Are Aaron Wiggins and Andrew Wiggins Related?

Many players of the same family and brothers have been part of the NBA family. One such example is Stephen Curry and his brother Seth. Robin Lopez and Brook Lopez are popular brothers who play in the NBA but are on different teams. Many people wonder if Aaron Wiggins and Andrew Wiggins are also brothers due to the similarity in their last names.

Andrew Wiggins plays for the Golden State Warriors, and Aaron Wiggins plays for Oklahoma City Thunder. They leave their fans in confusion if they are actual brothers or not.

If you want to read more about them, I will tell you everything you need to know below. So stay tuned and keep reading the article.

Andrew Wiggins and Aaron Wiggins brothers
aaron wiggins

Are Andrew Wiggins and Aaron Wiggins actual brothers in real life? 

The two have no real connection, even though they share the same last name. It is merely just a coincidence. Both the players come from different family backgrounds. Andrew first came into the NBA when the Cleveland Cavaliers drafted him as the first pick in the 2014 NBA Draft.

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Andrew Wiggins went to the Vaughan Secondary School in Canada before playing in the NBA and also helped his team, in 2010, win the Ontario provincial championship.

From the team he debuted to the NBA, he has shown tremendous growth and has been a key player for many teams.

Since making his NBA debut, Andrew has been vital to numerous teams. Andrew played for the Thunders, but recently they signed Aaron Winger to play for them under an NBA contract. 

Both Andrew and Aaron also have a different and unique sense of playing. Andrew Wiggins is more of a defensive player, whereas Aaron likes to hold off his opponent team players and help his teammates to make space.