Fans Want Lionel Messi’s Barber Need o Be “Arrested”

Is Lionel Messi’s barber the highest-paid barber in the world? Why does Lionel Messi’s fan want him to be arrested on Twitter? Read more about Lionel Messi’s hairstyles over the years in this article. 

Lionel Messi is currently the greatest footballer in the world. He is also known for his sensational hairstyles throughout the years. Fans can recognize what the year was by just looking at his hairstyle. 

Messi was recently spotted in his new haircut, and the photo went viral online. His fans jokingly said that his barber should be arrested for the bad haircut he has given the greatest football player. 

Lionel Messi’s Hair Stylist 

Lionel Messi has a personal Barber and Hairstylist, and he takes care of his haircuts and beard routine. His name is Dani. It is reported that the professional football player pays him a heavy amount of money for his work. He pays his barber $192,000 a year, which makes it a $16,000 monthly salary. 

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The reason why Messi Pays Dani this much money and only gets his haircut from Dani is that Dani travels with Messi wherever he goes, and he is there to give him a quiet haircut before any match or press conference.

Why do fans want Dani, Lionel Messi’s hair stylist arrested? 

In Lionel Messi’s recent photo, which shows his current hairstyle, the fans turned out to be pretty mad at his hairstylist. A Messi fan tweeted his photo, saying, “His barber needs to be arrested.” This tweet gained many likes, retweets, and replies on the social media platform. Someone replied that Messi is the Greatest player in the world and still can’t find a decent barber. 

Fans also preferred his old hairstyles over his new ones, as Messi’s hairstyles are iconic to his fans. His hairstyles represented parts of his life, like he had long hair till his shoulder during his early days in FC Barcelona with jersey number 30. So fans are attached to his hairstyles more than he is, I guess that’s what you get for being the greatest player in the world.

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