Best GTA RP Servers To Play (2024)

The roleplaying server is the soul of GTA 5 most players prefer to play in GTA RP servers because it allows players to enjoy a more thrilling gameplay experience of their character more closely. However, finding the best RP server is kind of a troublesome task. Well don’t worry here we featured some of the best RP servers for GTA 5 with our personal gameplay experience.

Best GTA Role-Playing Servers In 2023

Below we mentioned some of the best GTA RP servers that are accessed by a huge number of GTA players per day.

1. TwitchRP

GTA 5 TRP Server
best gta rp servers

We found TwtichRP one of the best servers that why we keep it on the top of this list. This server has more than 21K active members and just like its name, this server is popular among Twitch Steam users. In this server, you can get different types of tasks such as recycling waste, delivering guy, selling costly vehicles and much more.

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2. NoPixel

gta 5 no
best gta rp servers

No Pixel is popular among the GTA 5 player because it’s an iconic RP server. Lots of Twitch steamers use this server to play such as xQc, Sykkuno, Summit1g and more.

Similar to the other RP server the NoPixel can also host 200 players but 32 players can only play at a time. Does most of the time NoPixel has downtime due to the high volume of players.

3. New Day RP

new day rp server gta
best gta rp servers

If you want to play Red Dead Redemption 2 roleplaying server and prefer a similar RP server then New Day RP is perfect for you. The server has equine tasks and twists that players can enjoy as the GTA V player.

4. Eclipse RP

Eclipse RP GTA 5
best gta rp servers

Eclipse RP is also one of the popular RP servers among GTA 5 players. Because it can host 200 players at a time but due to the huge player number you need to wait in the list. There are lots of jobs available on this server such as stealing cars, government work, gambling jobs, drug dealing and more.

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5. GTA World

gta world rp
best gta rp servers

If you prefer to play GTA 5 alone without interacting with strangers then GTA World RP Server is best for you. In this RP server, you can install Rage mod instead of FiveM. Most importantly, the GTA World RP server has 500 player limit which also means you need to wait in a list for a long time. There are lots of tasks were available for players to experience such as buying business, providing services and more.

6. Los Santos Life

lslrp gta 5
best gta rp servers

If you prefer to play in more impressive real-world gameplay then you can go for Los Santos Life RP Server. Because this Roleplaying server offers a more realistic gameplay experience of criminal life similar to the GTA 5 story mode.

All these six GTA 5 RP Servers are the best to experience amazing GTA 5 gameplay. Hopefully, you find this list helpful.

This is the end of the best GTA 5 Role Playing Server list for more relevant content do check our GTA 5 guides section.

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