Triss Merigold: 15 Things You Never Know About Her (The Witcher)

Triss Merigold is something Yennefer character foil, and here are a few things about the sultry sorceress that you may have known.

The CD Project RED has always been the spotlight of the icy brunette Yennefer or the very special place in the heart of Geralt since it acquired the video game adaptation licence for The Witcher novels. It was a strange narrative option on the part of the CD project RED, as Yennefer was canonically one true couple in the books.

Nevertheless, Triss was interested in Geralt in competition and in changing pace with the handling of Yennefer. Several polls were launched from the Fan Club Triss versus Yennefer, which seemed to favour Triss with more players. Therefore, revealing lesser-known (not all good) facts about her is only fair.

Triss Merigold
Triss Merigold

1. She was never intended to be Geralt

We mentioned that Yennefer was the one and Geralt was the only one, right? Andrej Sapkowski at least thought of that. Triss did not even have the same exposure and priority in the novels and short stories as Yennefer did. She was mainly one of Geralt’s friends.

There was a side character. It is safe to say, as she did during the video games, that Triss did not meet Sapkowski’s mind to replace Yennefer. It just happens that some circumstances forced Yennefer to disappear at the end of the last book, then the CD Project Red wanted a follow-up to the saga rather than a digital retell.

2. She was Yennefer’s Envy

Although Triss was not supposed to be with Geralt, she still wanted some grey beefcake. In the books she was even portrayed as insane with Geralt and, depending on the way you interpret her as a reader, her obsession is perhaps more sexual than romantic.

As a consequence, Triss often envied what Yennefer did with Geralt. She doesn’t want any witch-hunk but Geralt herself. Otherwise, her colleagues like Eskel and Lambert could have been joined by Geralt. Triss never had the chance to have a flourishing relationship with Geralt in books, so her game romance with him could be fancy.

3. Master Manipulator

Now, Triss’ envy and obsessed sorceress can be a very bad thing, especially for Geralt, for her friends. She even tried magically in the books to seduce Geralt. She goes behind Yennefer and robs Geralt pretty much, and Yennefer knew that and confronted her harshly at one point.

In the Games, however, Triss was morally corrupt and can be summarised only as a snake in Yennefer’s grass. She gets the first opportunity to steal Geralt without opposition. Triss is basically to Geralt so that she can have everything for herself. Of course, that’s much more complex because Triss appeared to love Geralt too.

4. Selfish Tendencies

Now that you know Triss’ most abominable treasons and wrongdoings, let’s add a last bad quality to her. Triss also has a sociopathic and selfish side, particularly if there are intense emotions. It happened near the end of the book saga when all non-human beings were slaughtered by a peasant mob.

Triss was frightened of the upheaval and immediately wanted to flee despite his friends. She would have just left and kept it for Yennefer, who urged her to stay, to help her friends and innocent people. This showed that Yennefer might be the most reliable when push comes to shove.

5. People Once Thought She Died In Battle

Now here are Triss Merigold’s positive qualities. While she is a bad friend and her mismanagement with Geralt, Triss remains a powerful, loyal, brilliant and wise wizard.

Also, during the first war against Nilfgaard, she was an advisor to King Foltest of Temeria and, previously, she participated in the legendary Battle of Sodden Hill with 22 magi and magi.

4 Triss was one of 14 who heroically stood up against and allegedly died while a horde of Nilfgaardian soldiers. Therefore, she was named the “14th on the hill” and became a Merigold Fearless in history.

6. She Preserved Ciri’s Humanity

Although the surrender mother and father of Ciri, Yennefer and Geralt, has been betrayed, Triss does not have a careful side. She takes care of her friends and has even gotten near Ciri. She also looked after her, giving her magical expertise to support Ciri in overcoming the witcher mutation trial of Grasses.

It is the last stage of the witch initiation rites, and Ciri’s human nature could easily have been removed, just like it did with Geralt’s emotions; because the chemicals employed in the trial subject the desired witcher to extreme hormonal changes. Luckily, Triss was in the vicinity to avoid this to Ciri.

7. One Of The Youngest Sorceresses

All these negative characteristics, It’s probably shocking that Triss was coming in the Lodge of Wizards to those who don’t know the books, but the remaining Triss colleagues make them look like an innocent girl. They are a bunch of witches who manipulate, manipulate and heartlessly seek their kingdom, even if it means using regicide or other malicious ways.

In contrast, Triss provided the rest of its kind with a contrasting facade. Instead of the winterly elegance of older wizards, she was lively, sweet and radiantly beautiful. It helped to make her one of the youngest wizards in the lodge and probably did not have to change too much form for a fake beautiful appearance.

8. Potion Allergy

Although Triss was still a great magician, he still was young for a sorceress and he could turn the battle tide easily. The fact that she was able to cast more enveloping spells became more evident. Triss is strange enough to be allergic to potions, even those she brews. Ironically, Triss was a skilled healer as well.

She uses potions regularly as a magic medicine, but can never truly use them for herself. Notice that Triss is allergic exclusively to magic potions. For her to eat and use natural healing potions are safe. It’s a strange quirk for a magic-user.

9. Her Name Means “Happy”

The name of Triss (from Latin) is either “happy”.It reflects her personality well. Triss contrasts very well with the clear and cold maturity of Yennefer, making it the perfect choice for a third party in a complex Love Triangle involving magic, politics, war and monsters.

Even other friends of Geralt like Dandelion (Jaskier in the books) view Triss as a warm person—someone that can make others smile easily with his presence and attitude. This is quite a rare character for a sorceress in the world of The Witcher.

10. She make the Playboy Cover

You’ll immediately be welcomed by the lavish show of Triss’ skin not an hour in your first or the second Witcher game. It would appear that the CD Project RED worked hard to make Triss sexier, especially about the third game. Heck, they even partnered in Poland’s Playboy magazine to turn Triss into a guarded girl. However, it is NSFW, we must warn you.

An attitude of cheer and goodness

Triss Anna Shaffer’s Marigold

It is difficult to remain happy in a place like the Continent, especially as this area is hit hard by a huge amount of killing and debauchery. Triss should therefore be commended for having such a positive attitude in a hellish landscape as a whole.

Naturally, it certainly helps with things because she is a powerful witch and familiar with the nobility.

11. The idealistic vision of sports

Idealism is an admirable and dangerous concept on an equal footing. Although it is generally a great thing that things should come together almost perfectly, the fact is that things seldom happen in an ideal way.

Perhaps this is one of the biggest reasons why the character of Triss is fairly detracting. Let us not, nevertheless, deduce that idealism is the first step to achieving it, which is noble in all its senses.

12. Can go a bit overboard to achieve perfection?

The episode 3 review of The Witcher Again, it’s an area when it can do more harm than good if you try to do things ideally, and Triss is certainly guilty of not being able to draw a line here.

At times their search for perfection — for themselves and others — can be very detrimental, causing their fair share of problems, if things go south because of a stubborn commitment to ideality.

13. Dedicated to The tasks have been given to her

However, of course, the coin of idealism has two sides. In the pursuit of perfection, Triss — some more serious than others — has suffered some disturbance, but this has contributed to Triss’ commitment to the work it was given.

Triss has always demonstrated a strong commitment to anything she is called upon to do, which is why she has always obtained excellent results – more often than not.

14. A Fascination for Children Things

For such a powerful magic wizard, who has travelled around the world and witnessed things most people could not even dream of, the wonder that Triss can exhibit about certain things is refreshing, some of which are mundane at the limit.

It’s a breath of fresh air and one of the main reasons why most fans of The Witch choose Triss over Yennefer is the fact that this particular personality trait was so vividly depicted in the games.

15. A bit naive and usable

Sadly, this fascination can sometimes be a double-edged sword for someone who shows the childlike wonder we mentioned. For Triss some times she has shown herself to be very naive about the ways the word goes—a certain surprise, given that she is supposed to be an omnipresent surprise who is careful about the world and its many tricks.

This has led to the exploitation of Triss and the use of a situation that every sorceress should ideally be concerned about. This exploitation, however, goes in both directions.

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Hopefully, you find the short article useful to know more about Triss Merigold. In case if you’ve missed any point in this list then feel free to tell us through the comment box.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some frequently asked questions with the answers.

Who is better triss or Yennefer?

Triss, is the better compare to Yennefer. She is more caring and loving in contradiction to the cool and moderately more indifferent Yennefer. Any would also argue that she is insignificantly more beautiful physically, but I find them about the same.

How does Triss Merigold die?

Above Sodden Hill, Triss Merigold was caught by an explosive fireball. Her remains could not be recognized and she was laid to relax onward with the other mages they fell on the Hill. The sorceress who lasted is Lytta Neyd, better known as Coral

Does triss really love Geralt?

Triss surprisingly favoured Geralt. The games gained Geralt like Triss back (thank you, amnesia). It’s further organic that way minus the administration and the omission part but retain in mind that Triss has loved Geralt prolonged before Yennefer even vanished.