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Flame Plume Starflower Part 2 Guide: The Flameplume Starflowers Mission is among the four themes for the 2022 Lantern Rite event, Fleeting Colors in Flight. You must complete various tasks according to each theme in order to receive rewards like Primogems and Talismans that may be traded in for Character Ascension Materials.

Fireworks are a big deal in Flameplume Starflowers, and Keqing has given you the Launching Tube Gadget so you may build your own to mark the Lantern Rite this year. You must use Smelting Techniques to fine-tune your own fireworks creations in order to complete the challenge. The better, the higher the Quality Rating.

However, since you have a Stamina Meter and can only create so many fireworks before it runs out, it’s not as simple as that. You have a variety of ways at your disposal, each of which depletes a specific amount of Stamina, and you must enter an orange Optimal Zone in the center to set off the ideal fireworks.

flame plume starflower part 2

How to Start Flameplume Starflowers

Activate Part I in your Quests menu to begin the Flameplume Starflowers: Producing Challenge. Make it the current mission for you.

You must chat with Ningguang at Yujing Terrance in Liyue. She invites you to join her to Keqing, who is in charge of preparing the event and informs you that the Department of Civil Services is organizing a fireworks display to commemorate the Lantern Rite.

Just go to the Liyue fireworks booth from here. It is directly across from the large stone steps in front of Mingxing Jewelry. Keqing is present and is obviously overburdening herself with work with little downtime. Firework-Maker Pengyi presents you with the Launching Tube Gadget on her behalf after she departs to make more preparations.

Open your inventory and select the Gadgets tab once you have the Launching Tube. The Launch Tube will be positioned on the ground in front of you when you click on it. To start, click “Smelt Firework.”

Now let’s know how to make how quality fireworks in part 2

Making High-Quality Fireworks Part 2:

You will see a disc while creating a firework that has several criteria, like color, size, and height. Each parameter is represented by a bar here on the left side of the screen, and each has an orange Optimal Zone that you must reach.

You’ll see Pyrometallurgical Methods and a number indicating your current level of endurance on the right side. These Techniques are necessary for you to enter the orange Optimal Zone, however, they each need Endurance. Regardless matter whether or not all the criteria are in the optimum zone, if you run out of endurance, you must finish.

You have a slight chance of experiencing a Curious Efficacy each time you Smell. When this happens, your current variable will always fall within the Ideal Zone. You can take part in six challenges, each of which is harder than the last and has a farther Ideal Zone, a greater temperature that causes more motion from Smelting Methods, and/or more sections:

Segments for the Challenge Name

●     Golden Rain Fell from the Mountain Clouds 3 will be part I

●     The Silver Night is Full of Stars, Part I

●     The Gloom Paints the Cold Blooms, Part II

●     Fireworks Dance Among a Snowy Sky will also be part 2

●     Golden Calendula Swirl 5 will be part III

●     Kindled Trees by the Moonlit Window 5 also part III

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Now let us discuss some frequently asked questions many people are confused about.

How do you obtain Flameplume Starflower to be of ideal quality?

 By striking the orange Optimal Zones when smelting fireworks, you must accumulate 3k points (3 variables) or 4k points (4 variables) to get Perfect Quality. Simply completing all Event Tasks will only need you to get more than 3k points, respectively.

In Starflowers, how can you create a Flameplume?

Players must first finish The Blazing Stars Ring With Fortune, a necessary quest, in order to begin Flameplume Starflower. When the Momentary Colors In Flight events begins, this quest will instantly be assigned to your quest list.

Genshin Launch Tube is it everlasting?

The launch tube may be obtained by simply beginning your involvement in Flameplume Starflowers since it is a component of a mini-game where you make fireworks. After the event, the item won’t vanish, and you may use it to create your own fireworks display by carrying it about Teyvat.

Genshin, are the fireworks endless?

However, as it is a non-limited-time device, you will be able to customize your personal fireworks and set them off even after the celebration is over. Participating in the Flameplume Starflowers occasion, which starts in January, will earn you a Launch Tube. that is all we have for today’s guide we hope it helps you and clears your queries.