Baldur’s Gate 3 How to Get Out of Goblin Camp

The Goblin Camp is one of the first major strongholds seen by Baldur’s Gate 3 players. Players can visit this questionable fort in their mission to find aid with removing their Mind Flayer parasites and request an audience with one of their commanders, potentially finding leads on how to permanently remove oneself of the tadpole.

Depending on the decisions made by players, this may not finish on the best of terms. Their choices may result in them being locked up in a cell, which might be difficult to escape from at first look. Despite the armies of guards and the huge Ogress outside the jail, escaping the Goblin Camp isn’t as difficult as some may imagine.

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How to Escape the Goblin Camp in BG3

If the interaction with True Soul Gut does not proceed as expected, she will drug one of the party members and lock them up in one of the temple’s secluded rooms. The remaining party members are free to roam about, but they are not required to perform anything during this portion.

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Prior to that, the imprisoned party member can attempt an Acrobatics or Strength check to see if they can break free from their restraints. This will allow them to sneak out through the door and return to the chamber where Gut poisoned them. From here, they may contact the remainder of the party.

Another option is to climb the ladder and swiftly leap out the opposite side of the window before the Ogress turns around. This path takes players to the Defiled Temple, where they can solve a riddle to escape to the Underdark. If players opt to save their power, a strange woman will destroy True Soul Gut before vanishing. Players are now able to walk about or teleport away to a waypoint.

If you commit a crime inside the Goblin Camp, expect things to turn out differently. You will be transferred and imprisoned in the Worg Pens, the camp’s conventional jail. Halsin, the Druids’ leader, will be waiting for you in this cell. 

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To escape, you must pick the cell’s lock. If you do not know how to pick a lock, you must relocate a dead elf to disclose a mystery hole on the opposite side of the cell.

That’s how to get out of Goblin Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3 as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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