Bard Disabled in League of Legends Explained

Why is Bard disabled in LOL? Recently the Bard is disabled in League of Legends players are getting confused about this action taken by the LOL developers. If you’re also searching for the info. why it’s disabled? Here we cover the reason why LOL has to take this action and what causes it with complete information.

Reason Why Bard Disabled in LOL

The LOL players who access the client application on April 22, 2022, get this message “We have disabled Bard due to in-game issues and are currently working on a resolution” on their screen next to the play button.

Riot Games has disabled the bard for a few hours due to a technical issue with bans along with certain players. According to the sources, this issue is caused due to interaction between Bard’s E and Anivia or Trundle’s wall and pillar. However, the issue is resolved but what causes it here is the explanation.

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What Caused Bard Disable in LOL

The Youtube channel named Vandril has uploaded a video that shows what is the cause of this error and why Bard is disabled in LOL.

The video shows the interaction between the Bard’s E and Anivia or Trundle’s. In simple words whenever the players are using the Bard portal with their abilities they all end up crashing the game. Most of the players also claim this issue not only crashes the game but also wipes the match from their match history.

Fourtnetly Riot Games has resolved the issue and the bard portal is not back in Legends of Leagues. Now players can easily choose the Wandering Caretaker for normal as well as for ranked games. After resolving the issue Riot has removed the message that starts appearing next to the play at the time of the issue.