6 Tips To Improve Your Game in ‘Rainbow Six Siege’

Folks that are searching for a highly competitive online FPS game could not find many better options than the offering by Rainbow Six Siege. It is undoubtedly one of the best battle royale games on the market, even seven years after its release.

Yes, it has been seven years since the release of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, and with the way new players are signing up every day, this offering will be around with us for a long time.

One of the significant advantages this game has is the addictive gameplay that invites everyone into the world of Rainbow Six. But do not assume this game to be easy, as the complex game mechanics makes it harder for newbies to get accustomed to the gameplay.

There are also several tricks that would help you massively in the gameplay. Without knowing them, you will always be stuck at the beginner level even if you buy Rainbow Six Siege. Luckily, here are the top six tips that will help you in this game.

rainbow six siege sledge guide

Be Ready To Shoot at All Times

Rainbow Six Siege is extremely fast-paced, but we all knew that already. This is not the reason for this trip. Unlike other games where you simply need to press the trigger button to fire bullets, the game’s shooting mechanics are not as simple.

It all depends on what your character is doing at the moment and what its aim is. You cannot shoot while you are aiming down; similarly, if you are running, you would find shooting back at the enemy quite challenging until you ADS.

Remembering this would not help a veteran player that much, but it can be the difference between a win and an early knockout for beginners.

Map Memory

It simply cannot be emphasized enough – get familiar with the map as soon as possible. Yes, maps do play a crucial role in online FPS games, but they are even more important in Rainbow Six Siege.

This game allows one to break through the wall and take advantage of the line of sight and vents that can be used to infiltrate the enemy position. But naturally, you can only benefit from such features if you are familiar with the map.


Drones in Rainbow Six Siege are more important than what many people give credit for. In fact, you can significantly bolster your chances of victory if you carefully employ drones in your gaming strategy.

These drones can be used to attack your enemy position and infiltrate the enemy base and give out their location. It can be highly beneficial to you and your team to come up with a viable attack strategy.

Communicate with Your Team

It should be evident since Rainbow Six Siege is a team game, one must constantly communicate with their teammates. But it is quite surprising how often gamers forget about this and try to be a one-man-army.

It simply does not work in a game like Rainbow Six Siege, where there are just too many places to ambush wandering enemy players. It would be wise if you communicate with your team, craft a working strategy, and then stick to it to the end.

Play with every operator at least once

There are 60 operators in Rainbow Six Siege that one can choose from. Now it would be impossible for one to master every one of them, but if you want to level up your skills in this game, you need to get at least familiar with each of them.

Yes, it is certainly a hassle, but knowing about the operators can massively assist you and your team. If your team lacks a particular operator essential for a situation, you can be competent enough to substitute without much difficulty.

Adjust Your Settings

Your recent lack of luck in Rainbow Six Siege may be due to your gameplay settings. It is pretty common for gamers to outgrow the default settings the longer they play the game.

Thankfully it is quite an easy fix with one only needing to make some minor adjustments, and they would be good to go. Do not be afraid to experiment a bit, as it is the only way one can unleash their true potential.

If you want to be a pro player at Rainbow Six Siege, then the above-mentioned tips will surely help. Make sure to try them all and see the difference. 

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