Best Baxcalibur Build For Pokémon Scarlet and Violet (Ranked Battle)

The Ranked Battle is ongoing in Scarlet and Violet and if you’re looking for the best team play with then you might consider playing with Baxcalibur one of the coolest Pokemon with less weakness so it will be perfect partner for you for the fight. Here we featured the best build for Baxcalibur for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Without further ado let check the best builds for this amazing Pokemon.

Best Build for Baxcalibur for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Baxcalibur is Dargon / Ice type Pokemon and using the best build for this Pokemon will give you an upper hand during the fight with other Pokemon. So let take look into some of the best Baxcalibur build for Scarlet and Violet.

Baxcalibur Best Build

Tera TypeFire
AbilityThermal Exchange (If Fire type Pokemon attack Baxcalibur then its attack status boost to 1 level)
Held ItemLum Berry (Its allow Baxcalibur to recover from any status effect)
Final Stat ValuesHealth – 191
Attack – 197
Defense – 112
Special Defense – 106
Speed – 152
EV SpreadHealth – 4  
Attack – 252
Speed – 250

Best Baxcalibur Moveset

Following are some of the best movesets for the Baxcalibur that you can use in Pokemon Scarlet and Voilet.

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Glaive Rush: The Glaive Rush is an damage deal by the Dargon type Pokemon. If this move hit the target it will deal the double damage

Icicle Crash: The Icicle Crash is an Ice type damage that was used by the Ice Pokemon and Baxcalibur is both Dragon/ Ice type Pokemon. If target hit by this move then it will get damage and there are chances it may get flinch.

Tera Blast: The Tera Blast is an normal type move in case if the user attack stat is greater than the special attack stat then this move will physical move.

Dragon Dance: This is an damage dealing move basically the Dragon Dance move give the boost to the users attack and speed.

Best Baxcalibur Team

Tag Team Offense: Baxcalibur
Defense: Wash Rotom
Tank: Hippowdon
Doubles TeamSupport and Redirection: Amoonguss and Pelipper
Physical Attacker: Palafin and Baxcalibur

These best team for single and double will help Baxcalibur for both attack, defense and support against its weakness. For example the Hippowdon can easily handle the Rock and Posion type Pokemon for single tag time and for doubles team Amoonguss can handle Grass, Electric, Fairy and Fighting type Pokemon.

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Baxcalibur Stats

  • Type: Dragon/Ice
  • Weakness: Fairy, Fighting, Rock, Dragon, Steel
  • Takes Damage: Bug, Ghost, Dark, Normal, Fire, Ice, Poison, Ground, Flying, Psychic
  • Resistance: Water, Grass, Electric

This is sum up for this short guide for more similar content such as best level 2 encounter power sandwich or more do check our Pokemon Scarlet Violet guide panel.