Installation guide of Kijiko Eyelashes Sims 4

While playing the Sims 4 game, you must be excited about downloading and installing the Kijiko Eyelashes in it. Well it requires some steps to follow for its installation. Here we have explained the whole procedure of it in brief.

What are Kijiko Eyelashes?

These are the eyelashes available in Sims 4 game. There are various shades in the game from which you can select the one which suits your character to the best.

How to install the Kijiko Lashes?

You can easily get the download link of kijiko lashes from the two sites which are mentioned below. Select anyone and get the Sims 4 game downloaded.


Follow the steps explained below after downloading the game. After DownLoading the kijiko lashes, you’re going to receive the lashes as a .zip file. Please wait patiently until your .zip document is downloaded totally.

Step 1

Unzip (extract) the document. Inside this example, I utilized 7 zip for pulling on. Now double click on the available folder there.

Step 2

Be sure your match was upgraded for the most recent. The lashes might well not work in case you’ve not upgraded your game.

Step 3

Set the Records in your folder.

Usually, you Can See that the folder here:

Windows: C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods
Mac : My Documents \ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 4 \ Mods

Step 4

Simply just click on and Take a Look!

Report title: [Kijiko] You may find the documents necessary to put in each variant of this 3 d lashes Version2.

Step 5

Take care not to take sub-folder overly considerably nested. It’s inside your mod folder, so Ts 4 create this document when you boot up into the match. Ts 4 will not comprehend nested sub-folders a lot significantly more than clarified in Resource. cfg.

Step 6

Ensure”allow custom-made articles and Mods” was turned-on. Ensure”Notebook Mode” was switched away.

Step 7

The lashes utilize”SimGlaseeShader.” This shader won’t display items with feel alpha right once you use cigar mod. Please switch away Notebook style.

What to do if there is some issue?       

Step 1

Turn-off the “Laptop Mode.”

Step 2

Assess for other CC conflicts. To get this done, proceed with other C-C (apart from that the lashes) for a desktop computer or some other thing.

Step 3

Subsequently, restart the Sims 4. In case the glitch does not occur, someone of C-C has problems using all the lashes.


  1. How to use Kijiko Lashes?

Follow the above discussed steps in brief to get the knowledge of using the kijiko lashes.

2. Where do Sims 4 Mods go?

The Sims 4/Mods could be the folder that you have to have to put in mods along with cc. Sims/loads go within the T-Ray folder. The method of downloading both the CC and also Mods could be identical. Thus we’ll pay them equally at the same time. They’re put in in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/ / Mods.

3. Why is the custom content not working?

For those mods dilemma, if you allowed script mods way also? (Just checking out account ) If this is perhaps maybe not the difficulty, consider getting rid of possibilities. In from Records \Electronics \The Sims 4. You will have to update all of your in-game preferences; however, if the older file has been corrupted, it’d describe why it had not been rescuing the choice to allow habit articles.