FPS Unlocker: How To Download and Install

If any of the game’s fps is too low then the game will lag and probably are chance that the gaming device will heat up. To solve the lag problem you have to set the fps setting in the game.

If you are facing the same issues in Roblox regarding fps then you should change the fps setting of the Roblox. To solve the lagging issues in your device you have to download and launch the external app to make the game smoother than before.

You have to download the Roblox FPS unlocker to increase the FPS of the game. If you have a low processor device and the fps are way too low then you should try this external application for a fluent gaming experience.

Gamers with a higher refresh rate will get the maximum benefits from the software and can improve the frame rates.

FPS Unlocker
FPS Unlocker

How to download the FPS unlocker for Roblox?

You can easily download the FPS unlocker from the internet. You just need to follow these steps to download fps unlocker:

Open the browser and search for Github.com which is a trusted source for the download, if you know any other trusted website then you can download from there also.

Search for the fps unlocker and make sure you download version 4.4.0 64bit for pcs

To download the game press the blue button. The download will complete after a while depending on the internet connection.

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So if you are thinking that the download is safe or not. The download will not affect the data. Refresh the device after the download. Visit the storage file and clear the cache file and other corrupted if any are present.

Also, the externally downloaded application will not affect Roblox. The application will help you to improve the fps setting and not affect the other codes of the game. So your account will not be banned by the servers.

How to install an FPS unlocker in windows?

Extract the zip rbxfpsunlocker-x64

Now open and launch the rbxfpsunlocker.exe.

Then the application will work in the background so if on screen it shows it not working but its a backhand process.

On the windows tray, bottom in line of the windows icon, a new red color Roblox icon will appear on that line.

Now when you press Shift + 5 and it will show fps in the game, you can change it from here now.

How to use the FPS unlocker in Windows?

First, open the new red Roblox it will be in the windows icon line or where you saved on the device.
When you open the application you will see a menu.

As you open the application first navigate to the unlock Roblox player. This opening will remove the frame rate cap from the game.

Now unlock the navigate to unlock Roblox studio. With this option, you can unlock the frame rate cap on the Roblox.

To cap the frame rate in the Roblox you should move to the fps cap to reveal a second menu.

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Now choose a frame rate cap, if your device has the 144hz refresh rate then the ideal frame rate will appear as 144

Now you can change the fps setting from these steps. Increase the fps rating first then login in to the game and start playing. If the game is still lagging then further increase the fps till it gets fluent.

My FPS unlocker is not working. How to solve the issues?

First, visit github.com and search for the latest version of it 4.4.0. Currently, this is the latest version of Roblox. If you downloaded any other version of this file then this may not work on your device. To run the fps unlocker in Roblox you need to download the 4.4.0.

If you downloaded the other version then remove that and download the mentioned version for Roblox. After downloading the new version you should follow the same steps as mentioned in the article to install and launch it on the device.

How to avoid the banning in the Roblox with the fps unlocker?

In most cases, the fps will not affect in that way to ban the game. But all have their limits at certain points. With the fps unlocker, you can increase the fps or boost the fps. There is a limit to the fps boost, you can only increase it to 360 fps.

If you try to increase the fps beyond that level then the Roblox server might detect the unusual activity from your device and ban the game also. But in the device 360 fps are not required, so first check with the bare minimum boost in the fps and after that change the fps setting to some extent.

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Roblox is an online gaming platform. The games are created and developed by the users. So the game might not have the level of programming you are expecting in the game.

While playing the game you may think that your device has some problems that’s why the game is lagging. But the actual game has certain limits, bugs and glitches so when you play the game, the game might lag.

In that case try the other games also if this thing is happening for all the Roblox and other games also then you should go with the fps unlocker as mentioned the different steps for the download, install and launch.

The other thing is the device has a heating problem so when you play the game it might get some extra heat. In that case, you should place your device in good ventilation so heat exchange can be done easily.

Nonetheless, Roblox is an online gaming platform, so if your device is facing internet connectivity issues then solve the internet issue first then go with the fps setting.

After the fps installer, your Roblox will not block, but if you try to do more than 360 fps in the Roblox your account might be banned.

This is the end of this short guide.

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