The Gameinstants team is embracing some of the best and most talented writers in the gaming industry. This team is backed by lots of game experience in the video game industry and published lots of gaming stories online on various platforms. These are some of the most talented folks we have on Gameinstants.

mritunjay jadon

Mritunjay Jadon (Editor in Chief)

Mritunjay is a Senior content manager at Gameinstants. He has experience in gaming industry of 8 years. He completed is studies in Unreal Engine in 2017 and since then he is working for Gameinstants.

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Cande Maldonado (Senior Writer)

Cande Maldonado Pot-smasher, NPC-annoyer, side quest-completionist. Oh, there’s that writing gig, too. He also worked for other gaming news websites such as TheNerdstash and more.

Nikhil Prakashbhai Chavda

Nikhil Chavda ( Senior Writer)

Nikhil adores video games a lot especially Elden Ring and Minecraft. He started playing video games when he was 14. Now Nikhil shares video game guides with others to help them out. He is also a standup comedian.

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Ankush Sheoran (Writer)

Hey there! My name is Ankush and I’m a blogger, content writer, and web developer. I’m passionate about all things gaming, technology, and cyber security, and I love sharing my knowledge with others through my writing.

Dennis Mukirai

Dennis Mukirai (Writer)

Dennis Mukirai Dennis Mukirai is a gaming enthusiast who love to play games and in his free time he share guides on Gameinstants. His experties mainly in Fortnite, Minecraft and Roblox.

Mercy Stephen

Mercy Stephen (Writer)

Mercy admires RPG games such as Hogwarts Legacy, Fortnite, LOL and more. She daily spends 2 to 3 hours playing video games and help other gamers with her guides.

Solomon Jackson

Solomon Jackson (Writer)

I’m Soloman Jackson a video game journalist with a passion for playing video games and writing. If I’m not playing my favourite game, I’m probably writing about it.



Karishma playing video games from young age. She also participated in serveral esports events. Her favorite video games are Fortnite, Roblox, COD and more.

Spandan Chatterjee

Spandan Chatterjee (Writer)

Spandan Chatterjee is an experienced gaming journalist. He scripts video games guides and updates on Gameinstants, covering Pokemon Go, COD Mobile, and more. The 22-year old previously worked for Sportskeeda.

Uriel Jephthah

Uriel Jephthah (Writer)

Uriel is a die-hard gamer with a penchant for first-person shooters. With a keen interest in the field of esports, he keeps a careful eye on esports events taking place across the world. Uriel is now working on creating material for the Indian gaming community.

Zeeshan Ismail Israr

Zeeshan Ismail Israr (Writer)

Zeeshan has been playing video games since he was a little lad and is a fan of RPGs, Action, and Retro games. When it comes to the topics he writes about, you know you’re in for a crazy journey because of his overpowering passion with Minecraft and Pokemon Go.

Aishwary Pratap Singh

Aishwary Pratap Singh (Writer)

Aishwary is an passionate video gamer. He previously worked for Sportzhive. Currently, He covers video games guides and updates on Gameinstants.

aditya kelkar

Aditya Kelkar (Writer)

Aditya is the video games journalist at Gameinstants. He’ll play whatever you throw at him, but he’s particularly fond of Pokemon Go, Minecraft and battle royal games.

vipin gupta

Vipin Gupta (Contributor)

Vipin Gupta is an Gaming Enthusiast & My Favorite Games are COD, PUBG, Minecraft. I Love to write engaging and valuable articles for readers.

jaivir kumar

Jaivir Kumar (Contributor)

Janvir is a passionate video gamer he played lots of games since his school days. Now he decided to guide other gamers through his gaming content.


Vedanti Kholi (Contributor)

Vedanti Kohli completed the Game Art & 3D Game Content Creation in 2020, she has had an adoration for video games from a very young age. Now she writes articles online to help others without getting confused while playing.

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Vidhi Tripathi (Contributor)

Vidhi Tripathi is a gaming enthusiast who starts playing video games at a young age. Currently, she working as a content writer on Gameinstants. Her favourite games are Minecraft, Fortnite and Roblox.

shubham dalal

Shubham Dalal (Contributor)

Shubham Dalal, Esports coach (certified by next level esports. He is an professional video games player who love to play video games and share guides about them.

riti sharma

Riti Sharma (Contributor)

Riti Sharma is a freelance writer and games enthusiast. She completed her Diploma in Game Development in 2017. Rita currently working as a writer on Gameinstants.