How To Get Hawlucha In Pokemon Go? Is It Also Shiny?

Are you looking for ways to get Hawlucha in Pokemon Go? and if it can be shiny? You don’t have to look anymore because you’re in the right place. In this article, I have gathered all the information and ways you can catch a Hawlucha.

Pokemon Go is a free-to-play mobile game available globally on both the play store and apple store. It uses GPS to locate different Pokemon that trainers can catch. Several Pokemon can be rare or common. Though almost most Pokemon are available worldwide, Pokemon belong from other regions.

Hawlucha is a region-exclusive Pokemon, making catching it outside of that region challenging. Here, I have created a guide for you to get Hawlucha. Unfortunately, Hawlucha doesn’t have a shiny version YET! In the game, but keep looking out. It might be introduced in the game.

Hawlucha Pokemon Go
Image via Gameinstants

Can Hawlucha Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Unfortunately, Shiny Hawlucha is not YET available in Pokemon Go. The Shiny version of this fighting/flying type Pokemon can be available soon. However, there is no guarantee that this is happening.

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What Kind Of Pokemon is Hawlucha?

Hawlucha is a dual-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go. It is a Flying/Fighting Type Pokemon. It was introduced in the game in Generation IV.

Hawlucha is a one-member family Pokemon. It is a birdlike Pokemon.

Hawlucha is the only known Pokemon capable of learning the move “Flying Press” by leveling up in the game.

Hawlucha is available in Pokemon Go from March 1, 2023, for the trainers to get. Still, it is regionally exclusive, which makes it difficult for people outside that region to get it.

Which Region is Hawlucha from?

Hawlucha, the fighting/flying type Pokemon, is from Mexico. So Hawlucha can only be found in Mexico for the Trainers to catch.

Where To Get Hawlucha in Pokemon Go?

Here are the ways you can get Hawlucha in Pokemon Go.

Since it is a region-exclusive Pokemon, you can only get it if you live in Mexico. But if you don’t live there 

  • You have to travel to Mexico to catch it. 
  • Have in-game friends from Mexico that are good enough to trade Hawlucha with you. This is the easiest way to get one if you aren’t able to travel to Mexico. 
  • If you cannot do either of these, you have to wait then for the global release of Hawluch to be able to catch it. 
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If you live in Mexico, here are ways to get Hawlucha:

  • Check your local Pokestop and gym. 
  • Use incense and lures. 
  • Participate in raids.

Hawlucha Evolution in Pokemon Go

The Hawlucha is a Kalos region Pokemon and until now there is no evolution available for this Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game.

Hawlucha Weakness in Pokemon Go

Hawlucha is an fighting-type Pokemon it weak against following Pokemon moves. Flying, Psychic, Ice and Fairy and Electric.

This is all for how to get Hawlucha in Pokemon Go for more similar guides do check our Pokemon Go guides section.