How Many Final Fantasy Games Are There? Explained

How Many Final Fantasy Games Are There? Final Fantasy games are one of the most loved games in this era. This series has developed lots of games and served many decades in this field of games. They have created many generations in society.

There are total of 95 games which also includes 15 core fantasy games. Their total franchise also includes two animations and five video releases.

Players love to play these amazing games. The fantasy world has established a generous environment for the players for playing very fictitious plays and stories.

What are Fantasy Games?

Fantasy games are fresh out of the box new thought the spot people come all in all from one side of the planet to the other to contend with each other. Not exclusively do people get to settle on the game exercises they wish to play online.

However, furthermore, participate in various computer games which may be being performed between two gatherings by foreseeing sure results. It has given people a great choice to utilize their data of sports exercises.

Here people can choose a game they notice, and on the reason of how they might interpret the game, they’ll predict the outcome of the game. It not exclusively assists people with keeping a screen of what’s occurring inside the game, but they’ll furthermore win brilliant prizes by getting a charge out of such dream computer games.

Numerous people have started appreciating dream computer games, but in any case many kn,ow nothing about the benefits of getting a charge out of them. Hence, permit us to discuss two or three of the upsides of getting a charge out of imagination computer games personally.

How Many Final Fantasy Games Are There
How Many Final Fantasy Games Are There

Which Games Excite you First?

As this game has excited many crazy fans, all are genuinely confused to know which game they should play first. In this, I am going to help you with how to choose the first playing game.

Generally, I mostly recommend people the core game of fantasy games. As of 2022, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is available on most the PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox One, and Mac. The original game is also available to previous generations.

What is the order of playing Final Fantasy games?

Despite the fact that there are 95 games with “Definite Fantasy” in their title, not every one of them is considered mainline series games, most of them being sided projects. There are just 15 games in the series that are remembered for the mainline series — 16 assuming you count Final Fantasy X-2, the spin-off of X.

The other games, which side projects, are independent titles and can be played in any request you like. Essentially, the mainline series games can likewise be played in an irregular request, despite the fact that it wouldn’t seem like that at first because of the games being numbered, showing progression.

What are the Final Fantasy games in order with the release date?

This Franchise has contributed a lot to the industry of games. They have developed 15 titles and series in one of the most popular games Final Fantasy game. Here is the list of these amazing games with their release date:

  1. Final Fantasy I – 1987
  2. Final Fantasy II – 1988
  3. Final Fantasy III – 1990
  4. Final Fantasy IV – 1991
  5. Final Fantasy V – 1992
  6. Final Fantasy VI – 1994
  7. Final Fantasy VII – 1997
  8. Final Fantasy VIII – 1999
  9. Final Fantasy IX – 2000
  10. Final Fantasy X – 2001
  11. Final Fantasy XI (ONLINE)- 2002
  12. Final Fantasy X-2- 2003
  13. Final Fantasy XII- 2006
  14. Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings – 2007
  15. Final Fantasy XIII- 2009
  16. Final Fantasy XIV- 2010
  17. Final Fantasy XIII- 2- 2011
  18. Final Fantasy: Lightning Returns- XIII – 2013
  19. Final Fantasy: A Relam Reborn (ONLINE)- 2013
  20. Final Fantasy XV-2016
  21. Final Fantasy: Remake- 2020

Which Fantasy is known as the best Fantasy game?

While the pretending game (RPG) has turned into a catch-all classification, presently enveloping a practically senseless scope of games that don’t share a lot of in like manner, there was one computer game establishment during the 1990s that was the quintessential RPG. Indeed, we’re discussing Final Fantasy from Square Enix.

From that point, the series took an unimaginably fruitful leap toward 3D on the PlayStation 1 preceding the mainline series began to face more challenges, including the disposal of turn-based fights and enormously multiplayer internet game (MMO) passages.

Presently, a large number of those equivalent titles in the Final Fantasy series live on the Nintendo Switch and different control centers close by more up-to-date RPGs series.

What are the top 5 selling Fantasy games worldwide?

Final Fantasy VII, one of the most outstanding PS1 games, has sold over 24.3 million duplicates in the entirety of its variants and changes, yet subsequent to asking what number of Final Fantasy games are there, you covertly need to know which the other top of the line games are, correct?

All things considered, those are the ones that you ought to look at!

All things considered the latest and top most trending series of this game are very popular. Here is the list of the top five trending and most selling pairs:

Fantasy VII (all variants) – 24.3 million duplicate

Fantasy X and X-2 – 15.2 million duplicate

Fantasy XII series – 13.8 million duplicates

Fantasy XIII set of three – 12.5 million duplicates

Fantasy XIV – 10.9 million duplicates

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many different Fantasy Games are there in 2022?

There are total 95 Fantasy Games including 15 animation and 2 core games.

Which series of Fantasy Games are sold worldwide?

Square Enix’s is the most successful series which is sold in millions copies in the world.

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