Watch PPV Fights For Free (May 2022)

What is PPV?

Pay per view (PPV) is a kind of webcast or pay television that privately telecasts single events to viewers for a small fee.

You can purchase these from a multichannel television with the help of their e-program guide, or with their automatic call, or with the help of live customer service. PPVs have been increasing their popularity among audiences.

Usually, concerts, professional wrestling, combat sports such as MMA and Boxing are distributed via PPV.

PPV fights

Over the past couple of years, UFC has become a global sensation because of their worldwide reach, unique fights, unusual weight categories, and their own best of the three rounds to declare the winner.

UFC is an organization that provides training in martial arts and helps fighters groom themselves for competitions. Commonly known as the Ultimate Fighting Championship, this MMA sport is quickly and steadily catching the attention of sports fans around the world.

If you’re an MMA addict, you’ve probably wandered on the internet searching how to watch live PPV for free. Well, you have a reason too as well, in the US each PPV event causes $70/ event, which is expensive by itself and not to mention the added cost to see your other favorite stars.

Every once in a while, you may find free streaming services for MMA on Reddit or some other dubious sites. But keeping your best interests in our mind, we advise against it. 

Worry not my friends, just go through these different options to stream PPV live and you’re bound to find one that suits your needs!


#1 VPN

Even though there is a long and exclusive deal between UFC and ESPN+ to telecast fight PPV, there are multiple deals for streaming services all across the world.

The problem with using a VPN is that you need a subscription first to access a shall and the biggest task is to find one that is free.

If you’re reading this article, chances are that you’ll need your subscription in the English language. You can avail of this service at the free to use steam that lets users stream PPV similar to UFC, so you can hear the live commentary of the legendary Joe Rogan and Jon Anik

How does VPN work?

A VPN alters your IP address when it comes to bypassing overseas websites. Your internet company (ISP) provides you with an Address by one of their dedicated servers whenever you sign up for the service. Consider it similar to your home or workplace address except that it is only available on the internet.

Websites and companies might detect your location as a result of the digital marker. This is how the website detects that you are not in the country and stops the stream.

By connecting to a VPN’s server, on the other hand, the server may provide your device with an IP address from any country you wish. As a result, when you use a VPN to view’s streaming of UFC fights, the website believes your device is in some other country.

VPNs allow you to bypass geographical restrictions while simultaneously protecting your online privacy. Your identity online is masked by the newly provided IP, which is anonymous.

How to choose a VPN to suit your needs?

Consider these features while choosing a VPN

#1 Secure, quick and reliable servers

Whenever you’re streaming live sports, you’ll need fast connections and reliability. Nothing is more frustrating than losing your connectivity amid an awesome championship match. It’s also annoying when your live feed begins lagging and resizing.

#2 No traffic, unlimited bandwidth and data

To stream a whole UFC match, you’ll need an endless quantity of data to obtain from beginning to end. You can receive unlimited bandwidth with VPNs, which ensures fast connections.

#3 Dedicated and unique IP addresses and hidden servers

These may be puzzling technical terms, but they are crucial for streaming content. For licencing reasons, several platforms and companies attempt to restrict VPN servers. Simply explained, unique IP addresses and encrypted servers make determining whether a server is from a VPN provider or a local internet provider immensely difficult.

Steps to get use a VPN

First of all, you should get a good and reliable VPN for streaming sports live.

Now, download the VPN to the device where you stream your live PPV fights. Always go for a VPN that lets you work on all the platforms.

Log in with the new password and username that you’ve  created

Connect to a new server

Go to the UFC page on now. It will be the first thumbnail you may click if the fight is currently taking place. If no live battles are available, you can browse through some previous fights.

If you see an error message instead of a stream, you’ll need to either change VPN servers or disable your ad blocker.

It’s as simple as that! Take pleasure in the battle!


2 UFC YouTube Channel

Ever since the starting of youtube, it has been the ultimate place for all kinds of video content. Youtube provides several videos created by their user and some of them are of very high quality.

If you are into UFC, you should check out their official Youtube channel, where they upload all the latest fights. The channel not only uploads the highlights but the entire fight as well and gives you some great previews and fun to watch behind the scenes.

Additionally, many channels are offering a wide variety of MMA-related content on Youtube. Some of them live-stream matches but the quality is shabby.

#3 BT Sport 1 On CricFree

Although we are mentioning this on our list, this site is sketchy as hell and it seems as if they are taking a lot of feed from several IPTV companies. Of course, it does provide MMA feeds on its website.

Their website seems to fill with many different programs, but it’s difficult to find your content as it requires some searching. Once you enter their website, you’ll realize that this one will satisfy all your sports-related needs.

The only downside is the sheer number of click ads and sub-par video quality. They frequently redirect to VPN sites and suprisingsingly the ad has better quality than the actual videos. 

#4 Stream2Watch TV UFC

Stream2 watch UFC is the ultimate UFC watching website and will attract all MMA fans out of three. They provide superior video quality but the catch is that you have to create an account. Curious cat it seems.

The site is easy to use, with little ads and a whole lotta UFC.

#5 . UFC Streams

If the name isn’t enough, this website offers 1080p resolution live streams completely free of cost. The downside is their user interface which is choppy and laggy. Also, you cant archive your favorite matches.

#6 Crackstreams

Crackstreams seems to be one of those simple, quiet yet impactful websites. This site has been around for some time and seems as if it’ll be in the market for some time as well. The only downside is that they showcase only live feeds. For sports enthusiasts, this site will offer a lot of features covering plenty of sports. The site looks similar to the actual UFC fight streams.

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