Minecraft 1.20 Release Date, Features, Leaks (September 2022)

When does Minecraft 1.20 coming out: The 1.19 update of Minecraft has shown various interesting additions. This includes the addition of “Mangrove Swamps with frogs”, “Allay”, and the “Deep Dark with the Warden protecting the Ancient City”. All these things are out of that way.

So now is the time to evaluate the history, rumors, and also leaks. After exploring all these things the information relating to the store of Minecraft’s new updated version of 1.20 will be disclosed.

Mincraft has the last update only a few days ago. so there are various layers of this game that may assume what kind of changes are going to happen. Therefore, they make an idea of some new items, which may be included in this latest updated version.

The latest update of Minecraft: all the things which the players want to know

However, various leaks and rumors are waving in the air relating to the new updated version of Minecraft 1.20. As per the leaks, this newly updated version 1.20 of Minecraft is the best update.

For this, players are getting more excited to know what items are included in this newly updated Minecraft version. Therefore, they will be able to get to know all the information relating to the new update 1.20 of Minecraft from this article.

By exploring all the leaks and rumors all the information has been mentioned here. So the interested players of Minecraft may check this article at once.

Minecraft 1.20
Minecraft 1.20 Release Date

Release date of new update 1.20 version of Minecraft

After exploring the past or the history of Minecraft the time of releasing the updated version of Minecraft is revealed.

Those are at first in December in the year 2019, then in June in the year 2020, then again in June in the year 2021, and then November again in the year 2021, and the last was in June in the year 2022.

After recounting the release reminding the pandemic year 20220 as well, the date of Minecraft it can conclude that the new updated version 1.20 of Minecraft can be released in November in the year of 2022.

This date has been made only up to some assumptions. On this date, it may be released. As this has been made only for assumption so the date may be pushed from December to January as well.

The new name of Minecraft 1.20 new updated version

The players of Minecraft may know that after every update the name of this game has changed. Therefore, in this case, there is a full chance to have a new name for this new updated version 1.20 also. So now, the players may think that this is the new name of this new updated version.

Sorry to say but still, as the team of Minecraft has not announced the new name officially so it is unknown to all. However, as per exploring the past, the name could be:

“The Wild update part 2”

“Farming update”

“Combat update”

“The end update”

“Savanna update”

Or maybe an “Archaeology update”.

New features in Minecraft 1.20

After hearing the news, every player must want to know the features, which have been included in the new update version 1.20 of Minecraft. The new features, which have been included in this new updated version, are given below:

Spectator Mode

With this mode, the players will be able to see through the blocks and they will be able to fly without any issue.

Fix mobs spawning in the nether portal

The developers are trying to improve the mob spawning in Minecraft. So this also can be added in the new updated version 1.20 of Minecraft.

New bedrock UI

By the recent preview, it has disclosed that the Minecraft new version includes the best bedrock of UI.

Desert Biome

In 2018 by voting, the developers revamp the Taiga as the biome. Therefore, in this new updated version, it is assumed that they will include this new desert biome.

Savanna Biome

The savanna is the second biome, which has been lost in the year 2018. So it is also assumed that in the new updated version the savanna biome may be included.

Badlands Biome

In the vote of 2019, the mangrove biome was revamped. So in this new updated version, this is also assumed available for the players with more effects.

Birch Forest Biome

This last biome may be included in the latest updated version. The players will be able to use this Birch biome as the forest biome, which was there in the 1.19-updated version of Minecraft.

New mobs can be included in the new 1.20 Minecraft

In this new updated version 1.19 of Minecraft, some mobs will be included as per assumption. Those are:






Banner in Maps

In Java, players will be able to mark some banners on the map. Therefore, Minecraft also may think about this and include this in the new update 1.20 version as well.

Custom Shields

In this new updated version, 1.20 of the Minecraft developer added this new feature. By this, the players will be able to combine the banner with their shields.

Therefore, these are all the new features that can be added in the latest version 1.20 of Minecraft. 

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the release date of this new update version 1.20 of Minecraft?

As per the assumption, the release date of this new updated version could be November in 2022. This has been made as per assumption so the date may be pushed upward or downward as well.

What new biomes may be added in this new update?

There may be the badlands biome, savanna biome and the desert biome.

What are the other features that may be added in this new updated version?

There may include the new bedrock UI, spectators’ mode, custom shield and many more.

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