What is F*** Anton in Far Cry 6? Guide

Soon after its debut, Far Cry 6 swept the globe. However, do you know something? A mythical weapon in this game with the name of “f** Anton” has players scrambling for it, but they don’t know where it can be found with any certainty. We have done some investigating and have gathered all the necessary data on the specific location of f** Anton.

Please come with me if you want to learn more. The brand-new far cry 6 f** Anton features a variety of traits, like the country of Yara, is awash in an endless array of military hardware, including unusual weaponry. One such instance is the F** Anton.

The only thing the clue in your arsenal menu will tell you if you’ve just begun the game is that Chorizo might be able to aid. Here is our Far Cry 6 tutorial to help you acquire the F** Anton special gun.

More about F** Anton 

In  Far Cry 6, F** Anton is a tier 2 rifle. You will be able to survive and do harm to any opponents with this unusual assault gun. The made-up world of Yara has only ever experienced injustice, devastation, and bloodshed. Life is frequently unjust and brutal.

You need more than just good fortune to defeat Anton Castillo’s wicked forces. You can survive and maybe do more than simply stay alive if the strong F** Anton is on your side. Enhanced movement speed while aiming makes it a special weapon.

It’s an entirely original gun. Additionally distinctive are its qualities. brand-new f** The paint work on Anton is hot, which gives it a superb appearance in every manner.

Compared to other first-person shooter games, the far cry series is an excellent way to spend time. f** far cry 6 Anton is a rare gun that almost every player in Far Cry 6 must own in order to kill adversaries.

far cry 6 fuck anton

These are the modifications for the F** Anton weapon from Far Cry 6:

Poison Rounds: Glass-tip bullets reduce weapon damage while poison rounds deal poison damage over time and have the potential to have poisoned foes engage in combat.

Muzzle Brake: Reduces muzzle flare and horizontal recoil.

Trigger Discipline: Improves the damage of aimed weapons with trigger discipline.

Nimble Shooter: Improves shooting agility when moving more quickly.

Where will you get the f**, Anton, in far cry 6?

Location specifically: Guau Guau Island, Isla Santuario, Ventura Summit, and Cacas Cove.

Feth quest is necessary.

The location of the f** Anton is unknown, however, you can look for it in a treasure box hidden behind a palm tree on the island of Guau Guau. It is situated on Santuario Island.

The narrative doesn’t finish after you locate the bloody chest; you still need to find a bloody key to open the bloody treasure box. You may find the enigmatic key for the treasure chest here.

How to get the f**, Anton, easily and quickly in far cry 6

If you want the F** Anton special gun in Far Cry 6, your first step should be to get to Madrugada. You’ll arrive at Montero Farm after completing a few key objectives or introductory activities. You may find a really cute friend named Chorizo here.

You will be given the “Fetch Quest” duty after gathering the items to prepare meals for this cute puppy. All you have to do is stick with Chorizo as he searches for goods. You’ll eventually be given the Mysterious Key. After then, look at Isla Santuario on your map.

You can see an island in the midst of Casas Cove right in the center of this area. If you’ve previously found Armonia, you can fast travel there or use the wingsuit to glide there. Alternately, you can quickly get to Clara’s Camp and swim or take a boat to get there.

You will discover an elaborate chest adjacent to the campground with a blue tent in this region known as Guau-Guau Island. You may obtain the F** Anton rifle by opening it with the Mysterious Key from Chorizo.

Now as you know how to get f** Anton and how good is this gun, what it can do, it is characteristics. Let us discuss some of the frequently asked questions that players ask. 

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Is the gun worth all the trouble to find it?

Absolutely it is very strong and will help you a lot in-game and not only that its modification increases its power and makes it much better.

Is far cry 6 good?

Of course, it is. it is one of the realist triple AAA titles and it created a place for itself in those top-tier games as it was released.

Are there other guns as well?

Yes, there are many other guns. With different characteristics. You can choose according to your playstyle.

This is it for today’s guide, we hope it helped.

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