Escape from Tarkov: No Offence Quest Guide

No Offence is one of the quests given by the Prapor in Escape from Tarkov. In this quest, the player has immersed themselves in a dangerous and unforgiving world. Completing quests is an essential part of the gameplay, providing opportunities for rewards, reputation gains, and progress within the game’s narrative.

One such quest is “No Offence,” which involves a disgruntled character named Prapor and a favor he asks of the player.

In this guide, we will delve into the details of the quest, its objectives, and rewards, and provide a comprehensive guide to completing it successfully.


To complete the “No Offence” quest, players must fulfill the following objectives:

  1. Obtain 10x M67 grenades.
  2. Hand over the 10 grenades to Prapor.

These objectives require players to navigate the game world, interact with various NPCs, and acquire the specific items needed to fulfill the quest requirements.

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Upon completing the quest, players are rewarded with an increase in Prapor’s reputation by 0.25 points. This indicates that the player character has regained some of Prapor’s trust and loyalty. Additionally, Prapor warns the player about another character named Skier, emphasizing his shady nature and advising caution when dealing with him.


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To aid players in completing the “No Offence” quest, here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Begin the quest by accepting it from Prapor.
  2. Gather the required 10x M67 grenades.
  3. Once you have the grenades, return to Prapor’s location.
  4. Hand over the 10 grenades to Prapor.
  5. Receive the reputation increase and advice regarding Skiers.

By following this guide, players can efficiently progress through the quest and experience the consequences of their actions within the game.

Related Quest Items: M67 Grenades

The “No Offence” quest requires players to obtain 10 M67 hand grenades and deliver them to Prapor. These grenades can be acquired through various means. Players can purchase them from Peacekeeper LL2 after completing the “Spa Tour – Part 2” task. Alternatively, they can be bartered from Peacekeeper LL2 in exchange for 2 Zibbo lighters per grenade.

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The “No Offence” quest serves as an engaging and challenging mission within the Escape from Tarkov game.

By completing the objectives and rebuilding trust with Prapor, players progress further in the game’s storyline and unlock new opportunities. It is a testament to the game’s immersive and intricate gameplay mechanics.