Miquelas Needle Elden Ring: Location, Use, Guide

Miquelas Needle Elden Ring: The miquelas needle is an item from the Ring of the Elden, which is obtained when you have completed the quest line of Millicent.

This item is used to open the door to the Inner Sanctum. The needle can be found in a locked chest in the northeast corner of the map. You can obtain Miquella’s Needle just by finishing Millicent’s questline, in addition to returning an unalloyed gold needle to the scarlet Aeonia left by the battle with the blade Miquella.

So, like this information, we’re going to tell you more about Miquella’s needle location and how you can use it to proceed further in the game.

What is the process of taking Miquella’s Needle?

You probably defeated Malenia by now, and while having the Gold Unalloyed Needle, fight through the rest of Malenias remains, and you will get the Miquella’s Needle, as well as a somber historical dragon Smithing Stone

To activate Miquella’s Needle, it must be brought to the Faram Azula, a very recent zone immediately following Fire Giants. Just go to this location and activate Miquella’s needle. You have to find the dragon boss, but it is hidden in order to reach the area where you are able to use the Miquella’s Needle.

miquelas needle elden ring

Reach the Dragonlord Placidusax’s Arena

Head to the Faram Azula area to reach the Dragon Placidusax’s arena, to the Great Bridge Site of Grace, and from there you have to head east and go to the elevator.

From there just go down and then turn right to go through the stairs, downside, and just rush to the enemy. Then go to the southwest direction and just leave the building, and then out of the building, go west till you reach the edge of the cliff.

When you are looking down, you will see the way leading underneath. Just go down that path and follow it until you reach a broken building floating in the sky.

A circular section of this building will have a spot with no dragon skeleton on it, so you have to stand on this spot, and then you’ll lie down. After lying down, a cut scene will play and you’ll be automatically headed to the boss arena. You will face Placidusax, there.

How to use Miquella’s Needle?

It is one of the key items of Elden Ring which can reverse the effect of Lord of Frenzied Flame ending if you had met the Three Hands. Most of the time, Miquella’s Needle is not going to be useful to you, unless you wind up going for one of Elden Ring endings, which can transform a Tarnished One into a Lord of the Frenzied Flame.

Whenever you are ready to reverse the ending of Frenzied Flame, you will need to use his Unalloyed Gold Needle on a large, round boss arena. Miquella’s Needle is the key item to turning around Lords Frenzied Flames’ ending, as long as you face the Three Hands.

Miquella’s Needle can be used by placing the needle into the item Hotbar. To use, just left-click on the needle in your Hotbar. This will place the needle on the item’s Hotbar.

Also, you may go into the Dragonlords Arena of Placidusax from the Crashing Farum Azula Crashing Farum Azula, and reverse the Three-Fingered Curse in order to free yourself from the Frenzied Flame ending.

You can use this right now if you wish the Frenzied Flame on your character, and wish that this would cancel out the effect of Frenzied Flame. Although, visually, your character remains burned.

Once you have defeated Shardbearer Optional, reload the Ephael, then head back into the boss room to look for the scarlet blooms of Marena, and use the Unalloyed Gold Needle object, which in turn gives Miquella’s Needle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

What to do after giving Millicent the needle?

Give her the Needle, after which relax in the nearby Grace location to restore its dialog. After talking together with her enough, she`ll in the end supply you with the Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom talisman, and you may have wrapped up the primary part of her quest. To continue, you will want to go back to Gowry’s Shack as soon as more.

How do you use Millicent needles?

Take this to Millicent, who is at Plague Church in the east, defended via means of these awful Prawn-human enemies. Give her the needle, then take another break/fast travel, and wear out her communication. Rest/rapid journey another time and head lower back to Gowry’s Shack. You have to talk to Millicent, then finish her conversation once again.

How do you get Miquella’s needle Elden’s ring?

When you’ve got defeated Malenia, when you have the Gold Unalloyed Needle, have interaction together along with her stays and you’ll acquire Miquella`s Needle, in addition to a Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone. This concludes Millicent’s questline.

What does Miquella’s needle do?

Miquella’s Needle is used in the area where Placidusax, Dragonlord, is located in the Crackling Azula, in order to counter Three-Fingered Flames insanity. This is the best way to reverse the ending of Lord of Frenzied Flame.To use it, truly choose it out of your stock everywhere with inside the area.

Should you help Millicent?

If you assist Millicent, you’re rewarded with the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia talisman (which significantly boosts assault energy with successive attacks), in the meantime in case you combat with her, you`ll get the Millicent’s Prosthesis (boosts dexterity, and barely increases assault energy with successive attacks) talisman.

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