Destiny 2: How To Get Captured Solar Energy

In the course of the Solstice of Heroes event in Destiny 2, Eva assigns fresh daily bounties to carry out. Completing these bounties rewards experience points (XP) for the Season Pass as well as Solstice Key Fragments, which are necessary tools for opening gifts obtained in the European Aerial Zone.

How to collect captured Solar energy in Destiny 2

how to get solar energy destiny 2
Image via Bungie

Players must use a Solar subclass and collect captured Solar energy from vanquished Cabal opponents in order to complete the daily bounty known as Hold Your Fire. No matter where you face off against the Cabal, as long as you are equipped with a Solar subclass.

You might need to kill a few Cabal before finding captured Solar energy because the drop rate is random. Additionally, the Solar drop is also rarer than the Arc element that appears in an earlier bounty.

On the Firebase Hades in EDZ, is the ideal location for farming. You will frequently encounter low-level Cabal foes if you make some trips around the region.

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You don’t have to use your special abilities, superpowers, or even Solar weapons to defeat the Cabal. If you kill a Cabal using any method while equipped with a Solar subclass, the captured Solar energy has a chance to drop.


The Glacial Drift on Mars is another excellent location to farm Cabal. A few runs through the Lost Sector in The Ma’adim Subterraneum, which is populated by Cabal, should easily get you some captured Solar energy.

This is all there is to know about getting caputred Solar energy in Destiny 2. Visit Gameinstants for more guides about Destiny 2!