15 Bridging Practice Servers in Minecraft (2023)

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Here are some of the best lag-free servers for practicing bridging in Minecraft. These are the best Minecraft servers players can join when they want to practice Minecraft.

A hacked server is a server in Minecraft that doesn’t require players to have a game license, you need a hacked client, and you can join millions of servers without worrying about having a game license.

Of course, you must be warned that hacked servers are not considered legitimate. But we do not recommend playing unofficial copies of the game; this post is for educational purposes and our readers, but if you want to play on these servers, you may be at your own risk.

Here, you’ll get the list of servers, where you can practice bridging & enjoy the new servers effectively.

What’s in the Minecraft Server?

A Minecraft server is a multiplayer game server owned by a player or company for the 2009 Minecraft video game Mojang. Minecraft is a unique game that allows you to create your server for multiplayer games. You can host your server or join any other Minecraft game.

Minecraft Cross-Play servers allow Minecraft Bedrock players to play alongside Minecraft Java players. I have a Minecraft server that allows geyser players to join local and java players. For base players to be able to log in, they need your server’s IP.

Geyser works as a standalone proxy, which means you can use Geyser to connect to any modern Java Minecraft server. Once the connection is available and turns green, you can click the “Join Server” button to play on the server.

The Bridge Practice server is hosted in the US and has a perfect connection. The server is specially coded to improve your bridge skills from beginner to divine. Server IP settings are mainly for deploying multiple Minecraft servers on the same computer via dedicated interfaces.

Each server has its own rules, players, teams, economy, and other features.

minecraft bridging

15 Best Minecraft Servers List for Bridging Practice:

ManaCube IP Address: hub.manacube.net

ManaCube is a Minecraft parkour server that contains lessons for parkour lovers of all levels.

Parkour maps on Minecraft are available to players of all skill levels, including beginners who want to learn the basics and improve their skills.

Altitude IP Address: play.alttd.com

Altitude is perfect for new players to Minecraft parkour and who want to test their skills. Altitude is one of the most popular public Minecraft parkour servers online. It is also a famous Minecraft server that includes parkour among many game types.

Mineplex IP: us.mineplex.com

Although Mineplex offers a variety of game modes, it is the Dragon Escape game mode that makes Mineplex at the top of this list of the best parkour servers. Mineplex is like a studio-created MMO with impressive details that make it one of the best Minecraft servers.

LemonCloud IP Address: hub.lemoncloud.net

Lemon cloud has many players who love the regularly updated Minecraft game modes – it is one of the most popular Minecraft faction servers, and Sky blocks Minecraft servers. It offers heist, prison, and outland game modes.

Purple Prison IP Address: PURPLEPRISON.NET

Purple Prison is called the best prison server for Minecraft, and it just probably be the one. The server has a lot of unique content to make an outstanding prison experience for all the Minecraft players.

The Mining Dead IP Address: join.miningdead.com

Mining Dead server is entirely relatable to the Walking Dead series, which recreates the ruined world and allows the players to fight with the walkers. It is a must-play for those interested in horror, survival & apocalypse-type scenes.

MineVille IP Address: hub.mineville.org

This is a fantastic Minecraft server having tons of usual game modes and a lot of custom content such as my bucks, custom enchantments, old trials, and the player’s ability to get married!

UniverseMC IP Address: og.universemc.us

Survival, prison, Sky block, Sky Wars, and Bed wars are some of the great features of Universe MC. Much of the action is like a Minecraft version of Days, where players do whatever it takes to get out of it alive: a Minecraft survival server on a whole new scale. This training won’t work if the players don’t practice against real opponents.

Herobrine IP Address: Herobrine.org

Herobrine fans can now up their skills to level 99 on this well-built Minecraft RPG server that looks and feels like one of the best free MMOs. Please find the best Survival Minecraft Pocket Edition servers on our site and play for free. With our 24/7 free online Minecraft server service, you can safely enjoy our fast and reliable network.

Bedwars IP Address: bedwars.games

It features many game modes, while the actual server may also be called Bedwars. A simsstyle game mode called “City Life” is enjoyable to play, also their newest version. A very fun, exciting, joyous server to play on, where players are excited to play.

PvP Land IP Address: pvp.land

PVP Land is the best practice server for PVP game mode. Thousands of players get into the PvP Land to practice their PvP skills. It is also famous for Bedwars & bot fights. It allows players to fight with dangerous & skilled bots, who are best for practicing PvP fights. You can also practice bridging here.

Lunar Network IP: lunar.gg

For the best PvP experience, Lunar Network comes with its game client. Minecraft’s local LAN support is excellent for instant-running games, but Bukkit/Spigot/PaperSpigot is your best bet if you need a dedicated, customizable server.

Mineland IP: fly.join-ml.com

Mineland offers players great features that make it one of the best servers, from missions and monthly tops to fun and unique game modes that take your Minecraft experience to the next level.

PvPWars IP: play.pvpwars.net

Players can improve their PvP skills in PvP matches against the world’s best Minecraft players in games such as wars, sky battles, and UHC. Test your survival, bridging, and PvP skills in PvPWars.

The Players on some servers can enter the PvP matchmaking system immediately upon spawning. Users can improve their combat skills by competing against competitive players participating in various PvP tournaments.

Hypixel IP Address: mc.hypixel.net

The salty setting of Hypixel makes it one of the best Minecraft servers. If you are a Minecraft player who lacks the thrill of Call of Duty shooters, it is one of the best Minecraft servers. Thanks to its multiple game modes and unique mini-games, Hypixel is always on the best server list.

That’s it for today’s article on the 15 best Minecraft servers for learning. It’s no secret that the PC community boasts some of the most ambitious gamers globally, and there’s no better proof of that in the best Minecraft servers.

This is the end of this short guide.

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