Escape From Tarkov: Wet Job Part 1 Quest Guide

Wet Job Part 1: Escape From Tarkov is a hardcore survival game that requires a lot of skills and knowledge to progress through the game. One of the most challenging tasks in Escape From Tarkov is completing the various quests given by the game’s traders.

One such quest is Wet Job – Part 1, which is given by Peacekeeper after completing Spa Tour – Part 7. In this article, we will provide you with a complete guide on how to complete this quest.


The objective of this quest is to eliminate 10 Scavs on Shoreline while using a suppressed M4A1 or ADAR. It is important to note that you must use a suppressed weapon to avoid alerting the other Scavs in the area.

ADAR and M4A1 Tarkov
image credit to Piranha YouTube

You can either buy a budget M4 with just a suppressor and a scope on it or purchase an M4A1 or ADAR from the FLEA MARKET. However, be sure to check the weapon’s durability before buying.

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The rewards for completing this quest are significant. You will receive +11,400 XP, +0.04 reputation with Peacekeeper, ~1200 Dollars, and 2x WI-FI Camera. These rewards are beneficial as they will help you progress through the game and complete other quests.


The guide for completing this quest is relatively simple. You need to eliminate 10 Scavs while using a suppressed M4A1 or ADAR on Shoreline.

The best way to do this is by heading to the Resort and eliminating the Scavs in the area. However, if you do not want to go through the Resort, you can eliminate the Scavs in other areas of Shoreline.


Completing the Wet Job – Part 1 quest in Escape From Tarkov can be challenging, but with our guide, it should be much easier.

Remember to use a suppressed M4A1 or ADAR and eliminate the 10 Scavs on Shoreline to complete the quest. Once you have completed the quest, you will receive significant rewards that will help you progress through the game.

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