Baldur’s Gate 3 How to Get to Goblin Camp

The Goblin Camp is a large fortress teeming with… you guessed it, Goblins, as well as its leaders Minthara, Priestess Gut, and Ragzlin. There’s also the Druid Halsin, Volo, riches, a passage to the Underdark, and more.

You can negotiate your way inside, sneak in from the outside, or battle your way in – but not all tactics are equally feasible. Still, no matter how you wish to approach it, we’ll teach you how to enter inside the Goblin Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3 in the best method possible.

How to get into the Goblin Camp in BG3

You can access the Goblin Camp through talking your way in or sneaking through.

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How to Talk Your Way Into The Goblin Camp 

Use the illithid parasite to convince the goblins that you are a True Soul and should be allowed to pass freely. You’ll need to pass a simple 1d20 dice roll, which should be easy. Talking your way into the Goblin Camp is by far the greatest choice.

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Because it allows you to interact with every character, merchant, and have significantly more control over how you go about the camp – and there’s nothing keeping you from switching to battle or stealth once you’re there if you wish.

Once you’ve passed the first goblins in the Blighted Village, you’ll have limited access to both the Shattered Sanctum and the outer Goblin Camp. You won’t be able to enter some rooms or regions, such as Priestess’ Guts’ personal quarters or the treasure vault under Ragzlin the Hobgoblin, unless you have a silver tongue or have killed the BG3 Goblin Leaders beforehand. 

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How To Sneak Into The Goblin Camp 

The second best method to enter the Goblin Camp is by stealth, albeit it’s not as good or as cheap as just receiving permission. You’ll certainly need Astarion’s sneak attack for this, as well as a powerful Bludgeoning or Force attack, such as a warhammer or Eldritch Blast. The Shadow Hearts Blessing of the Trickster and Pass Without Trace abilities would also be useful, albeit they are less necessary.

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That’s how to get to Goblin Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3 as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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