Gameinstants How-To Editorial Guidelines

Every reader, regardless of skill level, comes to Gameinstants knowing that we have the directions they require, explained in a language they can comprehend, whether they are creating a new email account or building a computer from the ground up.

Our trove of more than 3000+ how-to gaming articles provides background information for our news and reviews. We don’t just suggest products to you; we also walk you through the process of using them after you have them home. We don’t simply inform you when a new software version for your phone is available; we also walk you through the process of installing the update.

At Gameinstants, we take the importance of educational information for our visitors extremely seriously, unlike many other websites. We meticulously study the procedure and produce top-notch instructional materials because we understand that you require the quickest, most straightforward, and most efficient approach possible to complete a computer assignment.

While user forums and manufacturer support pages are excellent places to look for guidance and tips, nothing compares to having a third-party, subject-matter expert take the time to walk you through a procedure from beginning to end, anticipating potential problems and providing assistance as needed.

If you ever find an article on gameinstants that you think needs to be improved, please email us at [email protected].

Here’s more on our process and commitments to you:

Original Research

Our team of knowledgeable writers develops tutorials while utilizing the goods and services. When writing how-to gaming articles, we never use manuals, instructions, or content from manufacturer/provider knowledge bases as a source of first-hand knowledge.

Our experts usually buy the product or service they’re making a how-to gaming for if they don’t already own it or subscribe to it. Occasionally, we may be given free early access to a product or service and be given an early look at it, but as soon as we finish writing the instructions, we swiftly return the item or terminate the service.

In order to create troubleshooting content—a unique kind of how-to gaming article—we largely rely on the broad product/service experience and deep skill set of a small number of our gaming support pros. This level of skill is necessary because real-world problem-solving experience translates into the finest article to assist you in solving an issue.

Every how-to gaming article takes several hours of research and writing, additional effort for editing and other review processes, and additional time as we update them over time. All of this guarantees that you’re reading the most precise, current, and user-friendly how-to guide available online.

Clear and Precise Language

Our instructional content is kept as clear and succinct as possible at Gameinstants by using a modified version of the Activision Manual of Style, a style guide tailored specifically for gaming writing that will help you follow along and avoid mistakes.

Although our writers, editors, and reviewers use far more comprehensive style guides, the following are some standout examples that significantly influence the caliber of our instructions:

  • Try writing “Best Gaming Hub” by approaching your writing as you would a friend. Steer clear of superfluous gaming talk and Mr.jadon. Make instructions clear and easy to follow.
  • Get to the Point: Answer the question immediately. Avoid tangents. Our readers want to quickly complete the task and move on with their days.
  • Consistently Format: Use bold, italics, and other formatting the same way throughout the how-to to avoid confusion from step to step.

Following a rigid style rule also helps us keep our vast library of how-to articles consistent, so you always know what to expect the next time you come to us for support or to pick up a new skill.

No Confusion or Surprises

We design all of our educational materials with you, the human being, in mind who could be trying something out for the first time. To help you stay confident during the process and prevent unpleasant surprises, we take a number of steps in our how-to tutorials.

We make sure you know that you’re at the right spot in the first few pages. We achieve this by clearly outlining the goals you’ll pursue, the approximate time required, and the platform, product, or operating system that the instructions pertain to.

We have strategically included callouts throughout the instructions to help you out when you might need to know a little bit more. These are frequently pointers to make things move a little more smoothly, but occasionally they’re crucial cautions to prevent you from making a mistake that our knowledgeable writer has seen others do.

Playing video games or playing video games on your gaming console is a common topic covered in how-to gaming articles on Gameinstants. In those situations, we make every effort to give screenshots that clearly demonstrate what you should do. We even annotate those screenshots where it’s feasible to do so, indicating the precise location of any taps, clicks, or keyboard input.

Helpful for All Skill Levels

Our how-to gaming articles are well-liked by readers of all ability levels, in part because we take care to write them so that anyone can follow along at their own pace and with the degree of explanation and assistance that suits them best.

We include links to supplementary articles that explain ideas for inexperienced readers, or even more how-to gaming articles that take you step-by-step through more complex tasks, in case you need assistance understanding something along the way. This eliminates the need for an expert user to read through unnecessary definitions and explanations.

We take effort to ensure that each step’s first sentence is brief and clear for experienced users, making it easier for them to swiftly scan and complete tasks. When it’s feasible, we also condense the processes into a small list of bullets at the top of the page, which makes it incredibly simple to complete tasks when all you need is a reminder.

Diverse and Free of Bias

Gameinstants is dedicated to producing educational content that takes into account and celebrates the vast range of experiences, skills, locations, and life situations of those who read our articles. This is part of our bigger diversity and anti-bias programs.

We employ a variety of inclusive practices in our how-to gaming content, such as utilizing photographs of varied demographics, providing helpful guidance for a range of financial situations, strictly adhering to accessibility standards, and more.

In addition, our editors, authors, and reviewers take care to steer clear of racial and gender biased outmoded video games jargon.

Accurate and Up to Date

Our how-to articles must not only be accurate when they are published, but also remain accurate over time due to the rapid changes in gaming. At Gameinstants, we have procedures in place to guarantee those two aspects for our educational materials.

Gaming Review Board

Our gaming-savvy editors proofread our how-to articles after experts write them to our exacting standards, but we think an additional layer of scrutiny is necessary to make sure every single fact, figure, and function is accurate.

That’s exactly what our Gaming Review Board, or TRB, does. This group of professionals is comprised of industry and Gaming certified experts. They check that the information in our educational and other helpful pieces is as accurate as possible.

You can read more about our Gaming Review Board here.

Gameinstants Surveillance Team

For example, the procedures needed to achieve this or that also frequently change when your phone receives a big update. As a result, we have to work rapidly to update our articles to reflect these changes.

This work is done by the Surveillance Team of Gameinstants. In essence, this is a small army of Gaming-savvy updaters who keep an eye out for updates of this nature from service providers and manufacturers. As soon as a requirement is recognized, a project is started, and the essential how-to pages are promptly updated to reflect the revised procedure.

Please feel free to write us at [email protected] if you chance to notice that one of our how-to articles needs an update before we do.