Harry Potter Magic Awakened How to Change Age

Harry Potter Magic Awakened opened its door to an international audience on June 2023. HP Magic Awakened is available on IoS, Android, and Windows. Now, in the early stage, the users might have to face some errors. Some are from the developer side and others are from the device.

Here we are discussing the Harry Potter Magic Awakened Stuck in Dorm. The dorm is placed in the initial stage of the game. Where users have to visit the place to sleep in there. But after that, they are not able to leave the dorm in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. So, here we have listed some methods that might help you to leave the dorm. 

Why Am I Stuck in the Dorm in Harry Potter Magic Awakened and How to Fix it?

Many users are facing stuck inside the dorm but they don’t know how to surpass that. This occurs when your character goes to the Dorm to sleep. And in the morning character is not able to leave the room and doesn’t make any further progress in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. 

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Get Rid Off Stuck Inside Dorm Bug

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Troubleshooting Method

First off, restart the game. Check back again and still not fixed then restart the device. You can follow other troubleshooting methods like rebooting the system, clearing the cache, and reinstalling of Harry Potter Magic Awakened. If you are 18+then this troubleshooting method can help you to solve the stuck inside dorm bug in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. 

Change Age in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

The Stuck inside Dorm error may be fixed by changing the age in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. You can not change your character age once you create an account. Now, if this bug is not fixed by the troubleshooting method then you have to create a new account. In the new account of Harry Potter Magic Awakened, you have to choose 21+ age.

After that when you reach the dorm again, you might not face the Stuck Inside dorm bug. Your progress will be lost with a new account, but it’s in the initial phase of the game, so it won’t take much of your time to reach the dorm again. 

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Seek Help from the support team

If you already have 21+ age in your Harry Potter Magic Awakened. Then you have to file a complaint on the support website. Where you have to mention the Stuck Inside the Dorm and they will assist you to solve the bug. 

Further, you can wait for the developers’ update to fix this and other bugs.


Make sure to select the 21+ age in the Harry Potter Magic Awakened. It will help you to load further content of the game after the dorm storyline. You can fix the Stuck inside Dorm error by just regular troubleshooting methods. If that didn’t work for you then might have to create a new account with 21+ age.

Progress won’t be claimed with the new account. You have to reach the dorm quest again and sleep there. The next day you might head to the further journey of Harry Potter Magic Awakened

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