Best Guns Warzone Season 4 (2024)

Having a good weapon in Warzone is essential no matter what map or mode you’re playing. Whether it is Ashika Island or Al Mazrah, a great setup is key to dominating on the battlefield.

I’ll be covering the best guns in Warzone Season 4 after all the buffs and nerfs here in the new season, I think I have a pretty dang good list for you so make sure you grab a notepad and let’s dive in.

Warzone Best Guns In Season 4

These are some of the best guns in Warzone Season 4 with high-end damage, fast recoil, better aiming and smooth handling.


M13 warzone
Raven Software

We’re going to be starting off this list with an honourable mention of the M13. It definitely deserves more love than it has received.

It has gotten a lot of buffs over the past couple of seasons and it’s definitely in a very good spot with fantastic damage range, low recoil and a fast fire rate so it’s even good at close range and it’s definitely deserving of the honourable mention spot.

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TAQ 56

TAQ 56 Warzone Gun
Raven Software

Not many people should be surprised here, this thing is an absolute monster at medium and long range. It does fall off a bit at close range but this is a slower player’s dream. It’s got no recoil, and great damage range, it’s just an easy weapon to use and an extremely satisfying one.

Vaznev 9K 

vaznev 9k warzone
Raven Software

What I have here for you guys is the fastest ads Vasnav 9K. This is very good for running public matches, and getting your gun up quickly.

Tempus Razorback 

Tempus Razorback warzone
Raven Software

At number four, we have the newest addition to the game and that is the Tempus Razorback. This beauty has a super fast fire rate and it’s just an aggressive player’s dream. Believe me when I say you’ll get an absolute blast when you get bad boy levelled up.


M4 Warzone
Raven Software

At the fifth spot, we going to have the all-reliable M4. This weapon is so good that it substitute for medium and long-range battle.

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With a fast fire rate for close range, and low recoil for medium range and that’s definitely the targeted area but the recoil is still super low, especially with an addition of a barrel you can take long-range fight very easily.

That is it guys, make sure you go down the comment section and tell me did I absolutely destroy the top five, did I do a very good job and possibly give me your top five weapons I’d love to investigate what other people are using as I’ll see you in the next COD guide. Until then you can also check our other COD Warzone guides on our homepage.

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