30+ Fallout Shelter Tips and Cheats You Need To Know (2022)

Fallout Shelter is a hollow success. It is safe to say. It has collected more than 120 million players since its original release during E3 2015 and is carried into each console under the sun. It’s listed on our best iPhone games and Android games and doesn’t stop. In recent years, Bethesda has kept on supporting the game, adding a whole range of cool new rooms and activities to enjoy Fallout.

So we thought we could look at the game again and give you some of our best suggestions for how to manage your vault successfully and protect your residents. In addition to keeping raiders out and ensuring you have sufficient resources, the following will not only keep you current with certain basics. You can also inform you about certain of the latest features. It is a difficult task to survive in the wastelands, so you obviously have to get the full assistance.

For almost five years now, the Fallout Shelter has been on the market, and since that day a lot has changed in Wasteland. Bethesda, a company that’s usually known for its extensive open world names, was departing massively.In addition, Fallout Shelter was originally available as a mobile title priorly ported to consoles, and the overall game design was radically different from past Fallout titles.

There are lots of new contents to explore if you return to Fallout Shelter after a lengthy hiatus. And even if you’ve founded a prosperous Vault, you can do a lot to optimise your set-up. Here are some tips to improve your time with Fallout Shelter.

Initially, as they become available, it is easy to build new rooms at risk. However, scroll down and see how far your vault can go, to see how far your population booms space will expand. Larger, more efficient connected rooms than an equal number of the same type in smaller rooms.

fallout shelter tips

Since rooms are three-sided maximum, space is always available for expansion. The expansion of the initial lift directly down allows you to space on each side for three large rooms. Instead of using more space horizontal lifts, it may be a little more expensive to build up but long-term efficiency cannot be overcome with this simple two-column structure.

Rooms require more power to operate as far as a power station is concerned, so be sure to space your reactors evenly to maximise efficiency. But don’t build too quickly! The dinner and water treatment plants are using power even if they are not operated by anybody, so building plants that you cannot use are a waste of valuable power.

Fallout Shelter Tips and Tricks:

Even if you have the staff, it is often better to train them in the rooms that you have than to build new one more efficiently. The exception, however, is power generation rooms. You can build more facilities to enhance your capacity without stressing your resources if you produce an excess of electricity safely.


SPECIAL stats for strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility and fortune are all given to all your dwellers in the Fallout games. These abilities reflect the effectiveness of the resident in a specific room, so that they guide them where they can be assigned. The strength is increasing the production of power plants, the perception is helping the water treatment plants, the endurance is helping them to survive more long in the wasteland, the charisma is helping them breed faster at the living rooms to attract new followers with the radio stations.

Happiness helps dwellers to succeed in any jobs, and increases the chance that their walkers will find a good lot. Once you get access to the training rooms, build the strongest status of dwellers in a given job to maximise efficiency. Luck is a good second state for everybody and a charisma for everyone to repopulate faster.

Just like the people of Fallout, the residents of Fallout Shelter are SPECIAL, which is their status. Each state governs a different aspect of life in the vault, which is essential to the continuous happiness of your inhabitants’ abilities.

Strength: High strength dwellers are ideal for intensive physical work and are best suited for work in power plants.

Perception: Sensitive residents easily collect nuanced information and are best suited for work in water treatment plants.

Endurance: High endurance inhabitants are best for exploring wastelands and manipulating Nuka-Cola production plants and can withstand many punishments.

Charisma: Charismatic inhabitants are your most lovely people and are best suited for radio work. They’re also better flirters and will pull other inhabitants away faster, so they’re your best bet to increase your vault population quickly.

Intelligence: Smart residents quickly take up complex topics, making them perfect for work in medical facilities or science laboratories.

Agility: Highly agile residents are sleek and fast on their feet and are ideal for working in restaurants.

Luck: Fortunate inhabitants can fit just about everywhere because hurrying production tends to succeed. They will also find rare objects in the wasteland more likely if you spell them out.

You can build training rooms that enhance your status, and you can dress your residents into different status booster outfits once you have put enough people in your booth.

The Right Dweller for the Job

As mentioned above, each resident has stats that match the various rooms in the vaults and aligning the best worker to the right room not only increases overall happiness but also improves the efficiency of your production. Upgrading manufacturing facilities enhances their output and storage capacity, which means that more resources are available. You’ll also plan ahead to expand production rooms by placing them next to each other, but if they’re the same level, they will only be combined. Expanded production facilities enable more employees to speed up production.

You can check the statistics of a resident to find out which room they are suitable for or simply drag them to the room in question to see how many of them are added to their total production rating. If the number is more or less next to the number, it means that the resident under the finger swaps away for one in the room already, raising or reducing the total figure by the amount indicated.

Happiness Rating

You would think you’d be glad to just be away from the rubble and the yao guais, but not! You also want some comfort and pleasure in your underground home so you’ll have to look after your happiness. The good news is that as long as nothing is on fire, the rad roach population is small, your inhabitants will get at least 50 percent happiness rating.

You can raise it by working – especially when working, breeding (hey, nookie makes everyone happy) and putting them in a radio room. The happier your inhabitants are, the more power, water and food you receive. Either you tape on them directly in the cabinet or you tap the cog on the upper left corner to track the individual happiness of your residents.

Power UP

Without ample power supply, nothing can happen in your vault, but not all of that will go dunk when your levels fall below the guideline. Rooms are darker than your power plants, so make sure that you place the most important spots – dining and water plants – close to the juice. Too long without the essential elements can cut the happiness of your residents, so if you find yourself suffering too many brownouts, you destroy unnecessary luxuries like trainings or the radio station until your electricity needs are better managed.

Maintain ample supply of the big three resources

Each room has its own function, while power stations, water treatment facilities and restaurants/gardens are of the most critical importance for a safe vault, as a lack of production can have devastating effects. A lack of power will leave rooms unfunctional (from the most remote ones).

A lack of clean water (red-presented in the health bars of your residents and only healed with Radaways), and a shortage of food is going to reduce the health of your residents to starvation. To ensure that none of that occurs, prioritise the spaces that create these resources, make them stable and prioritise your development.

fallout shelter walkthrough

Caps and Lunchboxes Complete Targets

You will always have three goals: you will earn a certain number of caps or you’ll be able to arm a certain number of residents, but the higher the goal, the higher the load you’ll be able to make, with the really great ones wearing a well packed lunchbox. If you have received anything which is currently beyond your ability, you could remove one objective a day. Do not forget that once you have reached a goal, you claim your reward so that you can make room for a new one.

Besides this, if you have the supervisory office in your voula, you can now send teams of vaults on specific quests. These goals are more important than the others, which force you to exterminate irradiated animals in the wastelands, rescue characteristics, or find more information on wastelands. A long list of searches including everyday and seasonal events is to be selected. So don’t miss out! Don’t miss out! Each has its own special prizes, including plans, special weapons and outfits. Just take into account that you must be at some level to try some.

Critical Hit

During your searches, you often get in trouble with some of the nastier inhabitants of wasteland and have to use the version of VATS from Fallout Shelter to survive. Whenever you are in the middle of a fight, click on your character and drag a line to your destination. This not only decides who they attack, but also provides you with a slight opportunity to activate a critical attack.

Once this happens, a small icon will appear above your target, and you can press it to activate a small mini-game where a cursor should be stopped within a circle. The closer you get to the centre, the greater the damage bonus. A SPECIAL vault dweller determines the frequency, speed, and rate of VATS, and tries to pick the best results for your well-rounded character.

What’s in the box?

Caps are the currency you will use to buy and upgrade rooms in your vault, but where lunch boxes are. At least one unusual or unusual item is in every lunchbox, anything that could be of a fat wad of caps or even a high-level inhabitant. (We snagged our lunchboxes with a resident of level 37 and a legendary power armour!) You’re going to purchase luncheons for particular challenges or you can just purchase them from the shop tab. You don’t have to buy anything to succeed and enjoy Fallout Shelter, but you’re sure to find weapons, outfits and resources in lunchboxes to boost your vault up and running.Go for the lunchboxes

The three rotating goals that you have at all times are a great way to add to your income. If you have a low value objective you won’t be able to easily achieve any time, don’t hesitate to give up in the hope of a better option. You can easily achieve objectives that require you to equip weapons or tools once you get decent supplies because you can simply strip and re-equip your residents to meet the needs.

Objectives that reward boxes for lunch are the most precious since in addition to other resources, weapons and sometimes rare dwellers with exceptionally high SPECIAL stats, they often include more caps. You don’t have to purchase extra lunch boxes to successfully play, but an initial injection of materials and special residents can make wonders for you to take the right track. Since the game is otherwise free, I didn’t hesitate to send the developers to such a pleasant game a few dollars, but it is obviously a matter of personal preferences if and how much to pay.


Do not feel like waiting? Do not feel like waiting? The risk of fire or pushing the room into the rad roaches can be you rush to get immediate resources and an extra small XP bonus for your crew. If your chances are less than 40 percent, it is worth going, but note that every time you rush, the possibility of things going wrong increases.

Keep it in your Vault Suit

One of the greatest mistakes in Fallout Shell is rapid population growth before the means for supporting their flourishing community are actually secured. While it’s tempting to put a group of your most attractive vault residents into a room and allow them to make babies, it’s much better to keep your birth rate consistent. After all, until kids are fully grown up, they will simply take up room and in the meantime make use of all your valuable resources.

Get your Mothers back to Work

It’s not especially chivalrous for super pregnant women to work again, but hey, it’s after apocalypse and everyone has to do their part. When a lady has completed smiley faces, she can go back to the job that suits her best, with the man of her choice. It isn’t all about equality to pull her back into workplace, though, but it’s a question of keeping your resource at its highest level. Pregnancy takes about three hours to go on, and going without it can quickly make you want to get away from the dead boy once it comes along.

Also, mothers cannot handle rad roaches or fires and will not use weapons. They have no problem. So remember to combine them with another resident, who can help and guard them against a gravely destiny.Rebuild the population

New inhabitants are a rare commodity if you wait until they appear at your door. This means that the population you have to grow from within must be encouraged. SPECIAL parent statistics affect the children that result, so that you usually want to do your best for a stronger future generation.

This also applies to the statistics raised through training when you swell your nose with conventional genetic knowledge. The rare inhabitants with their naturally high stats from lunch boxes make the best breeders at that time.Since the vast majority of unic characters are (problematically) men, bringing one to a living room and filling up the rest of the available places with women successively is the easiest way.

fallout shelter cheats

Be sure to bring them back to work once they’re done, as they do no good to wander about the trees once they’re pregnant. The game is not enough for parents to make kids with their own kids, so that when you end up with too many direct relatives you have to rotate male characters. However, don’t think too closely about relationships that you create. your residence is not especially chic beyond that.

You will have to send residents out to explore the wasteland to bring precious weapons and costumes if you do not plan to buy a lot of lunch boxes. Essentially, you’re playing a classic Fallout game, reduced to a passive stream of updates. There are no residents who can live in the wastelands forever, but you will like to get them to the fullest extent possible.

Endurance is the main survival status, but any other SPECIAL high appears to help. Senior characters are also more likely to remain alive longer. Load Stimpaks and RadAways onto them in order to keep them alive as long as possible, but check them periodically to ensure they are not near death. Once their supply of healing is finished, bring them back home to find out. Nobody is hurt on his way home, so before you remember them, you can use all their healing resources safely.

Regardless of their efficiency over the course of the whole day, people inevitably appear to be dying if they are left out overnight (IRL). We found a good pace when we first sent dwellers in the morning, checked them occasionally all day, and called them back, before they slept in the evening. When you return home, you do not take on any more damage or radiation and will likely be just in time for you to collect what you found and to return them for another hunting day. You can start to let them stay longer for a couple of days, even if you have some high-level dwellers. The longer your residents are out, the more challenging and rewarding the more.

Quest more intelligent, not more difficult

In July 2016 Fallout Shelter added searches—You can send groups of up to three inhabitants to explore buildings and even other shops, instead of simply exploring the wastelands scavenging for food. These missions need to be planned, like most other tasks in the game. In case of a raider attack or a food shortage the people you send cannot help at the Vault. Each search features certain level and weapons requirements. In general, you are urged rather than new, less helpful people to send your best people.

If you don’t want to remove additional residents from their work but, instead of three individuals who hardly meet the requirements of the search, we recommend sending an over-qualified character to a mission. For example, a Level 50 resident can easily carry out a Level 10 search himself. The other two people who tagged along can remain safe and healthy in the vault. When you send a smaller team on a quest, you can also add a pet and add additional support during close meetings.

Such searches usually take several hours before and after the actual mission. You can get back with Nuka-Cola Quantum, obtained from searches, lunch boxes or the real-world store, so you need your wasteland heroes quickly. If you need this procedure instantly. We suggest that you use it carefully, but you can do it in one pinch.

Upon completion of your mission, your inhabitants return home, make sure you reassign them to previous rooms, or quickly waste their talents.

Explore the wasteland

You may have the situation with power, water and food handled, but your vault is unfortunately not fully self-sustainable. If you have any chance of surviving raiders and rad roaches, you will also need weaponry and statistic-based equipment, that will be found on the wastelands. Get your inhabitants with the best endurance and send them out to seek lots, but keep an eye on the health of them. On their way back to the vault, they will take no damage or absorb radiation and pull them to the brink and bring their homes again. Make sure you’re ready to treat the stimpacks and Radaway, or they’re not only likely to be attacked by raids or roaches But they’re going to be quite miserable, too. (Truly, what’s just.)

Become a crafty bugger

Scraping is another benefit of going into the wastelands. In the first place, you can’t really do anything, except sell it for extra storage and earn a few caps. But when you begin to make workshops for new weapons, equipment and subjects, you will need to scrap. So try and save some of the less frequent scrap that you find early to get ready. It will save you time later and prevent you from searching for a single component throughout the wastelands.

What to do with Raiders

So, this is the bad news: raiders will come and try to take your tricks. You can fight against the good news! The first step is the easiest: upgrade your door to make breaking it harder. If you have only a handful of arms, furnish your best two to residents and put them as guards at the vault entrance. If you have many weapons, arm each inhabitant you have, giving the rooms right on the entrance special priority (raiders pretty much take the same route every time). This will allow them to meet with aggressive resistance even if the raiders pass your foyer. You can also move residents to the place they need to fight, but remember that a room can only hold as many residents as possible if it isn’t attacked so that you can’t send your whole community after invaders.

If you don’t have enough weapons, keep a few spares

You will want to give all residents your best weapons, but you might not have enough peashooters left to arm everyone in the vault at the first start. But since rad roach attacks can occur anywhere and the people closest to the door could change between raider attacks, it is best to put a few weapons away for anybody to take advantage. Residents may also be taken to the spot they are to fight, but remember that only if the room is not attacked can the number of residents hold as many as possible so that you cannot send the entire community after the invaders.

Keep a few spares if you have not enough weapons

You’re going to want to give your best weapons to all residents, but you might not have enough peashooters left at first to arm everyone in the voult. However, because radroach attacks can happen anywhere and people nearest to the door can change between raid attacks, it is better to put away some weapons to use.I found that what worked best for me was two separate elevator shafts on the first floor before the next levels increased. Then my residents can efficiently rise around the vault and several people can also travel to other floors simultaneously.

Increase the status of middle-aged residents

Although some inhabitants may have clear talents in some area, those who stagnate in the wastelands are not always adept at something specific. Fortunately, there are solutions such as armoury and classroom that provide status boosting. When there are 24 residents, you get access to the power centre, and an additional room will increase your population with each SPECIAL status. Once set up, send residents to work in any of the rooms, to improve the status permanently and to improve the accommodation suitability to a place in your vault.

Rooms are also not a way to increase the status of a resident. Dress up in various costumes around the world can also be played. For instance, armoured vault suits are good for increasing the perception of a character. While swanky laboratory clothes do not just look good, they raise the intelligence of a character to make them more scientifically suitable.


Prepare to fend off enemies

Sometimes raiders harry your boom, but it goes a long way to a little preparedness. To prevent attacks, you can assign two vault dwellers to your entrance, but this is often unnecessary, since otherwise they wouldn’t make or improve anything.

Put two of your most powerful arms into the room next to the first floor entrance, and then improve the health of the door early on. If raiders come to knock, just move your two guards from the nearby room to the front door to prevent the attack. After that, you don’t have to even drag them. Once your raiders are down, your guards will return to their former job without delay.

More difficult threats will also come up as you dig deeper, like feral ghouls and mortal claws. If you find your fighter is knocking at the door, you can buy extra time with your door upgraded in order to get into place before your opponent breaks.

Use Stimpacks and RadAway

Accidents occur, and raiders, riots or fires sometimes hit your residents. If you are left alone after the problem is solved, they will gradually heal up to the completeness, but sometimes a number of unfortunate happenings or a poorly armed room can lead to serious injuries. It is much more efficient to choose dwellers who are sick of their health rather than paying caps to revive them after the fact (since nobody ever dies permanently), and to use Stimpak, which restores a significant proportion of their health instantly.

Radiation reduces the health of your people (as a red bar from the right indicates) so be sure to use RadAway before Stitmpaks is wasted on your irradiated residents. Don’t despair when they kick the bucket! Anyone who dies, at home or wandering through the rubble, can be reanimated. It’s costly, but better than forever losing your favourite citizens.


If you read that it increases the happiness of your inhabitants but do not be as quick, you can skip the chance to build a radio station. Tuning the wireless is indeed cheering for your underground nation, but it doesn’t matter if you want to save the power and the people to man. You can even use a radio to draw wasteland walkers in your sailing boat, but even though you upgraded your station a couple times it is highly hit and missed. While the radio room is a good addition to your vault, please be careful before you have mastered the basics.Radio has been demonstrated by mood boosters in radio shelter

Happy vault inhabitants (increasing their space outputs) are productive vault inhabitants, so it’s always in your best interest to smile on everybody’s faces. The basic requirements for happiness are sufficient food and water and well equipped work. There are a number of different ways to turn the frowns upside down, if that’s not enough. A radio station will help attract new inhabitants from the wilderness, but also helps keep the people happy at home. Entertain the masses here with your most charismatic residents.

Microtransactions can easily be avoided

It’s free to play Fallout Shelter so that you can provide real currency for items in the game. Indeed Fallout Shelter has earned over 90 million dollars for its creators, despite being a free to play game. That doesn’t mean that you have to contribute because Fallout Shelter does something unique.

Unlike other microtransactions-related free-to-play games, if you don’t invest, Fallout Shelter does not limit your progress. Fallout Shelter does something other than other free games. It doesn’t get you to wait for more resources.

You’re not going to have to spend a dime to enjoy the game and progress in the Fallout Shelter storey. There are however a few smaller purchases worth the price if your gameplay is to be improved.

The basic, most valuable purchase you can make is the lunchbox in this game. It should be your first microwave. This is the loot box of the game, and you will receive six new items instantly.

Also in the game, you can use real money to obtain premium money. You can continue to purchase pretty much everything you need during the whole game using in-game money once you make that transaction.

Early purchasing premium items can help you progress much faster across the game’s levels. But we think it’s a challenge—and more fun—to try the game without any additional assistance. One of the highlights of the game is your return to the shelter to build your assets with games. You don’t have to rely on these sessions with premium features.

Locate the mysterious stranger

In your vault will often appear the mysterious foreigner (an unclear person who has long stalked the Fallout universe). He doesn’t do much, it’s true that he just stands around basically. But if you find it and click on it before it leaves, a sudden influx of caps will be recompensed. The highest amount I have ever received was approximately 1300 caps, but generally the volume is much less. Still, it’s free money and it’s not to be sniffed, so try to keep an ear when it is played and scans your vault’s rooms quickly. Usually, before another theme starts, you will have 5-7 seconds to find him.

Pets at Home

Animals are an addition to the post-launch game. They can be found through searches in the world or discovered within lunchboxes, but are unbelievably rare.

All you need to know about them is that every type can be designated to an individual vault resident and has its own unique buffer, such as increased health or the number of caps in the wasteland. You will want to equip the people who benefit most from them, much like assigning clothing to certain vault residents.

Maintain occupied vault residents

You can sort the list by columns, including your actual job, for your vault dwellers. Everyone on “Coffee Break” does not breathe from the power station — it is just a euphemism of joblessness. Without a job, your residents just absorb food and water and make sure everybody works or is trained regularly.

You’re more happy when you’re busy so you don’t have to work fully. The fact that residents are assigned to rooms shows the net change in efficiency (both positive and negative) in a room. This is an easy way to ensure the most impactful assignments for your residents, especially when they attempt to achieve the aim of assigning residents to the correct room.

Arm your vault inhabitants

The best place to store them is in the hands of every adult citizen you have after you start bringing arms to your travellers. For those walkers, your biggest and most powerful weapons are saved, such as alien blasters and the Fat Man. The majority of weapons, such as rusty scraping guns and pistols, that you find, will be less powerful.

They can be sold or built for a few caps, but it is better to first arm each and everybody. With at least a few guns in each room, they stay safe if a radroach is infested or raiders break your defence..

However, don’t bother to arm your pregnant women. Where catastrophe strikes, pregnant women flee to the trees to wait, so the weapons will not help them. Also, don’t worry about weapons that damage just 0-1. This is not better than their bare hands, and extra caps are always useful.

Upgrade outfits

As with weapons, on the back of your vault dwellers is the best place to store the equipment your travellers bring back. Outfits boost specific SPECIAL statistics combinations, so try giving everybody an outfit that improves their status according to their job. Endurance and strength-enhancing equipment is best spared to keep your walkers safe. The charisma boost of nightwear is an easy way to help anyone breed faster in the living rooms. Failure to improve anything makes the formal luck boost useful for any room to rush.

How to make a difference

Quest struggle is a little bit different from raids and infestations. By clicking on an enemy character, you can select an enemy that will attack the first time your vault resident will, and lucky characters can timing critical hits.

As such, in quest-bound characters there are three stats you would like to maximise: Agility influences the speed of attack and both perception and luck enhance critical hits. The increase in the perception of a resident slows down the icon to be taped on during a major hit, making it easier to reach critical hits. Lucky residents will get more opportunities to try and get a big hit.

Mysterious Stranger

Just as in the main Fallout series, you can sometimes come across a character known in Fallout Shelter as “The Mysterious Stranger.” Unlike Fallout 4, where the stranger helps you with a tough struggle, he just pops up sometimes and gives you a rich bottle caps when you find him and tap him.

When the alien arrives, a mysterious tune of three notes is heard: The more loud the tunes, the closer he is to the room you are looking at. If your music is loud, swim around the rooms adjacent to your search; zoom out and see rooms in the other areas of your vault, if it is more gentle.

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Fallout shelter Cheats

Considering the Two Point Hospital and the Sim versions of the Fallout shelter. This is a very interesting game and offers an attractive and simple storey. The gameplay is placed in the “fallout universe,” in which players are tasked with the construction and supervision of their own underground vault.

Besides building rooms of all kinds, including gun shops, coffee shops, Nuka Cola factories and laboratories, your people’s satisfaction is the primary aim of the game and you will need to ensure that the electricity and water are continuously supplied.

One of the entertaining features of Fallout Shelter is that you can ‘house’ a lot of residents and assign them ‘rooms’ as they wish. You can even send them arms and exploring the desert.

Fallout Shelter is addictive, honestly speaking. This is one of the best management strategy games we played up to now and offers beautiful graphics. Now if you want your stats to be maximised or you want to get free Lunchbox, StimPak, health, and more, then here’s the best PC, Android, iOS Fallout Shelter.

1. WeMod usage Fallout Coach Shelter Fallout Coaches

You should try WeMod if you are looking for a reliable Fallout Shelter Cheat for PC. It is a free software to offer mod the largest collection of single player PC games. Remedding from Red Dead to Borderlands 3 then there will be the Raft, Assassin Believing Odyssey etc.

WeMod automatically detects the games that have been installed on your PC and displays the cheats that work – as long as there is one. WeMod provides more than 17 cheats for the Fallout Shelter, including unlimited RadAway, Super Speed and more. Here is how it can be used.

Just go to the official website of WeMod, and download the app. Now shoot it and go to “Games.” Find the Fallout Shelter from there, and select it.

Now, just click on the ‘Play’ button in the top right corner to start the game, rather than installing the cheats you see. Now go back to WeMod and alt tab during gameplay. Enable the cheats that you want, and when you access Fallout Shelter see them working.

2. Fallout Shelter Save Editor Rakion99 Fallout Save Editor

Especially when you have not enough resources it is very difficult to progress in Fallout Shelter. But don’t get stuffed by a Web application that can edit your Fallout Shelter to save games so that you can heal and max your inhabitants’ stats and even change the number of Lunchboxes, Starter Pack and more.

It’s a very useful and user-friendly tool that works very well. So, just go to Rakion 99 Fallout Shelter Save Editor website and upload your backup file if you’re itching already to try it. Different things will be changed and even all rooms open if you want. Save and upload the file once done

3. Use of Pimp My Vault and FSSE Footwear

Nonetheless, Fallout Shelter Save Editor is likely the best and most reliable Fallout Shelter Cheat for iOS, but you should check out the Pimp My Vault and the Fallout Shelter Save Editor app if you are looking for something which works well with Android phones (FSSE).

Both apps have been developed for one purpose, modifying your Fallout Shelter Vault resource values. They are extremely lightweight, malware-free and offer a wide range of modifications. You can check here how to use Pimp My Vault and FSSE to save your Fallout Shelter prior to change.

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Final Words

These are the best Fallout Shelter Cheats that you can use now. Even on PC, iOS and Android, they work very well. Enjoy your gameplay overall in Fallout Shelter.