FFXIV: How To Get Allegiance Coat Guide

The Allegiance Coat is one of the popular items among Gunbreaker. Well, who doesn’t want outfits with lots of zippers? I have collected all the Allegiance Artifact Armor sets, including the Allegiance Coat, Blinder, Gloves, Longboots, and Allegiance Trousers.

Here at Gameinstants, I am going to explain how you can also collect this armor set that comes in handy as the Gunbreak once you are on level 90 in the game. So without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

What is Allegiance Coat and How To Get It?

Allegiance Coat

Allegiance Coat is the armor set that Gunbreaks can equip and more importantly if you planning to take on Level 90 quests then this artifact armor set will be useful if you don’t want to die. This armor set is an item of level 560 and comes in handy in upcoming questlines.

To get the Allegiance Coat you need to complete the Main Scenario questline in the Endwalker. Once you complete the level 89 questline titled “A Bold Decision” you will get all the pieces of this armor set.

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More importantly, this armor set will not be used until you complete the Gunbreak character role in the Endwalkers questline. You will begin the quest from level 85 “Shrouded in Peril” and end the quest at level 90 “A Path Unveiled”.

To use the Allegiance Coat you must be at least level 89 or higher as Gunbreaker. More importantly, if you don’t unlock Gunbreaker class until now in FFXIV then first you need to unlock it by completing the quest titled “The Makings of a Gunbreaker.”

Because Gunbreaker class is introduced into the Shadowbringers expansion so you only need to complete this quest to get Gunbreaker class after that you need to level up to 89 or higher and complete the Endwalker questline and then you can use the Allegiance Coat in the game.

This is sum up for this guide, Here at Gameinstants we cover video games content for more similar content you can check our Final Fantasy XIV guide section.

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