COD Mobile: All Signature Attachments Unlock Guide

The signature attachment was introduced in March 2022, the first signature attachment was Thunderbolt Sling for weapon HBRa3. Now, there are a total of seven signature attachments in call of duty in 2023. Signature weapons are not just regular attachments for weapons, you can unlock signature attachments by completing specific challenges in cod.

Whereas other weapons aren’t required to complete any challenges. But before that, you need to complete the seasonal challenges to get the signature weapon for the weapons. There are signature attachments for weapons are AK-47, ASM10, DL Q33, HBRa3, M16, PHARO, and RPD.

The most recent signature weapon was introduced for the sniper rifle DL Q33. Signature attachment will improve your skills on the battlefield, attachments have their pros that you can acquire to win a battle.

Here we have discussed all about the signature weapons, what signature attachment you will get, the pros, and cons, and how to get the signature attachment. ‘

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All New Signature Attachments and How To Unlock Them in COD Mobile

In 2023 with the new release of the DLQ33 signature attachment, there are now a total of seven signature attachments in COD Mobile 2023. Now you can unlock the DL Q33 signature attachment by completing certain challenges and other previous signature attachments were available through the season challenges. 

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Weapon Signature attachmentHow to getRelease DateProsCons
DL Q33Maevwat Omega-1, ammunitionTarget Acquired event Season: 1 Reawakening 2023Concussion after hit-2 magazine capacity

-1% movement speed

-5% reload time
M16Wild Fire Perk30 headshots with M16Season: 10 World-classFully automation powerbody part damage multiplierFire interval
RPDCooling Compressor BarrelNeed to kill 50 enemies in long-range with LMG Season 5 topical vision+15% damage range

Converts in Overheated Fire mode

Reduce 10% vertical recoil

Reduce 10% hit Flinch
Reduce -3% movement speed

Increases 10% ADS bullet spread
PharoUnderbarrel  stun gunRequired to get 30 headshots with PharoSeason 9 Zombies are back Closed-range weapon that helps you to attack nearby enemies with electric shock 
HBRa3Thunderbolt sling Kill 30 enemies with the Assault RifleReduce 25% sprint to fire delay 

Reduce 5% horizontal recoil

Reduce 10% vertical recoil

Reduce 15% hip fire bullet spread
Reduce 5% ADS movement speed 

Increase 8% ADS bullet spread
ASM10Branson barrelSeason 7 new vision cityIncrease 15% damage range

Reduce 12.7% horizontal recoil

Reduce 14% vertical recoil

Fires the first bullet at a higher rate
Reduce 5% ADS movement speed

Reduce 8% ADS time
AK-47GRU Combo GripNeed 50 headshots with the AK 47Season: Radical RaidReduce 40% ADS bullet spread

Increase 20% damage range

Reduce 25% vertical recoil

Reduce 10% horizontal 

Reduce 3% movement speed

Reduce 20% ADS movement speed

Increase 35% ADS time


As listed you can get the signature attachment by completing some challenges by season. We suggest you first get the enemies-based signature weapons, which are required to kill a particular number of enemies by headshot or range.

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Others are season based which might available through the season only. As the new season arrives COD mobile community members can have more number of signature attachments.