Every day, Gameinstants and the complete network of websites operated by InfoPlugMedia aim to produce the best possible coverage of the gaming, popular culture, and entertainment industries. Every piece of content posted on our websites or the related off-platform channels is aimed at being 100% correct by our top-notch editorial staff.

Every website in the Infoplugmeda network, including Gameinstants, is aware of the importance and power of journalism. In order to achieve perfect accuracy across all of our headlines, subheadings, articles, and social copy, we use a two-step fact-checking procedure.

Every writer in the network will double check their own work for any direct errors, omissions, and details that might be misleading in certain situations. An editor will then independently fact-check the content, making sure that each piece is confirmed, properly cited, and that all links are functional before publication.

When mistakes do happen, Gameinstants maintains the right to edit articles after they have been published to make sure the most accurate and contextually relevant information is presented. You can read more about our network’s corrections policy here.