Amouranth Confirmed She Leaving Twitch

The competition between Twitch and Kick has been on the rise. Kick has kicked Twitch again as they have taken popular streamer Amouranth alongside XQC and other streamers.

There are rumours that they’ve got several streamers that they’re eyeing up as this is not good news for Twitch and it’s so bad that Twitch is walking it back a little bit with their revenue share.

They’re trying to pull people back with the 70/30 split but Kick is like 95/5 not just that also upfront they’re giving people worth tens of millions of Dollars to jump ship from Twitch. 

Is Amouranth Leaving Twitch

To be honest, I don’t know if Kick is going to be a viable long-term solution because I don’t know what their business plan is and they might burn out quickly and we’re looking at another mixed situation.

Amouranth announced that she was leaving Twitch for Kick during her 70th-anniversary stream. Up till this moment, details on how much Amouranth is being paid for joining Kick or how long the deal is for remain unknown.

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Whatever Amouranth may be paid for joining Kick, let’s just hope that Kick will not follow the same fate as Mixer.

There is no evidence that she signed any contract with Kick or that she plans to abandon Twitch. While money could be a motivating factor, it seems the main reason a lot of streamers are considering switching platforms is simply because they’re getting fed up with how Twitch operates. 

Kick has been branded as a platform that won’t silence streamers as Adin Ross claims you can stream whatever you want on Kick without being banned. That’s all about the Twitch vs Kick update as I’ll see you in the next update.