal the damage to the opponents it additionally gets Bonus Elemental Damage from that opponents along with all the nearby of that opponents
Full Can of Whoop-AssUsing the Iron Bear allows Moze and his teammates to recharge their shield along with boots in shield recharge rate.
Drowning in BrassWhenever the Moze kills opponents she gets a stack of Drowning in Brass. For each heap of Drowning in Brass, Moze’s Fire Rate is diminished yet Weapon Damage is expanded for both her and her partners.
Behind the Iron CurtainMoze’s Shield Recharge Delay is decreased, and her Shield Recharge Rate is expanded
Close the DistanceRather than punching, Bear Fist currently dispatches its clenched hand forward and gets foes at extraordinarily expanded reach, pulling them back to Iron Bear.
Corrosive Sabot RoundRailgun currently shoots a strength round that arrangements diminished harm and detonates after a brief pause. Railgun shots have decreased Fuel Drain and the Magazine Size is expanded
Desperate MeasuresMoze’s Gun Damage is expanded relying upon how low her wellbeing is. The lower her wellbeing, the more noteworthy the increment.
Force FeedbackAt whatever point Moze scores a Critical Kill, her safeguards quickly start re-energizing.
Phalanx DoctrineIn the wake of slaughtering a foe, Moze acquires a pile of Phalanx Doctrine. For each pile of Phalanx Doctrine, Moze’s Maximum Shield and Gun Damage are expanded. Each stack endures 30 seconds. There is no stack limit.
Tenacious DefenseAt whatever point Moze’s safeguard is completely exhausted, she in a split second reestablishes a bit of her safeguard, and her Gun Damage is expanded for a brief time frame. This ability can just trigger after Moze’s safeguards have completely re-energized.
ShockhammerBear Fist is presently fit for maintained and fast fire, punching as long as the Fire Button is held. Also, Bear First has decreased Fuel Drain and arrangements Bonus Shock Damage with each hit.

Bottomless Mags

moze skills
Dakka BearIt will add a manned turret on the backside of the Iron Bear.
Let Off Some SteamDue to the overheat, the minigun can shot multiple shots and cause more damage for the longer durations.
Cloud of LeadIn this, the Moze and Iron Bear attacks get more high-end damage and win the consumed ammo.
Stoke the EmbersThis skill can boost the fire damage of Iron Bear along with Moze.
Matched SetMoze’s right now prepared weapon acquires a stacking reward to Magazine Size and Decreased Heat Per Shot for each piece of Equipped Gear that has a coordinating with a producer.
ScrappyIt boosts Moze’s movements along with handling. Moreover, it also increases the Moze Weapon Swap and Mode Switch Speed.
General WinterDecrease the Heat Gain along with Fuel Drain. It also adds a minigun to fire Cryo Rounds.
RedistributionWhenever Moze gets the Critical Hit she can regain all the ammo in fewer seconds.
SalamanderThe Salamander is a flamethrower that arrangements Fire Damage to foes at short proximity. In spite of the fact that the Salamander has boundless ammunition, it channels Fuel with use.
Fuel EconomyDiminishes Salamander’s, Fuel Drain. Furthermore, Iron Bear’s Movement Speed is expanded subsequent to harming a foe with Salamander
Rushin’ OffensiveMoze can run and take shots simultaneously in the middle of the combat.
Exploding BulletsMinigun discharge Explosive Rounds that arrangement expanded Splash Damage however its Fire Rate is diminished
Chemical WarfareLizard presently bargains Corrosive Damage. Moreover, Salamander’s Melt Damage is expanded
The Iron BankIt can expand Moze’s Magazine Size.
Specialist BearPreparing two similar Weapons on Iron Bear builds the harm they bargain.
Same for the RoadMoze acquires endless ammunition for a couple of moments in the wake of leaving Iron Bear.
Molten RoarThe Salamander burst-fires 3 shots with expanded Fuel Drain, the first leaves an enormous Fire region.
ForgeMoze continually recovers ammunition for her as of now prepared weapon.

Moze – Strengths and Weaknesses

How should you select your favourite Vault Hunter Moze and her iron bear mech? She’s undoubtedly the most sustainable DPS (Damage Per Second) potential of any character – but she’s also very survivable as long as she’s safe and warm inside her mech. The way you wish to upgrade it is also quite flexible so that you can make a decent way to address its drawbacks.

Which inconveniences are there? If you want mobility, you must be outside the Iron Bear. She’s big and slow when inside her mech. And Moze is quite squishy without her mech – and the Iron Bear has a long cooldown, so you must operate rapidly and safely during the moment when you want it to be alive. She’s dependent on the gear, too, so you can’t realise her complete potential until the game takes place later.

Moze Builds – Skill Tree Planner & Builds

Moze can appear like a bit of a one-trick pony, but there are many distinct paths in her three separate trees of skill. In our Borderlands 3 Moze build guide, we broke down four favourites, each one concentrating on various trees of skill and roads of incredibly pleasant destruction.

And if you want to start designing your own, you may look for a tool to design your complete structure from beginning to end, all from the comfort of your own 15 t Tritanium home, at the official Borderlands 3 Moze building planner.