MK11 Tier List: Mortal Kombat 11 Best Characters Ranked (2022)

If you wanted to win the Mortal Kombat 11 battle then you need a MK11 Tier List. Here is the best characters you needed to know.

Since its April 2019 release, Mortal Kombat 11 has received several significant updates, and the game’s intricacies have been uncovered, and each character has been picked apart and generally figured out by the game’s dedicated community. The Aftermath DLC adds three new characters to the game: Sheeva, Fujin, and Robocop. How are these ferocious new fighters, however? Are they sufficient to topple the top levels of the game like Sonya and Geras?

We have updated our Mortal Kombat 11 TierList to help you discern which characters are best to learn, new and experienced players alike.

Mortal Kombat 11

All the Mortal Kombat 11 – including all additional DLC – have been classified into a single tier list. We have studied a number of factors like the special movements in a character, the range and speed of their normal movements, the facility of their high damage combos, etc.

Two things must be taken into account. Firstly, it is a subjective list based on our own view of how good a character is. Two, all characters are viable, it’s worth noting. Play Kung Lao if you like Kung Lao! Only because a character is usually unplayable in our eyes.

We used two tournament variants when classifying characters since they are specifically balanced for competition and act as a universal point of comparison for all the characters. If you’re a fan of a particular tournament variation you can do it – there are plenty of special steps to try to make a character more suitable for your playstyle.

  • S-Tier: This tier has all the super-strong fighters of MK11, these characters have overpowered abilities to deal high-end damage on the battlefield.
  • A-Tier: This tier of fighters can easily able to take the head-to-head fight with any fighter in MK11 but not strong enough as S-Tier.
  • B-Tier: This tier of fighters can easily able to fit in any team. Because they are best in the strike, support and defences.
  • C-Tier: These tier fighters are hard to control but an experienced player can able to fight with them in battle. It is way too hard for beginners to control this tier fighter.
  • D-Tier: These tier fighters are lacking some abilities such as defence, strike or support but you can use them in the battle due to their specific abilities to launch the surprise attack.
  • F-Tier: These tier fighters have no use in the fight because their wining perfect age are way to lower and these characters are hard to control on combat.

Mortal Kombat 11 has changed a lot since its launch and will continue to do this with the introduction of further characters and patches.

MK11 Tier List

Mortal Kombat 11 Tier List: Characters Ranked

This tier contains all the MK11 Characters with their playstyle and tiers. You can easily check out them according to their playstyle. Moreover, at the end of this tier list, we have also guided some of the best and strongest Mortal Kombat 11 Characters.

Fighters PlayStyleTiers
Johnny CageRushdownB
Jax BriggsGrapplerA
Erron BlackZonerS
Kotal KahnZonerF
Kung LaoRushdownB
Liu KangRushdownA
The JokerRushdownC
Sub ZeroRushdownA
Sonya BladeRushdownS
Noob SaibotRushdownB
Shang TsungRushdownC
Shao KahnZonerB
Sindel ZonerC
Cassie CageRushdownA

How We Composed Our Mortal Kombat 11 Tier List

Mortal Kombat 11 offers a host of personal and close approaches for players. When the players had to find out the characters, that’s even more true now than before. Zoning characters need to be played more carefully to ensure that you are protected from the attack by your opponent.

Mortal Kombat 11 Tier List

Rushdown characters like Johnny Cage and Spawn, which have recently been released, continue to be strong in Mortal Kombat 11, retaining their dominance over the top levels, because it is not too hard for them to close the gap on their opponents. At this point, skilled players are very well practised in ducking, jerking and jumping. One thing that is lacking is the addition of a new rash-down character in Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath, and as such, the entire archetype has seen little change in the list. Despite how good the three new characters are, they are still largely dominant. So, Sonya players, stop worrying!

We’re now at the end of the DLC season, and all Rushdown characters have become the best overall category. Although not all of them are great, the most outstanding rush-down characters are among the best if they stay close and personal. Zoners like Cetrion and Erron Black still perform in the higher eches of the Mortal Kombat 11 cast on this polar contrast to the playstyle spectrum. At this point, players who are still in the long-distance fighting style are excellent at keeping everyone else a long way.

Thanks to Robocop and Fujin, Zoners had an enormous increase in representation in the higher section of the tier list. Both are serious threats to the pre-existing cast, and the iron grip rushdown seems less dominant in the game. This DLC season is quite a good end for Zoners, with several characters remaining in our tier list in best and great sections. Although several casts are excellent in the breach of an oppressive long-range attack by zoners, they are generally quite good at holding their own.

Grapplers, who are typically slower and have a difficult time getting close, we’re in a hard place. What has happened over time is that grapplers have come high on the tier list to overcome this fight, while the rest find a home close to the floor. Grapplers can take a lot of time to get a chance. When you do, they are fair and every other character, just make sure you make the most of it once you get a chance to kick them.

The biggest change Grapplers had with Aftermath was Sheeva, who is a fantastic addition to the three most modest archetypes of fighting. With it high in our level range, grapplers begin to look a bit better but overall they are still short of zoners and nasty characters. We don’t believe that any character is ‘bad’ at this stage in the life cycle of Mortal Kombat 11. Certainly, some of the characters are certainly better than others, but even the worst character of the game has the tools to match.

Aftermath Character Fujin:

Fujin is an area where opponents like to saw approximately one complete jump away. Fujin’s throws push the other fighter from him to the other side of the screen, where he can use a variety of long-term attacks to apply pressure safely. Fujin has a selection of devastating combos such as Tailwind, Whirlwind and Whisked Away, available in all variations and serves as a tool behind Fujins play style to punish adversaries by whipping attacks at a distance.


Fujin is also fitted with a number of special moves that improve his diverse capabilities further. His Crossbow blast complimented the zoning of the playstyle, which allows him to oppress his opponents and to penalize attempts to jump in fast speed and different firearms. In combination with his combo ender Wind Kicks, which sends the other player flying across the screen, Fujin becomes a tyrannical force from afar. It doesn’t have to say that he doesn’t have any tools, because Tornado works as an excellent vertical anti-aircraft that stops jumpers and cross-ups.

Downburst, variation one, allows Fujin to perform some tough mixtures that force opponents to devise how to block their next attack. With this variation, Tornado has been improved – so that he can travel with the tornado further. This combined with Tornado mid-air capability makes it a tool in the hands of crafty players that is not only a situation response to jumping but also an offensive.

It is very peculiar divine winds. Fujin’s moving has a hover in the air, where his hopping attacks can be carried out. You may cancel several combos into Divine Winds, which allows Fujin players to surprise opponents with a quick overhead attack if used correctly, while not necessarily a special offensive move. Variation two, Kloud Walker, turns Fujin into an intimate rush down with several new offensive possibilities. Warped Needle is the first of these new special moves that can be amplified to ensure a safe pressure by replacing wind kicks.

Wind Barrier also has this variation and is an offensive air raid, capable of neutralizing air attacks against adversaries and allowing Fujin to punish them with his own strong attack. Finally, Variation 2 gives the fast-moving air race Fujin Sky Wakka, where he sprints to the adversary from the highest level on stage. This move can be cancelled at the cost of one defensive metre in a downward kick or an aerial sword strike or in a safe drop. This move is an excellent tool when an adverse person may not be prepared to close the distance at an angle.

Variation three, Cyclone, which increases its zoning potential with some new special movements which are truly frustrating. Wind Push is an excellent zoning tool in which the air punch can be used at short, mid and long lengths of time depending on the input from Fujin. This move is quick so that Fujin players can be sure that they throw off at long distances, but when used in the immediate vicinity you’re prone to jump attacks.

Fortunately, variation three comes with Air Slam, which takes opponents to jump in the middle of the air and slaps them on the ground. Air Slam and Wind Push will make their hair tear out for the opponents not experienced in getting close to the zoners.

Aftermath Character Sheeva:

Sheeva is a wonderful addition to the list of 11 grapplers from Mortal Kombat. The pressures on the narrow range are difficult to handle – the threat of grabs is supported by an excellent combo string foundation. These combos, like Shokan Stomp, can be taken freely, even when blocked, without the fear of punishment. Combine these strings with your very good back throw, and Sheeva gets pain from her.

Moreover, Sheeva’s special moves are made available to her from all sorts of distances and remain threatened. Shokan Flame is your normal horizontal projectile, but it is enhanced to achieve a great punch. While its projectile is in danger, its Untamed Fury captured command makes it a threat. A half-hit attack, Untamed Fury is best used as a combo ender and does no big damage, but does a huge 30% if you activate its blow. Sheeva finally gets a classic Sheeva Dragon Drop. Sheeva has flown up into the air from the screen to slam your adversary. It’s a good way to close the distance on zoning characters or players who play too defensive.

Sheeva MK11

Sheeva cements as a fantastic grappling with added movements, variation one, Smash and Grab. Shokan Snag is Sheeva’s first special move and improves Sheeva’s narrow range capabilities as an anti-air grab. When you have made this move, the opponent is dropped directly next to Sheeva so you don’t stop pressure, even when Shokan Snag is used as a combo ender.

Next is Tremor, an unblockable full-screen attack that sends adversaries from Sheeva when it hits. The beginning of this movie is quite long, so players who pay attention can always jump over if they can see it come, but sometimes they can catch it until you rely too much on it. Finally, in this variation, Sheeva’s Dragon Drop gets an extra feature. Although the standard Dragon Drop is scary, it can be avoided by players on the toes. You can manually direct the landing point of Sheeva with Variation One.

It means you can change the player to catch them if you notice that the other player is backdating to escape the attack! Deadly Dragon, variation two transforms Sheeva into an all-rounder with improvements in her range and combo game. Her first special move is Shield toss and her projectile Shokan Flame is replaced.

While this movement is largely standard, the shield destroys the enemy projectiles it collided with when you hold down the input for this movement. Sheeva’s way of beating zoners in her very own game was essentially this move. Dragon’s Charge is a grounded charge that flows through the ground quickly. You might be surprised at the distance that this move travels, and that is a good way to punish whiffed attacks when your rivals jump.

Last but not least, Spinning Dragon is a standard 14% combo ender. This move is important because it is easily penalized if blocked, that you don’t throw out. In other words, if you amplify this attack, it will damage your opponent considerably if you have blocked it and act as the security net if you throw it out accidentally at the wrong time.

Third variable, meaning Queen, overloads the mixing potential of Sheeva with new attacks that keep your adversary guessing what kind of attack will follow. Sheeva wins the Death March, a forward march which can be cancelled into a number of moves in this variation. An overall kick, an uphill kick, that launches, and nothing if you want to grab them include attacks you cancell!

Then there are fighting cars, which is a command overhead (meaning it can only hit crouching opponents). If the attack is successful, it can be amplified that allows additional combo possibilities. This move is a great way to penalise players who are afraid of their fatal attacks.

Finally, Queen’s penalty is a low-hitting grip that can be used as a combo end if the other player stands comfortable. Used alongside the above-named Battle Scars, adversaries won’t know what to do while near Sheeva.

Aftermath Character Robocop:

Robocop is the latest guest character in Mortal Kombat 11 and just like previous quest characters, the game saw it as a force. He is closest to a Zoner in terms of archetypes, but various variations mix things up a bit. Kombo cables like Hand of the Law and I’m going to call you a Robocop Ambulance give you some space you’d like to apply a range of different pressures although you have a selection of other cords which are close to the belt.

As for all the universally acceptable special movements, Cobra Assault Cannon is a horizontal projectile with a gigantic rifle used by Robocop for serious damage. This movement is best used, not as a primary source of ranged pressure, as a combo ender but only certain strings can be used because of its slow start.


Robocop is always attacked horizontally with his nine auto pistol, though there are some changes to the move. Although this simple weapon shot with Robocops reliable sidearm is easy and causes considerable damage to its safe condition, even without adding bells and whistles. Just treat it like any special fireball style, sometimes use it, and seek jump inside.

The Shoulder Crowd Control Cannon is the last universal movement for Robocop. This move drops a grenade before Robocop, which damages properly and opens opponents to combos. Since it is slow in start, when knocking down the other fighter, this special move excels, so that you can use extra distance or gain more distance while the grenade is locked.

The first variation from Robocop, OCP’s Finest, brings Robocop’s zoning game to a whole other level, dramatically improving the long-distance pressure it can create. Horizontal projectile attacks are Active Patrol and Reactive Patrol, where the robocop is either directed or removed.

This replaces his Straight Auto Nine projectile; however, adding movement to that otherwise standard move is an enormous advantage, since clever use may prevent jumping in space properly. Then Robocop is provided with Terminal Strip, an intermediate hitting command that deals little damage but throws a whole-screen opponent. This is a great alternative if someone is too close to handle your firearms and allows you to reset the battle in a comfortable way.

His second variation, the Prime Directive, has added a wider range of attacks to his arsenal in order to achieve a more ‘traditional’ zoning approach. Low Auto Nine, a hit shot with the Robocop pistol that keeps opponents watching their feet, sounds exactly as it sounds. To apply a firm amount of safe pressure, exchange this with the standard Auto Nine special move.

The arm control cannon is also available, which is a quickly flying racket that damages the safety of the rocket. If amplified, the damage can be held down, and travel delayed. However, beware of overusing it, as it can be easily ducked.

Robocop finally got Flamethrower, a highly harmful attack, which hits him several times directly. This move on the block is unlikely and does not result in many combo possibilities, but it is a helpful tool to punish your opponent’s whispers if they are too close to any Robocop’s gun. ROBOOCOP’s usual style of play flips on his head by providing him with excellent rushing-down tools. This variation involves using its technology to enter quickly and quickly and keep you close to one.

In this variation, Robocop gets OCP Charge, an aerial gap closer whereby he pulls through the air and slams the opponent. This move is a mid-struck attack instead of an overhead, despite what you could assume. It largely blocks safe, so you can depend on it as your method of attack (you’re not uppercut out of the air if you want). What makes this movie so special. It also includes Electric Shield and is a sort of Robocop offensive insurance.

When used at the cost of a bar of a defend metre, the electricity charge is charged to reflect a portion of the damage caused back to the attacker when the shield is hit. In a way, an opponent is punished for having fought you off with Electric Shield.

Robocop finally gets the horse trap, a projectile move that puts the spike trap on the ground, which damages opponents as they stand. This is amplified and becomes a gas grenade that does initially little damage before it erupts and takes a bigger piece of health. With this offence-oriented variation, this special can be used after someone is knocked down because they are forced to get away with the Cheval Trap or take extra damages.

Rushdown characters are the characters in the opposing’s face which force their adversary to think, from where you will hit next, with disastrous consequences if they conjecture wrongly. Liu Kang and Sonya both claim to be the King and Queen of the Rushdown Fighter Series of Mortal Kombat 11, as they are above their peers to deal with loads of damage and to receive them.

Liu Kang

The Earthrealm champion is a real threat right now – with strings and special movements that make an opponent open brilliantly. His normal movements are particularly oppressive – the dragon’s breath serves as a safe way to pressure a defending player because he can cancel two kicks. You can follow Dragon’s Breath to a complete combo if they don’t block it.

Liu Kang

Liu Kang has a range of handy attacks with a range of uses for particular attacks. His Flying Dragon Kick is a great way to get your opponents from the centre to the corner if you put two bars on it.

Fireball/low fireball are both fast and allow Liu Kang in their own games to beat some zones. Also, if you have a health lead and want to wait out the clock, the other player may escape your projectiles. A bit of versatility goes a long way in the movement of a character.


The damage to Sonya is insane. With just one bar of an offensive metre, she could easily remove 300 damages from her over-watch combo. The first hit doesn’t only come quickly, if your opponent slowly attacks – the second hit is a high-level hit which means you’ll catch them if they block low.


She can also blend her offence, switching between overhead and low attacks to force an unbelievably rapid reaction. If they mess up? If they mess up? Even without using a metre, Sonya’s basic combos can cause considerable damage. Sonya not only is the best aggressive character in the game, but she also has a fantastic choice of special moves for long distances. Her grounded and aerial Energy Rings enable her in their own play to hit some Zoners. Sonya’s going to get busted, and if you’re all winning, she’s too good to get through.

Notwithstanding his share of nerves, Geras is probably still the best grappling band in the game despite his multiple nerves and balancing adjustments. Jax remains alongside him on this list as a viable clerk in Gera’s shadow, keeping his silver medal spot on our list.


The whole kit of Geras is excellent. With its high damage, the ability to use intensive pressure and its great moves, he’s arguably the #1 character in the game.


His throws are very frightening, both the forward and reverse jets enable Geras to make his next attack while the other player gets up. There’s also his Titan Tackle who takes the opponent through the stage, making it easy for Geras to get into the corner.

One of the major weaknesses that Grapplers often experience is long-range attacks, which can make it difficult to close down. Fortunately, for Geras, his Sand Trap lets fighters capture long distances if they don’t stop behind and teleport behind them at the expense of one bar of a metre, for a devastating breaker of the neck.

Jax Briggs

It’s all about momentum when it comes to Jax. Jax gets hotter for every punch and he increases the damage to every score, adding crushing blows that cause massive damage. It has a number of tools like a dashing attack called Stiff Armed which can help to close the distance if an adversary lays down his guard.

Jax Briggs

Jax has a bunch of fun players that you can mess up for players who love grabbing. His Gotcha grave default lets you build heat on your arms and position the other player anywhere. When you use Gotcha Tombs to throw them in the corner, they are left standing, so you can begin threats without worrying about a weak strike immediately.

Then there’s the variation on Hunker Down, which adds the Quad Grab and Burning Hammer movements and offers additional ways of reaching your online rider. Jax isn’t as good as Geras, but he’s as strong as any fighter once he gets his hands on you.


For some time now, Jax has held second place for grapplers, but the release of Sheeva indicates that four arms are better than two. Sheeva is honestly fantastic to get right before his adversary, thanks to special moves such as Dragon Drop.

MK11 Sheeva

Once in your face, despite her variation, Sheeva can cause havoc. It’s a nightmare for Zoners who feel safe at full screen, regardless of whether the command is capturing opponents hitting snarling or sprunging or attacks like Death March making your next strike ambiguous.

With no shaky variation, and a very good basic kit as a solid basis for the insanity they bring in, anyone with a little practise can be a monster with Sheeva.

Mortal Combat 11: Top 3 Zoning Characters

Zoners are excellent in keeping opponents with a number of special movements and long-range attacks at a distance. Once correctly played, Zoners make it feel as if they are the only ones playing because opponents are stuck under a constant assault.

Cetrion remains Zoners Queen, in a league she has in her capacity to keep the fighters in touch with her oppressive combination of special movements. Spawn however slammed Erron Black off his horse and hit the runners on the spot as he had only fallen short of Cetrion for his mid-range natural attacks and incredible special movements.


Nothing is as frustrating as fighting a player from Cetrion who knows what they’re doing. The extraordinary effort to close down is a massive battle on its own – only aggravated by the several options offered by Cetrion which drive you far away.

MK11 ranks

Boulder Bash and Hell’s Wrath are great to get the other player so far as possible away from you. The combination of the two is extremely difficult to move safely without trying to make a few hits.

It also has tools such as the Tendril Pull, which can be used for various purposes. This move is an excellent way to keep adversaries on their toes, forcing them always to look for a low hit. This combination with all the other long distance movements Cetrion just adds to how disgusting it may be.


Spawn bursts in from hell, and Erron Black knocks down our top 2 places in MK 11 for Zoners. Spawns’ tools, regardless of his variation, are superb from what we play, to keep opponents away from him.


Many of his ordinary attacks came on a surprisingly lengthy scale, allowing Spawn to take action without being afraid to be punished. When this hit comes in, Spawn can often transform its normal movements into significant damage at the expense of a bar of an offensive metre.

His particular moves allow Spawn to keep this pressure, particularly in his From Hell variation, even if further away. Movements such as Guns Blazing and Blaze of Glory can make adversaries frightening to jump or attack – limiting their options to close.


Zoners is saturated by great characteristics as an archetype in Mortal Kombat 11, all with superb movements that stand out for keeping opponents out. So Robocop is good to take a top two place after release. So it’s good.


Robocop has more than average normal attacks and kombos that enable him to maintain his own. With some attacks and throws, he can really shine at a distance from the screen. Robocop’s special actions are excellent at applying pressure in various ranges, whether it is by using his pistol, rifle or diversity of explosives. OCP’s Finest takes its skill and overcharges its first variation, making it a fervent threat with tools like Active and Reactive Patrol.

Robocop is a brilliant person, in the hands of a new player, who can always hold his own. Robocop is terrifying in the hand of an experienced player. Give him a go, absolutely. Mortal Kombat 11 is a well-balanced match, but players are not prevented from compared and ranking the strengths of each character.

Some months have been past since Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate was released by NetherRealm Studios and the competitive community has not been in the least slow. Many people continue to play MK11 to find out who is the best fighter. However, the strength of a character is virtually as important as skill, and community members have drawn up tier lists to figure out the best fighters for MK11.

An important fact that should be noted before these characters are classified as 11 Mortal Kombat is that there is no bad selection. Even in games where characters are separated by major efficiency gaps, a person should always be free to choose any combatants they like to play. A player can pick a top level fighter from the MK11 if they like, but a low level character never stops playing them completely. However, it is still very important to know which characters are superior to the others in Mortal Kombat 11.

It’s a fairly balanced game, Mortal Kombat 11. Each MK11 character is competitively viable and none of them is so bad as to be dropped. However, it is still quite easy to select the best MK11 fighters. These include Jacqui, Joker, Sheeva, Fujin, and Liu Kang, among the best. Cetrion is considered the best. The reasons for the high standings of each character differ from one character, but generally they can affirm their game plan and move sets across their opponents the easiest time.

Why is every character viable in mortal struggle 11

The high and mid-ranked Mortal Combat 11, which contains the vast majority of the cast, are located just below this list of six MK11 combatants. Throw a dart on the 11 roster of Mortal Kombat and someone will likely hit one of them. Characters such as Sindel, Geras and Mortal Kombat’s Subzero are at the high end of this spectrum. In the meantime, Nightwolf, Baraka, and Rain are on the low end of the tier list MK11. These characters can do good without an enormous amount of relative fight, but are not as dominant as the top six MK11 fighters mentioned above.

At the bottom of Mortal Kombat 11 the tier list of Ultimate sits characters, which Gaming considers “still decent.” Skarlet, Rambo, Shao Khan and RoboCop are these characters, while RoboCop is comfortable at the bottom. Still, it is understated to say RoboCop is a bad fighter choice for Mortal Kombat. Many ways, they are only underrepresented, and some of the recent changes to the MK11 tournament rules could actually be good. This allows players to use personalised differences to mix and match their strongest specifications that can increase the position of each character on the MK11 tier list. The rules are based on this rule.

Mortal Kombat 11 now has a good reason to learn. It is currently a very balanced game with ample space to find a play style and a fighter for Mortal Kombat. In addition, it has an enormous listing with tonnes of iconic characters. Whether you choose Cetrion or RoboCop, you can be sure that you can see results with a little workout and training. It is recommended to bookmark our website if you are looking for more books.