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Who We Are

Gameinstants is part of Infoplug Media we started in 2021 by Mritunjay Jadon with the aim to share his game experience with others since the release of DS Games time has passed now we have a team of experts in gaming guided by Mr. Jadon and together we are aiming to help gamers from all over the world to get best gaming experience without getting confused.

Through Gameinstants.com as an online platform, we try our best to bring the latest gaming updates, user guides, reviews and news. If you’re interested in gaming and stuck in a quest or error then we are here to help you out with the help of your team of experts.

Gaming has become the best entertainment in everyone’s life since the release of the DS games and the gaming industry has developed a lot in terms of in-game machines, controls and tactics. There are lots of video games such as Fortnite, Elden Ring, GTA and more that get difficult quests and tasks that beginner-level players hassle to complete to progress further into the game. In this case, we are here to help you out as friends.

Our Writers

Our writers have played several video games they write about for a long time. The bulk of our authors have played eSports tournaments, and they are experienced in their fields, video games, speeches, video game devices such as game consoles or podcasts, new upcoming video game updates and video game error fixes.

Not only are they experts, but they’re also real people who play video games about their half-lives they write about and are passionate about sharing what they know with you.

Meet just a few of our experts:

Mritunjay Jadon

Mritunjay Jadon is a professional video gamer and has been writing for Gameinstants since 2021, with a career in video gaming dating back to 2014. He specializes in writing about RPG video games but knows his way around most video gaming consoles.

Mritunjay has been featured on KeepThetech, StreamingCord and more popular sites. Mritunjay holds a B.com. in Mass communication from MLB College.

Learn more about Mritunjay Jadon.

To know more about our Writers do check our Gameinstants Team.

Fact Checkers

To guarantee content integrity, our news content is subjected to a crucial layer of assessment by the skilled fact-checkers at Gameinstants.

These people have been handpicked and thoroughly examined for their journalistic and subject-area competence. Their responsibility includes investigating all claims of fact to guarantee that the technical details and facts presented in our news pieces are precise and all-inclusive, and the figures are current and well-referenced.

Assume that, whether or not it is a result of our fact-checking procedure, we are significantly revising a news story. In that instance, we concurrently release an explanation of the change’s specifics at the bottom of the article as a correction.

Gaming Review Board

We feel that providing the most accurate instructional and other supporting content is essential. We think that one excellent approach to accomplish this is to have our Gaming Review Board, a committed group of experts, evaluate our how-to gaming and related content.

As of the last time we checked, we are the only video gaming site using a Gaming Review Board.

Although it adds to our workload, we are glad to go above and above because it keeps our readers informed and confident in our capacity to deliver the information they require.

You can read more about our Gaming Review Board here.

Editorial Guidelines

At Gameinstants, we’re really proud of the caliber of our content. Despite the fact that we cover hundreds of various video game themes, they are all connected by the reader’s search for reliable video game information. Our authors provide excellent work that is free of bias, conflicts, ethical ambiguities, and false information.

Our goal at Gameinstants is to offer the best content created by people, for people. Publishing automatically created text with artificial intelligence (AI) writing tools, like ChatGPT, is prohibited by our policies.

We are aligned with the Gameinstants Content Integrity Promise.

Before going live, every piece of material on our site undergoes a professional editing process to guarantee it meets our high standards. Readability, formatting, punctuation and spelling, screenshot and photo quality, inclusive language and images, and much more are all checked by our team of skilled editors.

We cover everything from breaking news to relevant and in-depth stories in our news pieces. Each is authored by seasoned video gaming writers and swiftly verified for accuracy (see more about that below). We never deceive you with clickbait headlines, we diligently connect to our sources, and we get straight to the point.

We conduct independent research and test products before publishing reviews. If you click on links in our material, we might get paid a commission for the purchases you make, but we never get paid or given any credit for the advice we offer.

Our how-to gaming articles and other helpful materials are authored by established authors and seasoned video game educators, and they are updated often. We adhere to stringent style guidelines that we have created over the course of the previous three years to ensure that every procedure—no matter how complex—is as simple to follow as feasible. Find out more about our procedure for how-tos gaming here.

If you ever come across an article you think needs to be improved, please email us at [email protected] and let us know.

Accuracy and Corrections

At the heart of every InfoPlug Media brand, including Gameinstants, is the veracity of our verified content and news items. Our dedication to reader responsibility and openness regarding our accuracy and corrections procedures is equally strong.

We constantly update and fact-check our extensive collection of how-to content to guarantee the continuous publication of accurate, comprehensive, pertinent, and current helpful information. Articles in our content collection are date-stamped after undergoing our thorough and organized updating and verification procedure, which serves as a reminder to users that the data is correct and comprehensive. News articles are not a regular element of our update process; instead, they frequently chronicle a specific occurrence in time.

At Gameinstants, we’re dedicated to alerting readers when a mistake has occurred and fixing it. We will update the article as soon as we find a substantial factual inaccuracy and include a correction notice. Every adjustment will have a distinct title, be dated, and specify what was fixed.

We welcome our readers’ participation in our ongoing commitment to accuracy and fact-checking. If you believe we have published a factual error in any of our content, please let us know and we will investigate and take appropriate corrective and/or updating measures. To report a possible error of fact, please email us at [email protected] and let us know.

Independence and Impartiality

The mission of Gameinstants is to provide fair, unbiased, and independent journalism. Our advertisers have no influence over our editorial content. Every employee and contributor at Gameinstants is expected to uphold a strict code of integrity and openness.

Editorial content and advertising are kept strictly apart by us. We clearly identify the content that is contributed by or on behalf of an advertising or sponsor by labeling it as “Sponsored Content.”

Our goal is to help people find solutions, get inspired, and solve problems through valuable knowledge. As such, we are committed to publishing thorough, unbiased reviews of goods and services. Our evaluations of goods and services are completely unbiased and founded on in-depth investigation and product testing. Gameinstants may earn royalties on sales made by readers who click on “affiliate links” in our content, but we are never paid or given any credit for the advice we provide.

It is against the rules for writers and editors of Gameinstants to give any outside resource (company, publication, video, affiliate, website) preferential treatment because of their affiliation with the individual or business that created or owns the resource.

It is the duty of all of our writers and editors to declare any possible conflicts of interest—any financial or personal link with any source or resource that might impair their ability to report the news objectively and fairly. Like many publications, we occasionally provide complimentary goods or services to our authors and editors for evaluation. We are open and honest about the times when our editorial teams receive expensive goods or services. It is not permitted for our editorial contributors or staff to request gifts or services for themselves.


At Gameinstants, we strive to deliver unique, practical, and objective content. Every piece of information needs to be confirmed, given due credit, and not violate someone else’s copyright or intellectual property rights. Any allegation of plagiarism is thoroughly looked into and is cause for termination. All network contributors are expected to follow all relevant laws, norms, and recognized journalistic practices, such as:

Content Integrity

We are dedicated to producing content and editing procedures that are of the highest caliber and reliability. To make sure all of our information is current, correct, and prioritizes the needs of our readers, our team of writers, editors, fact-checkers, illustrators, photographers, and professionals in the fields of medicine and finance conducts thorough research and reviews it all on a regular basis.

Every story has a byline with the name, a synopsis, and a link to additional details about the people who contributed to it. The date denotes the most recent update to the article with fresh data. A tagline that offers more details about the research or authorship can also be found at the end of some articles.

Internal teams work with subject matter specialists to produce unique illustrations, graphics, photos, and films that reflect a range of voices, perspectives, and settings. The quality, accuracy, and integrity of these assets are guaranteed by periodic evaluation by editors and, when necessary, by members of the evaluation Board representing the medical, financial, anti-bias, and other fields. There is no manipulation of images or videos to make them appear fake or deceptive.

We aim to make it simple for our readers to point out factual inaccuracies to us, and we promptly correct any that we find.

It is the duty of each and every one of our contributors, editors, and authors to disclose any possible conflicts of interest.

Our advertisers have no influence over our editorial content. We explicitly distinguish editorial content from advertising content and preserve a rigorous division between the two.

Diversity and Inclusion

As the “Best Gaming Hub” website, Gameinstants caters to all video gamers. Regarding the injustices, hate, prejudice, and fear that many people in our communities experience, we cannot remain silent. Each of us has a responsibility to oppose systematic racism.

We can leverage our position as a major video gaming content publisher to provide voice to people who find it difficult to be heard. We can draw attention to individuals working in the video gaming sector to close gaps such as the Digital Divide. We can endeavor to better diversify our teams as employers. And that’s not all we are capable of.

Read more about our pledge to make our site more inclusive and to promote diversity.

What Our Readers Say

Gameinstants is an expert in explaining video games such as how you can complete certain levels or missions on particular games. I personally prefer to play Elden Ring and I have lots of useful information about it on this platform.

– Kelan Smith

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Privacy Policy

We value the concerns of our user community and take internet privacy seriously.If you want to give us information, we may obtain it directly from you, including personal information.Furthermore, when you visit the Site, cookies, web beacons, and other comparable technologies may be used by us and our third-party partners to automatically gather some information about you and your visit, including personal information.We may use the data collected on the Site for a number of reasons, such as answering your questions and presenting you with offers and content that are tailored to your interests and online activity.

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About InfoPlug Media

Our story began when KeepTheTech was founded by Mritunjay Jadon, back in 2014. It was later amalgamated with Gaming-Tech-focused sites Gameinstants and Streamingcord. InfoPlugMedia was formally established to represent the business interests of the gaming, entertainment and tech network and our team always focuses on giving our 100% to our audience.

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