Escape from Tarkov: Important Patient Quest Guide

The Important Patient is another Escape from Tarkov’s quest given by the Therapist. Similar to other quests in Important Patient you need to collect bandages and give them to the Therapist. If you getting confused in this quest well don’t worry.

Here in this guide, we cover all information related to the Important Patient quest that might come in handy for you.

How To Complete Important Patient Quest in Tarkov?

The Important Patient is an event quest in Escape from Tarkov and the goal of this quest is to collect 10 million Aseptic and Army bandages and hand them over to the Therapist. The interesting thing about this quest is until now the rewards were unknown quest, yes this means once this event quest is competed you will get rewards that are not been revealed by the EFT team until now.

important patient escape from tarkov
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Important Patient Quest Dialogue

It’s not in my nature to be asking on behalf of others, but an acquaintance of mine desperately needs your help! She has a patient who is in critical condition and needs to be treated urgently. This person is extremely important to some… influential people. She has the medications she needs, but needs bandaging supplies. I would be very grateful if you could help!

Important Patient Quest Objectives

  • Hand over Aseptic bandages
  • Hand over Army bandages
  • Goal 10 Million bandages
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Important Patient Quest Rewards

  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unknown

Guide To Complete Important Patient Quest

This quest is cannot be done by any single player because this a community task quest and the goal for this quest is gathering 10M bandages.

So you need to find and hand over as many bandages as you can to the Therapist. EFT developer has created a platform that shows the total number of bandages collected until now. Here is the link to the platform that you can access to see the total bandages.

You need to collect Army and Aseptic bandages but the important thing is the bandages do not have a “Found in Raid” status means you cant submit bandages that you find during the Raid in Escape from Tarkov. The only way to obtain these bandages is by crafting them in the Hideout Lavatory level 1 or purchasing them from the Flea Market.

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Once with the help of the Escape from Tarkov player’s community the 10M bandages or event quest is ended then players will get rewards for this quest. For more similar content do check our EFT guides.