Animal Crossing How to Access Storage

There is never a shortage of goods to pick up when exploring your island. Unfortunately, your pockets don’t have limitless space to carry everything at once, which limits your journeys.

Because you’ll find yourself coming home to dump goods. However, a fresh addition may be just what you need. This guide will show you how to unlock the storage shed in Animal Crossing, as well as how the storage shed works so you can plan ahead of time if you want to get one.

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How to unlock the storage shed in Animal Crossing

The storage shed is a new item that allows you to remotely access your home storage. It will quickly become a critical waypoint for either freeing up your inventory or taking any necessary stuff without having to retrace all the way to your residence.

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To access the storage shed in Animal Crossing, you must first fully improve your house, then pay an extra 500,000 bells to increase your storage even more. After that, you should get an email the next day about being able to buy a storage shed using Nook Miles. Check out the Nook Stop after visiting the Town Hall.

There are two storage buildings available from here: a Wooden Storage Shed (made from a DIY recipe and available instantly for 6,000 Bells) and a larger Storage Shed (also 6,000 Bells but comes in the mail the following day). The wooden storage shed, in particular, necessitates the use of 30x wood, hardwood, softwood, and 10x iron nuggets.

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How the storage shed works in Animal Crossing 

The storage shed may be erected anywhere on the island, making it an indispensable instrument that you should pursue as soon as feasible.

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Place it once you’ve located the ideal location. Don’t worry, you can pick it up and move it afterwards, just like any other thing! When you interact with it, you’ll get two prompts: put something away and pull something out.

The first lets you store objects from your character’s pockets. You can keep them in your home storage as long as you have enough space.

The second lets you remove any of the things from storage for a fast crafting session or to grab an additional shovel. It’s a really useful shortcut all around, and particular applications may differ based on your environment and demands. Finally, like with most other inventory items, you may change the look of a workbench.

That’s how to access storage in Animal Crossing as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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