Stardew Valley Caroline Guide: Schedule, Quests and more

Stardew Valley Caroline

In Stardew Valley Caroline is Pierre’s wife and a green-haired villager. Caroline may not be the most visible villager in Stardew Valley, but it doesn’t make her any less interesting. Caroline, Pierre’s significant other, lives with him and their daughter Abigail. She’s also good friends with Jodi.  Caroline is arguably most known among players for … Read more

Stardew Valley Maple Tree Guide

Maple Tree

The Maple Tree, like the Mahogany Tree, Oak Tree, and Pine Tree, is frequent in the game. You may chop it down, shake it, or make an artisan item out of it.  You can get Wood, Sap, or Maple Seeds if you cut it down with an axe. If you choose the Forester profession, you … Read more