Pokemon Go: Best Snorlax Moveset (2022)

Snorlax is a normal pokemon that player can evolve their Snorlax into the Pokemon Go. Here the ultimate guide to optimize it without having a hassle.

In Pokemon Go, the player has access to several powerful Pokemon that can be used for PvP battles, Gyms, Raids and much more. Sometimes a single pokemon that is useful against multiple opponents is Snorlax and its ultimate evolution form. It evolves from Munchlax after being used 50 candies. Moreover, the Snorlax has vulnerable to Fighting moves. When it comes to the Snorlax, it’s typical to spend his day eating and sleeping. He is a cute pokemon and doesn’t harm humans. The Children use his expansive belly place to play.

In terms of attacking the Snorlax can fight as offensive and defence both and his best fighting moves are Lick and Hyper Beam. Moreover, the combination has one of the highest damage output along with one of the best movesets in the PvP Battles. When it comes to dealing with the damage during the battle, the Snorlax can deal 160% of damage output in fighting and resistance to the ghost and deals about 39% damage.

Snorlax Pokemon Go

There only two fighting moves that Snorlax can learn, licking the opponent and launching the beam. When its comes to switch the moves however there are not enough fighting moves that Snorlax learned.

Despite all the possible moves combination, one definitive movesets provides the largest amount of DPS possible for Snorlax. The moves are as follows.

  • Close Combat Move – Licking
  • Charge Move – Beam

The Licking can easily be taught to the Snorlax. He is known for the sleeping Pokemon, it’s very lazy just eats and sleeps and its stomach is so strong that can use in the fight for defence. In terms of the Snorlax buff stats, he has 160% of HP, 110% of attack, 65 % of Defense along 65 percent of special attacks along with similar special defence.

But Snorlax lacks in speed. The total weight of the Snorlax is 1014 lbs with a 6″11″ Height. Well, players need to do practice with Snorlax in the game. Because his skills can only be mastered with practice.

How Strong is Snorlax?

Snorlax is considered over 1,000 pounds and it was considered as heaviest Pokémon in entire anime. Due to begetting an enormous appetite, Snorlax will swallow nearly anything, also mouldy and rotten food. Appreciations to its remarkably strong digestive juices, Snorlax’s stomach can diffuse any kind of poison.

What powers does Snorlax have?

Snorlax is a normal type of Pokemon these are the power of the Snorlax first is Immunity which allows him sallow anything into his stomach and the second is Thick Fat Gluttony that helps him for defence. Well, he is known for the sleeping Pokemon that only eat and sleep in the anime.

What is the Weakness of Snorlax?

Snorlax is weak at Fighting-type movements. It has an extraordinary maximum CP of 3700 at level 51 and a magnificent defence. Which presents it as a good substitute for defending gyms. Either Pokemon with Fighting-type strikes has more power compared to Snorlax.


Is Snorlax a good tank?

Snorlax has marvellous Health (HP) stats and very immeasurable Special Defense. However, his Defense is pretty much lower compared to other Pokemon. But that can be helped by spending entirely in Defense in Snorlax along with that Snorlax can be a wondrous tank. He additionally has a great Attack stat, which simply means he can deal medium damage to the opponent in the fight.

What Color is Shiny Snorlax?

Snorlax is a large normal type Pokemon, Typically decorated in bluish-black. The Shiny variant could have quickly made Snorlax attain out. Moreover, lots of time in pink and the white version been improbable. Alternatively, Snorlax’s Shiny irregularity is a darker blue. Generally, there are three color variants in Snorlax White, Pink and Dark Blue.

Why is Snorlax so good?

Snorlax has primarily had high Special Defense, Attack, and HP. These skills make him a prominent physically offensive especially defensive tank. However, its defence is dismally lower compare to other pokemon’s. But he is an best fighter for the PvP Battles without a single through in terms of attacks Snorlax has licking and beam attacks that deals high-end damage output to the opponent in the close combat.

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Hopefully, you find this Snorlax short guide helps you to know about his movesets, abilities and specialties. Moreover in case if you’ve any questions related to Snorlax then feel free to ask us throughout the comment box.