Warzone Beginner’s Guide: Tips to Survive, Avoid the Gulag, Secure the Dub

Warzone still prowls like the king of the battle royale jungle, undefeated. This is evident in the millions of players entering the game.

Of course, you should know that such a high number of players will also increase the competition in the game. If pro Warzone gamers still have a tough time doing a thing or two, you need help.

So, in this article, we’ll provide tips to help you stay alive and avoid the Gulag. Also, you’ll learn some tricks to help you secure some of your first wins in Warzone. In addition, we advise that you buy warzone cheats.

Warzone Tips To Avoid the Gulag and Secure The Dub

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While Dropping

Your game starts from the very moment when you drop out of the aircraft. You should consider three things before you drop out of the plane: your landing location, how fast you land, and how many payers you can kill before you drop to the ground. 

While you’re airborne, try to increase your survival chances by killing unsuspecting enemies nearby. Open fire at them or cut their parachute and let them fall to their death. We also recommend you land on the ground as early as possible. You can increase your drop speed by waiting till the last minute before engaging your parachute.

Avoid Landing at Warzones

There are places on the map that we consider unsafe for newbies like you. One of the hottest locations in the game is Capital, which you must avoid until you’re experienced enough to fight. Hot zones on the map contain the best loot and POIs.

Due to the large amounts of loots available in such locations, they attract players that may have more experience than you. Only go for these locations if you dropped out of the aircraft before most of the other players. If you’re not sure of making it to the location early enough, go for locations with fewer loots instead.

No tall building should be overlooking your position

Tall buildings should be your sweet spot. This is mainly because of the clear view of the surrounding that they provide. Added to seeing enemies before they see you, you also have a good location to try your sniper rifles.

However, you should also be wary of tall buildings overlooking your position. There could be another smart player who already got there before you. Chances are they’re already positioned and adjusting their crosshair to get a drop on you. If you can spot the sniper, enter the building where they are and try taking them out.

Know your bearings

A big part of your survival chances in Warzone depends on how much you know of Verdansk. When you know the maps well enough, you know good drop and loot locations. In addition, you’ll discover corridors that make it easier for you to escape deadly fights or creep up on unsuspecting enemies.

While you go about the game completing contracts and engaging with enemies, take note of buy stations, hospitals, deposit helipads, ammo caches, and the rest. You won’t have all these places stick to memory overnight; it will register over time as you continue playing.

Use weapons correctly

There are tons of weapons available in Warzone. The catch is in knowing which of them fits the job you need to use them for. The categories of guns available in Warzone are shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and light machine guns (LMGs). Sniper rifles, assault rifles, and shotguns are effective for long-range, mid-range, and close-range fights, respectively.

You also have grenades that will serve you in different situations. Reserve your grenades and LMGs for fights where your back is against the wall. Moreover, don’t waste a grenade on a single opponent – they should be up to two or three. Also, note that your grenades can also harm you, so detonate them from a distance.


There are many more you need to learn about Warzone. You’ll learn most of the things as you play the game and gain experience.

Even with the importance of loot and weapons in the game, you must consider your safety first before entering any location for loots. Know your maps and choose which weapons best suit the map. As a safety precaution, don’t stay close to tall buildings if you’re not on top of them.

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