Roblox Shirt Template Transparent PNG (March 2023)

roblox shirt template transparent

Roblox is very popular today due to the increasing number of players and games. Because this is the signal platform where thousands of games are available with free access. Roblox has a function to customize your avatar according to your needs. It has the option to upload unique and favourite shirt designs to the game.

Well, the Roblox is an option that allows you to get the Transparent T-Shirt Template and by using it your character will be invisible in the game. Here in this short guide, we will explain how you can get this Transparent T-Shirt Template for free without having a hassle.

Roblox Shirt Template Size (585×559)

The correct Roblox Shirt Template size is 585×559 means 585 wide and 559 tall. This is the maximum Width and height you can use for the Shirt in the game. If you’re getting confused, well don’t worry use the below-given shirt template this will automatically set the size of the shirt for your character in Roblox.

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automatic Roblox t-shirt template
roblox shirt template transparent

Roblox Transparent Shirt Template PNG

Roblox transparent t-shirt template

You can use the above shirt template to get a Transparent Shirt in the Roblox game. You need to save this Transparent Shirt Template on your device. Right-Click on the image to open the Menu option and choose “Open Image in New Tab”.

Now the template image will be opened on a new tab of the browser. Simply save the template image to the desired location on your device and make sure you’ll save the template as the PNG image extension.

How To Use Transparent Shirt Template?

Once you have the Transparent Shirt Template on your device you’re good to go. Follow the below-given steps in order to get the Transparent Shirt in Roblox.

1. Open the Roblox website and login into your Roblox Account (using your login credentials).

2. Click on the Create Button option and then choose the Shirts, Pants, and T-Shirts option.

3. Select the Upload options and upload the recently saved PNG transparent shirt template.

4. Name the file and hit the Upload button. The file first gets approved.

5. Once the design is approved. You can easily able to use the custom transparent shirt template using the creation tab.

You use this template to create a custom t-shirt and add more custom layers to make it more unique. Else if you also use the Transparent Template your torso (aspects on the garments that you will need to cover up are what is visible beneath the model’s head) will be invisible.

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