Escape from Tarkov Hunter Quest Guide

Escape from Tarkov is an intense and immersive online first-person shooter game that challenges players to survive and thrive in a post-apocalyptic environment. One of the thrilling quests in the game is called “Hunter.”

In this article, we will delve into the details of the Hunter quest, its requirements, objectives, and rewards, and provide a comprehensive guide to help players successfully complete this challenging task.


To undertake the Hunter quest in Escape from Tarkov, you must meet certain requirements. These requirements are:

Loyalty Level 4 with Jaeger: Before embarking on the Hunter quest, you need to reach Loyalty Level 4 with Jaeger, a key character in the game.


The main objective of the Hunter quest is to eliminate Shturman, the notorious leader of a bandit group, multiple times. Your objective is as follows:

Eliminate Shturman 20 times: Shturman can be found in the Woods location, and you must track him down and eliminate him a total of 20 times to complete this objective.

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Completing the Hunter quest in Escape from Tarkov comes with its own set of rewards. These rewards include:

  • 100,000 Roubles
  • 105,000 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 1
  • 115,000 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 2
  • 1× Weapon case
  • 1× Chain with Prokill medallion
  • Unlocks purchase of SWORD International Mk-18 .338 LM marksman rifle at Jaeger LL4


Tarkov Hunter Quest Guide
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Undertaking the Hunter quest can be a challenging endeavor. To assist you in completing the quest efficiently, we have prepared a helpful guide. Follow these steps to increase your chances of success:

Preparation: Before venturing into the Woods location, make sure to gear up appropriately. Stock up on ammunition, medical supplies, and other essential items to ensure your survival during the intense encounters with Shturman and his gang.

Scout the Woods: Familiarize yourself with the layout of the Woods location. Explore the area, discover key landmarks, and plan your approach. This knowledge will give you an advantage when engaging in firefights with Shturman and his minions.

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Track Shturman: Shturman is known to roam the Woods location, often taking cover in strategically advantageous positions. Use your tracking skills to locate him and engage him in combat. Be cautious, as he is a formidable adversary.

Eliminate Shturman: Engage Shturman and his gang in combat, utilizing your skills and weapons to eliminate them swiftly and efficiently. Take cover, use tactical strategies, and make every shot count. Remember, you need to eliminate Shturman a total of 20 times to complete the quest.


The Hunter quest in Escape from Tarkov offers players an exciting and challenging experience. By meeting the requirements, completing the objectives, and utilizing the provided guide, you can successfully navigate through this quest and be rewarded handsomely.