Blasphemous 2 How Long To Beat

Blasphemous 2 is the highly anticipated game released by Team17. The game, which was released on August 24, 2023, on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S, builds on the heritage of its predecessor with dark and hard gameplay.

Players adopt the role of the silent knight as they embark on a new journey to prevent the rebirth of the curse known as “The Miracle” in a new realm. The game incorporates the Metroidvania genre’s characteristic components, including elaborate 2D side-scrolling settings loaded with lethal traps, strong adversaries, and intricate boss battles.

The game adds new weapons with different characteristics, providing players with a variety of fighting options and assisting in exploration. The development of the game was centered on improving controls based on user input and extending the protagonist’s armament.

How Long to Beat Blasphemous 2

It all depends on the type of play and other criteria, and it usually takes between 10 and 30 hours. In comparison to Dark Souls, Blasphemous 2 takes significantly less time to finish. At the same time, depending on how skillful a player is, killing a boss might take anything from 5 minutes to several hours.

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The same may be said for the game itself; if played flawlessly, completion duration can range between 10 and 15 hours.

If fans get lost on levels, lose to bosses, spend time absorbing the narrative, and completely explore the universe, including different secrets and achievements, the time necessary can rise to 30 hours or more. It would also be fascinating to know how long it takes to complete the campaign, but because the game was published so recently, no speed runs have been recorded.

Unlike its predecessor, the sequel appears to provide a less intimidating experience, enabling players to alter their approach to the game’s obstacles, impacting the time required for completion. Exploring Blasphemous 2’s universe might result in varied completion durations.

That’s how long it takes to beat Blasphemous 2 as I’ll see you in the next guide.