How To Get Cold Blooded Coffers in Fortnite

Looking for a guide to know where to find cold blooded coffers in Fortnite? Well, your search is over here. There are lots of hidden treasure chests and loot available in Fortnite for the player to collect. The Cold Blooded Coffers is one of the secret Loot boxes available for a limited time in Fortnite. Here we cover where you can find the Cold Blooded Coffers in Fortnite along with related helpful information.

What is Cold Blooded Coffers in Fortnite?

The Cold Blooded Coffers is one of the limited-time items available in Fortnite that players can grab in selected events More importantly, the Cold Blooded Coffers can grant you powerful weapons and items. However, getting this item in Fortnite was not easy because it was guarded by the Cold Blooded Boss.

There is a total of 3 Cold Blooded Coffers and all are guarded by the Cold Blooded Bosses. You need to defeat the boss before getting the Cold Blooded Coffer. Once you defeat them they will drop the Vault Keycard that can open a certain vault.

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Most of the time the Cold Blooded Coffers will give 7 Exotic weapons for the next quest. Where you can locate the Cold Blooded Coffers. Let’s check it out in the below guide.

Where To Find Cold Blooded Coffers in Fortnite?

Cold Blooded Coffer location.jpg
Image Credit to Fortnite GG

The Cold Blooded Coffers are located in the following locations Shattered Slabs, Faulty Splits, and Brutal Bastion as shown in the map above.

Location of Cold Blooded CoffersCold Blooded Bosses
Shattered SlabsChaos Double agent
Faulty SplitsDouble Agent Hush
Brutal BastionCold-Blooded Ace

You need to defeat them one by one and collect all the Vault Keycards that can be used to open the Vault to get Cold Blooded Coffers with other treasure chests.

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This is all for the Cold Blooded Coffers location guide for more similar content such as how to get Jhon Cena skin and more do check our Fortnite guide section.

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