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Looking for information related to Mokoko Seed Exchange, Rewards, Locations, etc. In this guide, we do have examples of the first few locations for the Mokoko seeds that you should look out for, along with tips on finding Mokoko seeds locations overall and the rewards you will be collecting with Mokoko seeds along the way.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Lost Ark Mokoko seeds, from the rewards of the Mokoko seeds to every location where the Mokoko seeds can be found on the planet Rethramis.

What are Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark?

Mokoko seeds are a specific form of collectible scattered at some stage in the continent. Even though there isn’t a scarcity of sprouts, they’re usually hidden away in difficult-to-locate areas. The Mokoko Seeds are scattered all over Arkesia, the Lands of Arkesia.

Instead, Mokoko Seeds can be traded for rewards, some being unique to trading Mokoko Seeds, and these are the only ways you can obtain those particular items in Lost Ark. These iconic collectibles from Lost Ark were once a formidable weapon in the hands of Lara Croft.

Mokoko Seed Exchange

The seeds are used as ammunition and weapons in the game, but now they are mediocre loot for players. The seeds have been reported to be rare and elusive. The player must explore the place and solve puzzles to find all the collectibles waiting for them at each location in Lost Ark before they run out of time.

Where to Exchange these Mokoko Seeds?

You can find all Prideholme Mokoko Seeds’ locations via Inven Globals Lost Ark Database. While the Mokoko Seeds are discovered early on within the Lost Ark world, you can’t alternate them for rewards until you arrive at the Mokoko village, positioned on the island of Tortoyk.

All you need to do is locate and interact with greater than 1, one after which preserves directly to the seeds till you get to Mokoko Village on Tortoyk, which does now no longer show up till after you’ve got left the primary continent.

By the time you get to Tortoyk, you probably will have more than enough seeds to get your first reward. If you found all the seeds in Rethramis Location Map and Yudia, you would have enough to get a Tortoyk card.

The forest minute will take you to an area where the first and second seeds are found. Click the area where you are at that moment, and you will see seeds marked on a map. Once you can reach the area, the seeds are relatively easy to locate. All the seeds are placed in clear places, and you can discover them virtually by taking walks to the places they’re labeled.

For the last 2 Mokoko seeds, go into the office in Lopang and go towards the back of that corridor-like office to find the Mokoko seeds by a switchboard. Lost Ark has one main collectible mission in which you must find the Mokoko Seeds scattered all over Arkesia.

You can get the following list of rewards:

Rewards Seeds
Totoma Card50
Kindness Potion100
Stronghold Crew Application Form150
Vitality Increase Potion200
Crew Application Form250
Stat Increase Potion300
Mokamoka Card350
Paradise’s Knight License400
15 Eurus Blueprint450
Stronghold Crew Application Form: Mukomuko500
3 Shy Wind Flower Pollen550
20 Eurus Blueprint600
Crew Application Form: Poipoi650
Title: Mokoko Hunter700
Structure: Mokoko Seed Monument750
Transform: Egg of Creation650
Stronghold Crew Application Form: Kind Paruru850
Background: Moki Toki900
Masterpiece #32950
Ship Model: Blooming Caravel1000
Crew Application Form: Narinari1,050
Title: Nice Smelling1100
Masterpiece #441150
Mokoko Charm1200
Weird Mokoko Emoji Pack1250

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do you have to change Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark?

To change Mokoko Seeds, you want to go to Mokoko Village and communicate to an NPC known as Totoma to change them for diverse rewards.

How many Mokoko Seeds are in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark has over twelve hundred Mokoko Seeds, and you may trade them for specific rewards at particular intervals.

What’s the point of Mokoko Seeds?

Mokoko Seeds are a shape of foreign money in Lost Ark and one of the eight sorts of collectibles within side the game. You’ll locate them scattered on the floor at some stage in a while in Arkesia, and they may be effortlessly recognizable by sprouting inexperienced leaves. To accumulate a Mokoko Seed, engage with it by way of urgent the G key.

Are there any Mokoko Seeds available in Tortoyk?

Unlike maximum supplier rewards, there may be the simplest location to reap the Mokoko Seed rewards. This is on the island of Tortoyk, where the Mokoko human beings live. Specifically, you’ll need to move to Mokoko Village and talk with Mokamoka, the top chef of the Mokoko.

Do you require Mokoko Seeds for Adventure Time?

Note that dungeons incorporate mokoko seeds, too. Just come back to dungeons you’ve already been through to capture collectibles that you have missed, and playing them two times, on ordinary and hard difficulty, is required for the adventure to come to completion.

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